Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spending Time at Tganu State Library

Assalamualaikum and Hi everybody,

Today, we went to Terengganu State Library, located nearby Giant and Mydin Terengganu. Halim did not follow us, so it's only Ilyaas and me with my SILs, nephews and nieces. This is our first visit to Tganu State Library. I am always excited to introduce Ilyaas to something new. So this will be Ilyaas first visit to library. We only spent about one hour in the children's section before heading back home. I also registered myself as a member (charged was RM2 and you only need to bring ur IC/MyKid). But I did not borrow any book yet, maybe next time. Btw, Ilyaas is still not fully recover from his teething fever, but seeing him enjoying himself with his cousins in the library, make me feel more relax (sapa tak risau anak constantly demam kan, weighing he has history of fits summore, I am sometime mati akal what more to do except for keep on praying and do my best as a mother). Enough said, let's see the happy faces. 
Ilyaas & Farzana were laughing to Abg Faris & Kak Zahra

Ilyas figuring out how to join the crowd in the tunnel

Again, Kak Farzana and Ilyaas

I want to close the window umi

Ilyaas reading buku terbalik while Farzana showing her cuteness by saying lion is a cat

Umi, I want to borrow this book, can I?

Reading buku terbalik again

My anak susuan, Amzar and Kak Zahra in the tunnel

Amzar, Hana and Kak Zahra

Failed attempt 

Abang Faris

And we end up our library visit with this classic toast at library's cafe. Reminds me of full moon toast in Curtin Miri, years back, but definitely this one can't beat Miri's full moon toast.

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