Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cukur Rambut Iyaadh Hafiy Abdul Halim

I am going to take few minutes for this. As I scrolled some of the pictures from my handphone, I came across these pictures of Iyaadh Hafiy during confinement days. MashaAllah, he has been growing very well since then, Alhamdulillah. 

Cepat sgt masa berlalu, soon, in a blink I will be busy preparing for his solid food.  {ok, all mothers are emotional like this right? }

Biasakan dlm adat melayu kita akan cukur rambut bayi baru lahir. So Iyaadh did his cukur rambut when he was merely 20 days ++. I can't remember exactly the days we did this. But it was on the day I started with my confinement massage. (saya mengurut lambat sebab bersalin operation). 

My hairless Iyaadh Hafy

We usually letak bedak sejuk sebab nak bg rasa sejuk after the cukur process

Tengah dibotakkan. 
Not too difficult because he was born with very minimal hair.

On the same day, Maktok (my mum) cook pulut kuning with kari daging for her 3rd grandchild. 
We did not held any kenduri at our home but we send this to the mosque and neighbors as sedekah. 

The packaging

It was about 50 individual packaging prepared by my mum. 
Thanks so much for all your effort to make the pulut kuning. 
I'm sure it was very delicious coz I can't taste it since still in confinement. 
But I did taste the kari daging, so yummy!

Anyhow, the cukur rambut went well and Iyaadh is now having more hair at the age of 4.5 months. 

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