Thursday, August 15, 2019

Their first taekwondo competition


It has been ages since I last wrote in my blog. Apology! 
Since mid year 2018, my elder two dah join taekwondo class secara official dengan TKD Academy based in Seri Iskandar. Imani was 5 yrs old and Ilyaas was 7 yrs old. 

On November 2018, both of them join the grading untuk naik ke belt kuning from belt putih. Masa tu both myself and my husband were not around since we were in Saudi performing our umrah. So, my parents help to arrange their logistic to attend the grading. 

Early February 2019, both Ilyaas and Imani selected untuk join inter-house taekwondo competition with other participants from Perak (under the same taekwondo Academy). 

Ilyaas join for his category and fight twice. 

This was Ilyaas getting some tips from his coach right before the competition

Imani getting herself ready to start fighting.
She is very thin, hence the equipment keep on jatuh (melorot) ke bawah while she's fighting. 

Semua equipment untuk competition Academy dah sediakan. So, I am quite glad for that. 
If they succeed more, I plan to buy their own equipment so that they will fill comfortable in it. 

Both of them balik dengan puas hati. 
Ilyaas won the second place for his category while Imani won the first place for her category. 
Even though it was just inter-house competition, it was indeed a good start for both of them. 

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