Thursday, August 15, 2019

Museum Hopping: Muzium Sg. Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia

Welcome to Sg Lembing, a small town in Pahang. It took us about 30-40 minutes by car from Kuantan to reach this small town of Sg Lembing. And we were welcome by this large pintu gerbang. 

Entering Sg Lembing brings back the memory of old kampung style. Everything here is still preserved like the olden days. 

A large, tall tree standing proudly at the center of this small town. 
The road led us to the end where we can see Sg Lembing Muzium on your right and another small road leading to the mining site. 

A few parking lots are reserved for the visitors, just in front of the entrance. 
The museum is actually an old colonial house built on top of a small hill overlooking the whole town. From the bottom of the hill, we have to first buy the entrance ticket and make our way by foot to the main entrance of the museum/house. 

The main entrance. 
All of them are taking some rest after little climbing from the parking lot/ ticket counter to the main entrance. 

Visitor Type
Malaysian Citizen
RM 2.00
Elderly and Disabled (OKU)
RM 1.00
Children aged 12 years old and under (Malaysian Citizen)
High School Students Dressed In Uniform (Malaysian Citizen)
High School Students Not Dressed In Uniform (Malaysian Citizen)
RM 2.00
International Council of Museums Members (ICOM)
Non Malaysian Citizen
RM 5.00
Children aged 6 to 12 years old (Non Malaysian Citizen)
RM 2.00
Children younger than 6 years old (Non Malaysian Citizen)

This is the price for entering Sg Lembing Museum. Source from the main website of Sungai Lembing Museum.

Opening time

What's inside the museum? 

It is relatively a  small museum and you can finish your tour within 30 minutes depending on how much do you want to spend reading all the descriptions written. 

The ground floor of the museum provides infographic and displays of items used for tin mining during those days. 

While the second floor of the museum display geological, geomorphological and items published, used by the locals during the mining era. 

A published book on mineralogy 

How the mining tunnel looks like

This is the view from outside the museum. The walkaway is where you will need to climb from the bottom of the hill/entrance ticket to the main entrance of the museum. It is advisable not to bring wheelchair/ stroller since the museum does not provide lift from the ground floor to the second floor.

The view surrounding the museum is breathtaking, overlooking the mountains, and the small town. 

and I would like to give good feedback to the cleanliness of their toilet! 

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