Wednesday, December 31, 2008

learning to cook western food

grilled Fish with herbs + salad cheese+ pasta+ butter corn ....Nyum..still taste delicious !!!

simple salad with lemon and italian dressing (to make it more delicious, put some baked bread!)

Homemade pancakes with scrambled egg and lemon salad=D Nyummyyy
And vanilla ice cream on top!!!!

or just pancakes and ice cream! finger licking good=) nyummmm

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kau Ada Dia

Sudah lama ku memendam rasa
Cinta di dalam dada
Namun tidak pernah bersuara
Kerana takut kecewa

Ku tunggu waktu yang lebih baik
Untuk langkah pertama
Jauh dari apa yang ku kira
Hatimu ada yang punya

Di dalam mimpi kita berdua
Mesra bersama dilamun cinta
Oh tetapi kenyataannya aku sedar kau ada dia

Mungkin juga semuanya salah ku
Terlalu mengharapkan cinta
Tapi sepi yang merasuk kalbu
Membawa angan melayang

Di dalam mimpi kita berdua
Mesra bersama dilamun cinta
Oh tetapi kenyataannya aku sedar kau ada dia.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

-Boxing Day Heat-

WARNING: this entry is long! if u like shopping, u can read it=)

What is Boxing Day?

My definition : A day when everyone gather in front of shopping complexes and shops from early in the morning till the it close! it makes people become 'rambang mata' and don't care bout how much money they spend...
The Dictionary definition : A public holiday, on 26th December every year especially in UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with mainly Christian population.

So, this year, it is my first time experiencing Boxing Day since I stayed for summer break in Perth.

26 Dec 2008:
9.30am, take bus to Perth City..arrive at 9.45am, directly go to MYER...(lots of people already lining up) esp in front of David Jones, MYER, Valley Girls, Guess Boutique, Prouds jewellary shop etc2..
Wait until 11am in front of MYER bcoz shops open at 11am...listen to MP4 and look at people behaviours...most of them including me look very excited and can't hardy wait for the shops to open!
11am.the door open!!!people are running everywhere in the shop to get the things the want! most of the products are 40-60% off..but still its in MYER and David, must be still mahal for me..esclator in MYER stop working after 15minutes the shop open because too much customers at one is really a lot!! my friend in David Jones told me that few policemen come to settle down some people who are fighthing for clearance products!
after 30minutes in MYER, I can't stand the crowd anymore! Go out for Nine West Boutique..still close, they open at just walk around the shops in city..Bought $9 handbag for my mum in Rockmans and also $9 big size blouse for my aunty. Went to Guess Boutique, need to line up from the outside..n too crowded in the shop.I can't manage to find anything since lots of people are rushing and shouting.
Then, go back to Nine West! OMG!! people are running everywhere in the boutique and a very long que can be seen from outside..find a new design handbag, with Kme's opinion...i took it!!=) Yaayyy!!! that's my first ever Nine West product! and it is 40% off=)
Went to Harbour Town..have lunch with Kebab..go to Fila, Adidas and Adidas walking shoes but sadly my size is Nike, the design doesn't satisfied i bought a blue Amelia ladies walking shoes after 50% off discount.and also a Fila long sleeve after 80% off!!!
Went to Valley Girl and Temt...bought two new so called dress/ shirts for $19..and not to forget, Levi's Boutique is also having their sale 50% off storewide..but since the line for fiting room is very2 long (until out of the shop)..I don't dare to stay any longer in the shop=( sad..

27 December 2008:
Second day@ second round shopping..take bus at 11am to aim for buy a gift for my dad in David guy friend told me lots of branded shirt are on sale, first destination is David Jones...but very sad...I did not manage to allow my self to even take the escalator to guy's section since my friend and I spend more than two hours in ladies section only...because the sales are crazy..or it makes us crazy..i bought three winter shoes for my has the lamb skin/fur and it is less than $20...lots of branded shoes like rockport are on sale as well..then, went to accessories section: OMG!!! everything is less than $5 and its in David Jones!!! loving it!! I bought 2 bracelets, 1 necklace , 1 earings and my friends bought all in total 15 accessories!=)
then we went for lunch at TAKA Japanese Food..and take bus to Harbour Town again since Fitri wants to buy new sport shoes for her brother and also her own running shoes. So, she bought new design Adidas Running shoes that has been discaounted for 60% and Fila sport shoes, which has been discounted for 70%! Fitri and Yosfi also bought external hard disk at Harvey Norman..and I bought two MP3 player for $20 for my brothers..Not to forget, I manage to get Colorado Wallet for my dad for $39.and Yosfi found her new Sandal in Rivers the end of the day..everyone is tired! but feels satisfied..

Honestly, I feel like having a field trip but this time not measuring rocks's sturcture..but measuring how much the discount had reduced the price and not carrying rock samples in my bag pack...but carrying my shopping!!!! after all, its a good practice for my next field trip:P oh..
I LOVE SHOPPING but it makes me BROKE!!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cute Cupcakes~

This recipe...saya dpt dr my friend..cik shaheeza....she teaches me when she came to Perth last November..and I loike it!:D
It is really easy, delicious, cute and the most important thing is u will have fun making it!!!!i promise=) the recipe is like this--->

2 cups of self-raising flour
1/2-3/4 cup caster sugar
1/3 cup fresh milk
1 egg
1/2-3/4 cup vegetable oil/canola oil
1 teaspoon vanilla assent
150g flavoring (chop chip, nuts, raisin, blueberry etc)

1- Preheat oven to 180 degrees C
2-Mix dry ingredients together
3- Mix wet ingredients together using mixer
4- Then, pour into the flour and sugar mixture
5-Add flavorings into the mixture and stir
6-put ingredients into paper cups and bake it for 10-15minutes
7- when it is done, keep it cool for few minutes and decorate it using coloring or cooking chocolate( this is the most INTERESTING & FUN TO DO!!!!)


Strawberry Choc Mud Cake

Last Tuesday, I tried this new baking it from internet:D so the recipes are like this----


Butter 250 grams
Hot Water 1 and a half cups
Castor Sugar 2 Cups
Cocoa 1/4 cups
Coffee (instant) 1 tablespoon
Dark Cooking Chocolate 200 grams
Self Raising Flour 1 and a half Cups
2 Eggs
Vanilla Essence

125 grams Dark Cook Chocolate
125 grams Butter
7-10 strawberries

1. Melt the butter, chocolate and sugar in a double boiler
2. Pour melted mixture into a electric mixing bowl. Add sifted dry ingredients gradually whilst mixing
3. Add eggs and vanilla and beat well
4. Pour the mixture into a 25cm greased and lined cake tin.
5. In a slow oven (about 150 C) bake for 2 1/2 hours.
let stand for a few minutes before removing from the cake tin. Apply icing when the cake is cool

Icing instructions:
Melt chocolate and butter in double boiler and mix with a wooden spoon. When completely mixed pour over the cooled cake and smooth out. Cut Strawberries into two, and decorate your cake with feels finger licking good !

Thursday, December 25, 2008

grilled fish with herbs

Yesterday...I made grilled fish for dinner since there are 4 guests sleeping in my house last night...I think I success but maybe I should grilled it longer so that the herbs go deeper into the fish...and make the taste better

here goes the recipes i made:D

-seekor ikan ..( i used one fish fillet)
- 4 table spoon tomato paste
- 1 table spoon dill herbs
- 1 table spoon coriander
- 1 table spoon of ginger
- 1-2 table spoon butter
- a little bit salt and pepper
- 1 onion
- few garlics

how to cook?
- put the fish on aluminum foil
- sapukan tomato paste, drill, coriander, ginger on both sides of the fish
- taburkan garam, pepper on both sides of the fish
- lastly, spread the garlic and onions at both sides of the fish
- then, wrapped the fish with aluminum foil and put in the oven
- put on grilled for 20-30 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Muslimah Swim Suit

I love swimming lately...and I improved my swimming skills from day to day (hopefully), I am interested in buying swimming suit that is suitable for muslimah, which covers the aurat but still good and comfortable for swimming..

there are few websites/company that design and sell this kind of product...:D


there are few other websites can be search for this kind of swimwear...

Btw, in Australia, the risk for skin cancer is very high since they receive direct sunlight and less clouds cover the, muslimah swimwear is one of the option to prevent skin cancer:p IAllah..apart from that, reasons of wearing muslimah swimwear are:-

* The perfect way to dress in the muslim way while swimming outdoor!

* Early introduction for children to muslim attire.

* Protection from the sun!

* Protection from the cold!

*Do not limit activities for muslim girl..we can also enjoy the water!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tak jadi..

today's appointment with the red cross society for blood donation only goes half way...I'm not eligible for the second time to do the blood donation..1st time sbb (2nd time) sbb perut sakit..sort of diarrhea and blood pressure yg kurg memuaskan..


....try again next time...

Monday, December 22, 2008

my week b4 X-mas 08

My last post was related with my feeling and it stays like that for now...somehow, I hope it can be change sooner or later..iAllah..just let the time knows what will happen and I believe Allah has a greater better plan for my life...I'm no one, just a normal human I must lead my life the same as others...only in my own way and face all the problems, happiness and everything in ways that it should be...

in these few weeks, I swim a lot with my friends..Kak Hanisah (who needs to do some exercises in water since she is 9months pregnant) and also wif Fitri (my Indonesian friend)..I managed to teach Fitri how to swim with help from Kak Hanisah... and I really enjoyed swimming with them.. and realized that I love swimming more than jogging..maybe because I was into jogging and running since I was in primary school (my first running competition was in 1996-9 years old for Majlis Sekolah2 Pulau Pinang) so now its time for me to change my interest..but not to say that I don't like jogging..still one of my fav pastime..just dat jogging demand me to use more energy..hahaha..too lazy for that now..Btw, since i like swimming now,plus it is summer..i becoming a little bit worries!as long as i enjoy and feel fit!

Oh, btw, both of my flatmates went back to Malaysia and Indo already, so I asked Fitri to sleep at my house and both of us spend good time here.We take turn for cooking and do the korean movies and sleep all day long..but Fitri need to finish her thesis..we also walk a lot to burn some fat....i nak kurus lagi!!:P

and today, i just came back from jetta at weshpool..baru hantar my belongings for shipping by air to penang airport..ok la..not bad service jetta..harga pun reasonable la barang banyak jugak ok..61kg..hahaha..and the total including insurance + security + airport tax was not more than $300...but u need to do few things before that:-
1) Survey all the shipping company available at your place (Jetta, Exportair, Pack n Send etc)
2) Call and asked them for the shipping rate to your place
3) Fill in Malaysian Custom Form and get university stamp
4) Get you letters of completion in study from uni (to prove that u finish study and can get discount at Malaysian Custom)
5)Find good boxes..good and strong..
6) Beli selotape yg kuat lg mantap (available at post ofis or officework)
7) print the packing list
8) Do ur packing dgn bagus..don't sumbat2 or campak2
9) Wrap the boxes with the mantap strong selotape
10) Label your boxes and bags and put sender/receiver/contents label on the boxes

Oh yes, yesterday Fitri, kak yosfi and me went to city to just jalan2 and take pictures of x-mas tree in the city..not bad! walaupun sedikit suram bcoz it was weekend evening and after 5pm, so not much ppl around the city..i wish perth get snow this year...(which will be very2 impossible to happen) becoz this land ( i mean OZ) celebrate x-mas in summer! not the same as what i saw in movies should be related to snow! and winter! hehe..but its ok..not much ppl in the world get the chance...! heheh..X-mas in summer only in Australia and New Zealand..
X-mas tree is still available, Santa also available, lights and decoration are still the same..presents and all the celebrations are still the same...and BOXING DAY!!! is still AVAILABLE for SALES & DISCOUNTS!!!! so...not much regret except there is NO SNOW for the x-mas....

Btw, I also get the chance to go to WA Museum wif Sarah last Wednesday...not bad and good for
kids like her..for me, not dat much interesting things to view..the rocks that I've study..the minerals etc were there for display..but its good for kids to that they can choose their interest...ada display for science, minerals, tectonic, insects, animals, aboriginal ppl (the thing that i want to know tp tetap xpaham)..the trip to museum was good overall since i get to know sarah more...we took bus to karawara and walked back to aunty mimi's house..and it was sarah's 2nd time taking the bus...! a good experience for her! and we also ate JAWS Sushi at city before is superbly delicious! sangat2 delicious! tp harganya juga
sagt menarik perhatian*mahal amat*

Ok..that is how i spend my week before x-mas..besok im going to do blood donation...*sedikit takut* sbb this is my 1st iAllah everything will be fine..I'll tell the experience in the next entry..*tlg doakan sy berjaya* amin....wif dat...Assalamualaikum=)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Will~

Takkan pernah habis
air mataku
bila kuingat
tentang dirimu

Mungkin hanya kau yang tahu
mengapa sampai saat ini
ku masih sendiri

Adakah di sana
kau rindu padaku
meski kita kini ada di
dunia berbeda

Bila masih mungkin
waktu kuputar
‘kan kutunggu

Biarlah kusimpan
sampai nanti aku
‘kan ada di sana
Tenanglah dirimu
dalam kedamaian

Ingatlah cintaku
kau tak terlihat lagi
Namun cintamu

*Courtesy of Keris Patih*

Friday, December 12, 2008

random things in otak

1- sekarang tgh pening kepala...ada letrik tgh pass by my head i think....
2-tibe2 syah kata ada wedding..huh? wedding sapa pulak daaah
3-rottnest? hmmm...
4- shipping? asal ko mahal sgt? ingt aku org kaya ke? bajet la peter poon murah..dan dan
5- arini panas..sakit kepala
6- lapar..nak salad lazat..
7- Oh benci giler...naik 2kilos...siot lah..
8-kenapa la regalia nnt greeen??? i dun like green..dah la green tua mcm pokok...atau macam bendera PAS...mana ada baju yg match...hmmm..
9- Guess Handbag? or Fossil Sling Bag? confused..
10-Buang ajela benda alah sumer tu..sakit hati..grrrr
11-Benci! Bodoh! Sial! OK OK ....kepala sakit....lets stop..i need panadol maybe...
12-panadol satu! air suam satu!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

the Years

For now, i have nothing else to do except for sleep + wake up and have shower + eat@cooking + watching movies + listening to music + chatting with friends + reading story books ...

But, honestly, I'm enjoying doing this...since previously, I don't really allowed myself to do and feel all the activities listed above but now, I feel like I'm the character in a novel I read or even a movie I watched...I admit that my saving is not that much, just enough to live 'sekadar ala kadar' but some how, my daily activities make me at least up dated to certain movies and songs that I don't even care to know previously... I think its worth it for me not to taking care those things before this. Yeap, true some friends said I am 'ulat buku' or maybe 'work too hard' on books ( i mean text books)...but now, I think its all worth it, Alhamdulillah..I'm satisfied with the result.Its not too good but it enough to make me think that Allah membantu hamba-hambaNYA yg will always remain in my mind..

this is only the experience I faced/ have before I can relax and write this entry.

2005-I took different path from some of my friends in KDU (the place where I do my university preparation for 1 year). I said it different because, I didn't get the chance to further my study in Petroluem Engineering as I supposed to when Petronas gave me the offer. I did Geology.. and I said it different because I went to Miri for 1year... There is no regret at all for this path that I've taken since in the end, we all end up in the same place and get the same oppurtunities, in fact..I realize I got more in some ways.

2006-When I didn't get the result that allow me to fly to Australia/ New Zealand in 2006...I was down. emotionally..but it wasn't long, I'm lucky to have parents and family who understand and very supportive. I made a decision to keep on walking and just follow what will happen next. I decided to change course to Geology since Petronas wanted to send me to Curtin Miri. I realized I have no interest in engineering. When I took my flight to Miri, it was my first time taking flight (honestly)...I know this will made lots of changes in my life..and it does! in lots of ways. I found new friends, new environment, start my uni life and I do enjoy my one year life in Miri. It was nice and great. With a mind that acts as a 19years old kid, I cheerish every moment in Miri. Thank You to people involve in my 1 year in Miri. It wasn't a persinggahan, it is really a journey of my life. I learn friendship, love, intergrity, kindness, and Islam.

2007-I'm here, in Perth. I can't imagine how much I made my dad proud of me since I'm the first one in his family to fly to overseas to continue study...By looking at his small eyes, I can cry...He is very2 proud. Ayah, its for u..Mak, its for u..I'm sorry it was delayed by one year but this is my path. Studying overseas is different from studying in my own country. Totally different. The lectures are great, approachable, and very-very understanding. The reference materials are better, easily get. The time management in university planner is better..I always keep the track of lots of activities happening in uni, in geology department apart from studying. This doesn't mean that Malaysian universities are bad.. they aren'.. in fact they are better in many ways..but as I started my first year in Curtin Miri and my batch was the 1st geology bacth..only us know the challenges there*! 2007 flies very fast. Alhamdulillah..I completed my second year degree with good standing.

2008- Still in Perth. A little changes in my life.Moved to new apartment closer to Perth City..closer to Swan River..totally different environment from 2007. My daily routine changes and I spend more time in uni. getting more serious with study.I admit this but I also allow some time for myself to enjoy life with friends and contributing to clubs etc2.. an amazing unexpected thing happened to me early of this year..Alhamdulillah..I completed my promised to Ayah with the award I received from second year(2007). Honestly, this give me lots of courages to keep on working for 2008. I really2 enjoy this year.thank u friends, thank u classmates, thank u lectures...Now, as the result is other word can described what I feel...I'm so glad...This is again for my Mum and my Dad...They sacrifice a lot! A LOT! TOO MUCH for me...*the tears and thoughts are for both of you* and also to my brothers..

11 dec 2008- i'm counting the days to go back to the place where I my my my family..Thank You Allah...You save me when I almost drown and you still blessed me with all the happiness and kindness in this world... All the years I've gone thorugh..You gave me lots of experiences..good and bad...happy and sad..nice but and hate..struggle and makes me today.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

to Girls~BeWaRe

Ini hanya pesanan, bukan bermaksud utk condemn mana2 pihak..OK:) Cheers:)

To all makhluk Allah yg bernama perempuan@female...saya dgn ini menasihatkan anda supaya jgn mudah percaya kepada satu lagi makhluk Allah bernama lelaki@male.

dulu2,kawan sy pernah berpesan, lelaki ni, mcm mana pun die punya baik..tetap ada satu wayar dlm body die yg akan tercabut kalau nampak perempuan cantik. kalau die kuat iman die pandang sekali kalau die xkuat iman, die tatap la perempuan yg buat wayar die tercabut tu...

berdasarkn pengalaman sy yg tak de seberapa ni..dulu2,kaum lelaki ini, dorg sgt baik (atau berpura2 baik) bila pertama kali mereka memandang seorang perempuan yg boleh buat hati mereka dup dap dup dap...kemudian, dgn sedaya upaya mereka akan cuba mencari jalan utk berbual dgn perempuan itu..masa ni la perempuan tu akan perasan bahawa si lelaki ini sedang cuba memainkan peranannya utk tackle die..klu xdpt berborak, ataupun xpuas lelaki ni akan mencari no tepon budak pompuan tu..mcm2 cara la die bleh guna, mintak ngn kawan budak pompuan tu dkt registration form ke...mcm2 la..or skg boleh usya facebook jugak..(new method) huhu..

pastuh bermula la episod si lelaki ni sanggup mengabiskan kredit die n masa die utk berpikir ape nk di borak kan dgn pompuan yg dah menggugat hati nya itu..nak ckp pun xtau ape tp nak jugak dgr to girls, beware..time ni syaitan banyak mainkan, lebih baik klu dah rs xde menda nak borak/ cakp..takyah layan the fon call ok...klu x..anda akan mula mencair pd si lelaki itu yg konon2 bersungguh2 utk tackle anda..

bila sampai satu tahap, si lelaki ni akan terus menerus berusaha utk dptkan pompuan ni..die akan cuba mcm2 cr..sama ada, belikan makanan time lunch, bg daun pun ada ok! offer mcm2 la..anta msg2 cute..klu budak pompuan tu br lps skolah, mmg senang la cair..sbb xde experience lagi in this klu dah dewasa sket, maka lain sket citer nya.pastuh, klu diberi sket green light, si lelaki ni akan happy la..pernah terjadi pd seorg kawan, lelaki yg suke kat die tu paksa die buat keputusan sama ada nk couple atau tak dlm satu mlm..kawan ni pun terima tanpa rs pasangn kawan tu dpt bertahan selama beberapa tahun..macam2 dugaan telah di tempuh bersama..janji pun mcm2 la jugak..walaupun jauh atau dekat,rs syg tu meninggi2 mcm gunung kinabalu..(xsampai everest pon la)...yg pompuan td...walaupun pd mula rs biasa2 je..makin ari makin sayang la pd si bf tu..maybe that is what ppl said, women always can develop the sampai satu tahap, bila masa depan memainkan peranan, n mungkin timbul rs boring dah bertahun2 mcm tu lelaki dn si perempuan pon berbincang..sama ada masalh2 yg bakal timbul di ms dpn akan dpt di fix kan bersama atau tak..yg plg malang ialah kalau rs takut dan tidak pasti tu dah cover rs sayang yg bertahun2 dah ditanam...maka terjadi la perpisahan tak di duga..seperti lagu2 rock kapak dahulu..

so to girlfriends n also my self,
take this as lesson... think twice or tripple or berkali2 b4 u accept a guy in ur life..they may be 99% yg suke2 saja utk in relationship dgn anda tp tidak berani menempuh hidup dgn anda...another 1% tu yg betul2 bersungguh-sungguh utk menjadikan anda sebagai pasangan hidup mereka hingga ke akhir hayat:)

to guyfriends,
jagn terasa dgn cerita saya ini..jadikan pengajaran supaya anda semua tergolong dlm golongan 1% itu...