Monday, April 26, 2010

cupcake station

Since sekarang ni demam cupcake di sana sini..I want to promote my best friend cupcakes business...located in siapa2 area melaka mmg boleh order from her.
she is very nice sbb she made me cupcakes for me and buat surprise lagi...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

pening2 nak buat keputusan

wanted to further study so badly.
now the offer comes.but the timing is so not nice.
intervw on working days? how come i want to attend ...
my project tgh kritikal stage skrg me help me..
offer bukan yg tak offer yang +study summore..
but...ok ok..take deep breath..
go sit down n think dalam2..then make ur wise decision.

and Alhamdulillah...
rezeki Allah tu ada dimana2 asalkan kita berusaha utk dapatkan...

Handle with care

-my own review-
1) very attractive and sensitive does touch my heart and i believe all other readers.
2) an eye opening to a new situation and understanding
3) a collection worth to have


When Charlotte and Sean O’Keefe’s daughter, Willow, is born with severe osteogenesis imperfecta, they are devastated – she will suffer hundreds of broken bones as she grows, a lifetime of pain. As the family struggles to make ends meet to cover Willow’s medical expenses, Charlotte thinks she has found an answer. If she files a wrongful birth lawsuit against her ob/gyn for not telling her in advance that her child would be born severely disabled, the monetary payouts might ensure a lifetime of care for Willow. But it means that Charlotte has to get up in a court of law and say in public that she would have terminated the pregnancy if she’d known about the disability in advance – words that her husband can’t abide, that Willow will hear, and that Charlotte cannot reconcile. And the ob/gyn she’s suing isn’t just her physician – it’s her best friend.

Handle With Care explores the knotty tangle of medical ethics and personal morality. When faced with the reality of a fetus who will be disabled, at which point should an OB counsel termination? Should a parent have the right to make that choice? How disabled is TOO disabled? And as a parent, how far would you go to take care of someone you love? Would you alienate the rest of your family? Would you be willing to lie to your friends, to your spouse, to a court? And perhaps most difficult of all – would you admit to yourself that you might not actually be lying?

Monday, April 19, 2010

theme color change

last weekend went back to up with kak sue...
n my akad nikah's and reception's dress dah siap :) so happy...
have to do alteration a bit la sebab ada few things yg tak berapa puas hati and tak berapa selasa bila luckily its still early so tak de masalah in doing that.untung sbb tempah awal..kalau tak, sure frust time nak kenduri baru sedar kekurangn pada baju-baju yg nak dipakai.

then mak, kak su n me discuss pasal pelamin and theme color jugak since my baju masa snding nnt will be white-silver (yg dh jadi more to white -greyish black labuci dah), we decide to put another color in the theme so that nampak naik sikit..pilih btw red and orange..n lastly i chose orange color!!!!
so my theme color for reception ---> white + silver/grey + orange<----

Friday, April 16, 2010

wedding checklist


9 dulang berbalas 11 dulang...
Athi --> Halim
-Al-Quran + Pen (done)
-Kain Baju Melayu (Jakel-done) + Sampin (BMO Traditional-done) + Butang bj melayu (BMO Traditional-done)
-Perfume Set (DKNY-done)
-Kasut (Clark-done)
-Sepasang Batik canting T'ganu set (done)
-Camera Canon G11 (Done)
-Kemeja + Tie (surveying process)
-Sireh Jungjung

2)Baju Akad Nikah (White with yellow pink beaded)
-kain from Jakel and Gulati's
-Athi:tempah di sutinah collection, penang
-Halim: tempah di BMO Traditional, setiawangsa

3)Baju Sanding
-Side Penang:-->
First time user, tempah from Sutinah COllection, penang
Design Side Perempuan: Gaun Labuh with jubah finishing dkt lengan and leher
: White Silver Theme color
-Side Terengganu:-->
first time user, tempah dari Rathisa Collection
Design Side Lelaki: Kebaya Songkek Terengganu, Theme color Blue-pink

4) Outdoor Photography Custom
-Sewa from KL(not decided yet)

Side penang: Amir Alias both for akad nikah 11June and Sanding 12June

Side tganu : Budak Li for reception at tganu's and get different day outdoor session in Pantai Penarek

5)Pelamin and Make -up
-Side Penang : from Sutinah Collection (white-peach-green)...
-Side Tganu : From Rathisa Collectiion

6) Doorgitfs
-Mak and Ayah ideas..Thank You mak ayah...

7) Catering
Ayah and Mak ideas Traditional Catering, Sbrg Perai Utara-sedap2 sbb tiap2 kali pi wedding orang kat penang, kalau pakai catering ni mesti makan tambah..heheh

8) kad kahwin..
Ayah and mak ideas

fuh fuh...sgt bekejar dgn masa

lama tak update blog...
tp nak sgt update especially pasal preparation for my wedding which will be 56days more...
cepat nye lagi n so many things to do..preparation mcm2..
n kerja yg sgt menekan skrg ni..with the dateline just few days before akad nikah...
n i want so much to do for my wedding tp mcm2 kekangan...
ok have to smbung my velocity analysis..

-berikan lah kekuatan menghadapi semua rintangan waktu pertunangan ini-