Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Klinik Kesihatan, One Baby World, Medela Service Center

Its Wednesday already. and supposedly the famous post for Wednesday is "Wordless Wednesday"...But I'm going to write a karangan here sebab rasa puas hati banyak perkara dapat diselesaikan hari ni.

Hubster and me took half day (on the afternoon) today to bring our little hero to Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Baru Sentul for his 3rd months injection. We went to Kompleks BBSentul at 1.40pm, had our lunch there and straight away go to the clinic which is at Level 2, Kompleks BBSentul.Get the number from nurse at the counter and Ilyaas is the first patient for evening session.Lucky us. So, after taking his weight and height, they did the check-up on his activeness,hearing, viewing and also one-to-one session with the mother (me!). I do ask few questions regarding his behaviour at 3months and bout breastfeeding.then Ilyaas got his injection and we are off for the day! again I am very pleased with the service in KKesihatan BBSentul. It's even faster than my first visit. By 2.45pm, we are heading to One Baby World in Taman Permata, Gombak.

Senang hati lalu MRR2 sebab semua orang pergi kerja =) First niat to go to OneBabyWorld sebab nak beli bottles drying rack. But seperti biasala, setelah gaji baru masuk, me becoming the Umi can't resist all the cute things in the shop. Ok, let me tell u, I bought two toys for Ilyaas.Two Romper by BabyGap (ciplak punya la), socks, boy's legging. well, this OneBabyWorld is really a One Stop Center to buy baby's stuff.

Lucky Ilyaass like the toys!but he was distracted with Umi's camera:P
the toys can be attach to carseat, stroller,cot. also bought the soft book toys for him. will read it tonight! n Ilyaas also got his singing book yg dipesan from Pok Keng from UK.

The drying rack. It will be routine both for hubster and me to dry the bottles after sterelizing using clean cloth. now, we can save time handling the bottles and spend more with Ilyaas.let the bottles dry on the rack.selamat dpt RM10 off for this product.

After that we head to Dataran Palma in Ampang.Just next to Hotel De Palma.The next mission is
serbu Medela Service Center. Last two weeks dah pergi on saturday but they closed (it was suppose to open on saturday too from 10am-2.00pm but the staff was on leave when I went there)..My Miss PISA is not sick,she just had hick up. One of the tube dah longgar and ada kebocoran sedikit. As suggested by the staff on duty dkt Medela Service Center tu, she just cut out the part yg ada leakage tu and connect balik the small part at the end of tube. Part from that, I also got free advises on how to clean and take care of Miss PISA. As I bought Miss PISA from US, so the adapter is a bit different from the one sell in Malaysia. US use 9v while Malaysia use 12V.Thus, my adapter was not compatible with our local plug. Medela Service Center can't do anything bout this problem. Sobs2..a bit frustrated.Then we decided to give it a try to go and ask uncle dekat kedai elektrik BBSentul.Alhamdulillah we found one adapter with regulator where it can regulate the amount of voltage use. Big praises for this as I was using normal battery all this 3 months long to express the EBM. Now, semakin bersemangat utk breastfeed.Moga dipermudahkanNYA.Amin..
by taking half day leave, few matters dpt selesai.thumbs up!

Friday, June 24, 2011

hectic week

sgt penat ok lepas habis kerja hari jumaat.teramat penat rasa nak tercabut tangan dan kaki.
minggu ni mmg full of surprises..workload dkt office super byk..byk job errors sbb programming problem which i don't know how to fix it, kena forward ke org IT dan melaggingkan running time production..
pastu my brother admitted to Hospital seremban sbb patah tangan sbb accident di r&r seremban,mujur tak ada apa kecederaan serius yg lain.have to take EL on thursday to help him in hospital while my parents on their way to seremban from penang.
my niece farzen admitted kat Hospital KT sbb pneumonia ...pity her..nak balik tgk dia, tp jauh pulak ganu tu + my bro still kat spital too.
ok sekian, tired.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Outing

today is Father's Day. im the one yang excited than my husband. we didn't make any celebration. just enjoy our day with little Ilyaas usual, wake up at 6am to pump Ebm for storage. then solat subuh and change little Ilyaas punya diapers + feeding him. then we decided to go for jogging (only for hubby) and morning walk (applicable for Ilyaas and me) at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. this is Ilyaas first outing to the park! agak excited coz masa pregnant dulu slalu pegi brist-walking dkt TTTitiwangsa ni.After morning walk, we had breakfast at Wangsa Maju and head back home. kasi Ilyaas mandi (+ basuh berak dia), feed him and as usual he will sleep after kekenyangan let him sleep in the room while both hubster and me do the house cleaning. tukar langsir, tukar cadar, laundry,sapu rumah, lap habuk sana sini, vacuum yada yada yada yada dan masak nasi tomato serta lauk2nya...after zuhur we had our lunch and play with Ilyaas pastu tgk kan?simple life with love ones makes me happy and relax.

ok njoy the piccas--->

fountain at taman tasik titiwangsa

happy father's day abang!

Ayah , Umi dan Ilyaas yg sleepy

Sempat bagi Ilyaas minum susu b4 dia tidur dalam stroller

Ilyaas dah pandai pegang toy. his motorik ability dah bertambah.=)

Ilyaas dan ayahnya b4 ayah jogging

Umi dan Ilyaas ready utk morning walk

Friday, June 17, 2011

i must nailed these in my mind n heart!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

-so, if i want something in my life, i rather start now.if not, i will stuck in this shell forever-

don't compare my life with others! it's never the same even a minute!live in REALITY.

tipula kan kalau cakap tak teringin nak pakai handbag branded mahal2 seperti Coach, ferragamo,gucci,prada, redley, yada yada yada (the list never stop) .tipula kan, kalau tak teringin nak tgk Ilyaas bermain dgn mainan2 first class. tipula kan kalau cakap tak teringin nak beli baju2 branded seperti Osh Kosh, Guess, Mothercare (yg mahal bukan yg Great Value), Pumpkin Patch,...tipula kalau cakap tak teringin nak bagi hadiah mahal2 dkt husband time anniversary, time birthday, time father's day...tipula jugak kalau tak terasa betapa sikitnya duit yg diberi pada parents tiap2 bulan kalau nak compare dgn berjuta2 pelaburan yg mereka dah pernah laburkan utk diri ni...

oh, ok back to reality. boleh ke seluar sehelai berharga rm700 dikatakan murah? crazy laaa, berapa byk gaji dia dpt kalau seluar rm700 sehelai dikatakan murah? kalau rm7 ke rm17 ke, murah la kira.rm70 kira ok-ok.

jgn bersedih dgn apa yg kita tak dapat nak miliki, tp bersedihlah kalau kita hidup hutang keliling pinggang..(hutang zaman moden ialah via credit card ye bukan ditulis dlm buku 555 mcm dkt kedai runcit kat kampung).

gambaran en suami memberi nasihat kepada cik isteri tentang erti kehidupan bersama.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary Abang

Alhamdulillah. Genap dah setahun aku bergelar isteri kepada Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff.
11 June 2010, bertempat di Masjid Al-Mustaqim, Sekolah Men.Sains TSSS, Jam 3.30ptg, kami berdua telah selamat di ijabkabulkan dah sah menjadi pasangan suami isteri.

We meet on 13 April 2010 when I first start my job at CGGVeritas. I noticed him but well, I'm the newest comer in the company, so better be quiet right? We went for training in United States and Singapore together. And of course, the training does help our relationship. Back from Singapore, rombongan merisik pun sampai kat rumah parents on 26 December..tok tek tok tek, we both goth engaged on 27 February 2010 and taaaa daaaa, our souls become one on 11 June 2010.

Alhamdulillah, on our second honeymoon to Pulau Rendang (as a wedding gift from FIL's friend), I was confirmed pregnant with our first child. Little Ilyaas Hafiy was born last 25th March on his 39weeks in my womb. This is a perfect gift to both of us.

I love being married to my husband, the man I love till my last breath. and my ever-green favourite marriage quotation "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" is so true cause I can't stop falling in love with him every single days in our marriage life.There is always a reason why I should keep falling for him.

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.

Akad Nikah Day

Saturday, June 4, 2011

2nd month injection + new carseat

Assalamualaikum semua=) (macam ada org baca je kan blog ni, xpe bg salam tu dpt pahala :P=)

Hari rabu haritu, i took half day leave utk bawa Ilyaas Hafiy cucuk for 2months.Remember my last post pasal nak bagi immunization for kids dekat private or gomen klinik kan? So, sebagai seorang umi dan ayah, my husband and I decided to give it a try first dkt Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak.Honestly, masa pregnant mmg xpernah pegi buat check-up dkt gomen klinik.bukan sbb tak suka or anything, just because my company insurance cover utk pre-natal check-up dkt private, so mesti la gunakan kelebihan tu kan (but tak best mana pun!)

KKIA dkt BBS ni dkt sgt2 je dgn rumah so pagi2 gi breakfast ngn husband dulu then baru gi klinik.dapat first person utk appointment that day. within 0ne hour semua dah settle.dah jumpa nurse for ukuran berat dan panjang Ilyaas, dah jumpa doctor, dah jumpa nurse yg check2 pasal perkembangan Ilyaas + Umi's breastfeeding + dah cucuk..

So, the service mmg tip top, nurses semua baik, selalu senyum and environment sgt memberansangkan..Five Star for this! =) I will definitely take all the injections here in KKIA and will also go to private for injections yg tak dicover di klinik gomen seperti pneumonia injections etc...bukan sbb apa, dah 2 orang nieces sebelah my husband pernah kena pneumonia, so i would better take earlier precaution for ILyaas.

Ilyaas was being good all the time. Handling him alone (sbb hubby pegi keja terus after send us to KKIA), is easy. Not much ragam just nak menyusu je.and sgt senang sbb breastfeed him, dia nangis nak susu, just wear my nursing cover, terus boleh bagi susu need to bukak botol susu, isi susu tepung, isi air panas and goncang2 botol..easier...if kena buat mcm tu, it will be harder for me to handle him alone. (that's why dah banyak kali i just went out alone with Ilyaas without hassle even for my post-natal check-up at 47days, i drove car with Ilyaas in the car seat alone ulang alik to KLCC-Ampang Puteri...)

Oh, instead of half day leave, have to take full day sbb after the injection, Ilyaas was having fever.Tidak kesampaian pula hati ni nak gi hantar Ilyaas kat babysitter and pergi keja..So I stayed at home with Ilyaas for the whole day to monitor his fever.

ni snapshot yg sempat diambil on the way back from klinik to our house...lihatlah muka Ilyaas yang masam mencuka serta sebek sbb kena cucuk time tgh2 nyenyak tidur...

(btw ni Ilyaas new-car seat , brand safe n sound, bought at babycottage last week. It has four recline positions so we decided to take it.worth from newborn-18kg...original price rm599, tp dpt discount member, jadilah rm479.