Wednesday, August 25, 2010

first attempt to cook nasi ayam

my first try of nasi ayam...resepi campur-campur from my mum and internet...and also mix and match with whatever available from the fridge

tapi still takde sambal nasi ayam sebab tak confident nak buat, just buat sambal kicap je...but still i think its worth it..boleh dikatakan nyuummy...en hubby suka,so that's enough for me

Thursday, August 19, 2010

first trial of daging goreng lada hitam for berbuka today :)

lauk for today : daging goreng lada hitam,telur dadar, sambal belacan, sambal tumis kosong (sebab en hubby request sambal jgak) and sup sayur (specially for me:P )

first trial of nogori masak lemak

yesterday first trial's of masak lemak cili padi.a bit pekat sebab too much santan ...but it taste quite normal to me

It's sad to say no this time

I had a dream last night. the dream was picturing me wearing a regalia with big graduation hat, holding a kid in my arms and my husband's hands around my waist.
this is good if it is real but i know it is not an easy step for me to jump in.
after i have been confirmed pregnant last 3 weeks, my husband and I had a deep thinking regarding me continuing my master/phd in geology (particularly in sedimentation along Kuantan to Kuala Pahang River with the effect of monsoons in East Coast Malaysia)....

I have prepared the research proposal, and I have met my supervisor-to-be. My supervisor-to-be has also give feedback to the proposal I wrote( he said it was ok except for the literature review part that need some improvement and honestly I feel so happy when he sms-ed me telling that my proposal was ok)..
In order for me to pursue my dreams to hold a Dr (Philosophy) title, I would have to sacrifice lots of things:
1) Leave my current job as processing geophysicist ( I have been working for 1 year and 4months now)
2) Move to Kuantan since I will do my research at this area (based in UIA Kuantan)
3) High chances to move back to overseas in order for me to pursue my Phd later on.
4)My husband has to leave his current job as processing geophysicist as well & find a new suitable job that suite his qualification as EE. And to be specific, the job has to be in Kuantan so that both of us [+ kid(s)] don't have to be in long distance family relationship.

Thus, having these in my mind, and so many other things to be considered (especially financial and a baby to join my husband and me in less than 8 months to come), I have sadly decided not to take this offer from UIA at this moment. I believe, if I really want (and determined), Allah will lead the best way for me.InsyaAllah I will get the chance again.Maybe not in the near future(2-5yrs). I can wait another 10 years to come if holding a Dr(Philosophy) is already written as my fate by Allah. If not, it's fine. There are greater things to come in my life other than this, InsyaAllah.May the barakah of Ramadhan leads me to the right and best decision. and Thank You Abang for always be there when I really need you. Though there are (of course) ups and down, but I believe we both have take the best decision for our future.
In order to make me feels better, I have look at these pictures several times, saying to myself that I had already make my parents proud once by holding a degree from Australia (im not being riak here), so it's ok if I didn't get the Dr title yet.Not now.

Mak helping me to put on the graduation hat on the morning before my degree convocation(12.02.2009)

Prof Dr Ian Fitzsimons and me at Geology School, Curtin (12.02.2009)

Mak and Me before the caremony (12.02.2009)

Ayah and me before the caremony(12.02.2009)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

is it safe to fast while u r pregnant?

Is it safe?

There is no clear answer, even though medical studies have looked at the effects of fasting (Cross 1990, CIA/NHS 2007). At the moment, we don't know if fasting is completely safe for pregnant women and their babies (NHS Choices 2008).

If a pregnant woman feels strong and healthy enough to fast, especially during the early part of pregnancy, she may do so. If she doesn't feel well enough to fast, Islamic law gives a pregnant women clear permission not to fast (NHS Choices 2008).

Some studies seem to show little or no effect on newborn babies if their mothers fasted. Others suggest that people may have more health problems later in life if their mothers fasted during pregnancy.

But it is hard to compare different studies done in different ways. Most of the studies we have on fasting in pregnancy are very small, so it's difficult to know for sure. Much may depend on how healthy the mother is before she gets pregnant. Here’s what the research has told us:

* There is no difference between the birth weights and Apgar scores, which are a way of measuring babies' health at birth, of babies of women who fasted, and the babies of women who did not fast (Arab 2001, Cross 1990, Mirghani 2006).

* Some women who fast during pregnancy may go on to have lower-birth weight babies. However, these results came from a study of women who were more likely to have poor diets or too little food (Sadeghipour 2008).

* Fasting by a pregnant woman does not seem to affect the potential IQ of her baby (Azizi et al 2004, Dikensoy 2008).

* Women do experience changes in the chemical balance of their blood while fasting. But the changes do not appear to be harmful to either the women or their babies, and do not affect the babies' birth weights (Dickensoy 2009).

There have been concerns about whether there is a link between fasting and how well a baby grows in the uterus (womb)and premature labour. Some studies have suggested that more babies are born early during Ramadan, but this depends on which country the mothers live in.

Women whose weight and lifestyle are generally healthy seem to cope better with fasting. Your baby needs nutrients from you. If your body has enough energy stores, then the impact of fasting is likely to be lessened. And it may depend on the many other factors, such as:

* whether Ramadan coincides with hot weather and long days
* what stage you are at in your pregnancy
* your general health before pregnancy
* how long the fast lasts

In places where the fast lasts longer and temperatures are high, dehydration may be more of a concern. Countries nearer the equator tend to have shorter fasting times. Check the accepted fasting hours for your area.

more to read--->

credits to baby center for putting up this issue so nicely discussed:)


i am bored. gosh! qc-ing the trace editing using a very slow version of expose make me sick.some more having a neighbour that is very not considerable to the condition of ramadhan (while he knows that i am fasting). he still eating the very nice smell chocolate bread and potatoes...(the smells make me feels hungrier but i believe it also increase the level of pahala i get,menguji keimanan ni)...

things i want to settle by this weekend:

1) clean the toilet.(last week i went back to penang, so tak sempat nak cuci toilet, weekdays balik2 keja will cook and lepas berbuka surely akan penat save it to weekend la)

2) buy new baju kurung for raya.

3) buy new sandal for my husband n me aka kasut raya kami

4)learn how to cook masak lemak.(en husband just request it, n i dun know how to cook it):P

Thursday, August 12, 2010

menu berbuka 2nd ramadhan

im so want to eat bihun goreng i decided to cook it by myself .
since this is my first time cooking buhun grg singapore,so im a bit excited. i had googling the recipe in the internet and even ask my team mate in the office how to cook it.
so here is the result, im not sure yet about the taste since its not time to break the fast yet...
hopefully mr hubby okay with my cooking today...

Friday, August 6, 2010

i got a bun in my oven.

im bloating day by day.this bloating makes me happy and i don't mind changing my blouse from size 8 to size 12-14.

its because i got a bun in my oven (as what Amal said) that will makes my life complete and full.

oh dear baby, mummi and ayah cant wait to see u :)

and many thanks to ayah to be for all the understanding all through this 4weeks (and many more fantastic weeks to come) since im being super mood swinger...:P

ps: my fav magazine now no more cosmopolitan or pengantin or cleo. it's mummi and baby now. :)