Monday, December 30, 2013

Busy Box Ideas

Ever heard of busy box? or busy basket? or perhaps busy bag?

Those are things that keep your kids and toddlers entertained for at least few minutes to hours, depending on the contents inside the boxes, baskets or bags. I had first thought of these things when I was searching what I should bring for a plane trip with my two babies. Then, came out the term " busy box"... 

This is our very first busy bag, we used it while we flew from KL to KK and through out our trip in Sabah

it's actually just a small bag
my pocket file that I re-used for this purpose
And what's inside it were things like pencil color, coloring book, flash cards, teether for Imani who was 9m that time, ABC cards, and some straws for them to play. 

It was quite useful especially while we were waiting for the departure and to distract them while in the hotel. 

At home, we have a big green container placed under Ilyaas' reading table in the living room. And I let the kids choose what every toys they like and keep in the container. These toys will keep my kids entertain for at least 30 minutes to one hour everyday after we pick them from babysitter's house. So, both husband and I can take our bath, cook for dinner (if I'm not lazy :P) and do other house chores. At the same time, we can still watch over the kids who were playing in the living room. 
it looks like this..apart than ours is in green

I am planning to create few more busy box ideas since we have lotsa empty boxes in the store room. 
Perhaps like these pictures...

Interesting kan? but but but but.....

umi has to be creative...
and gotta need a helper to make sure these crafts ideas are realizable..

sebab umi is not born creative....

but I am a believer that I can develop those creative skills.....

Yakin boleh gitu!

ps: Ayah, would you lend me a hand to create these busy boxes for our IHs....?

Happy 28th Birthday Husband

Friday, December 27, 2013

Towards the end of 2013

It's 27th December 2013.. The final Friday for this year...MashaAllah, how time flies...
I've started my 2013 with waiting game for my little girl, who later arrived into this world on 21st January 2013. She's not just a wonderful gift of the year, but for my entire life, together with the arrival of my first son, Ilyaas. 

Had few memorable events through the year..went for short family trips (not a fancy one but near to our heart).. What I can say, this year has been a great year for my family and I. Alhamdulillah, we are granted with good health through the year (minus all the fevers, flu and cough). Down the lane, I've lost my two great supporters. Grandfather on my mom's side and grandmother on my dad's side. Just within few months. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmatNYA ke atas roh mereka berdua.

To add sugar to the topping, I have ended my 2013 with a blissful family event. What's important is doing it together. I mean family. 

Last weekend, I've sent my parents and sisters in law to perform their umrah..How much I envy them..they can be so near to Kaabah, can visit the Holy Land. InsyaAllah, umur panjang, saya pon nak ke sana juga..So, it's gonna be one of my new yr resolution. Kumpul duit pergi Mekkah.InsyaAllah... 

sending them to tanah suci Mekah

The night before that, we had dinner at Putrajaya Lake Club.. Imani gave us such a beautiful smile every time she saw phones and camera.. Photogenic sangat! The dinner was nice and the food was really ok. Big portion, good taste and also we had the view of PM's office...

On the next day, I visited my friend who just had a tumor removed from her brain. Alhamdulillah she was more than well. Her positive attitude towards the tumor was amazing.

On Sunday, my cousin got married and all family members gathered in Putrajaya. Good moment. Tok was crying at the beginning of the wedding as she missed her late husband (my grandfather who passed away in February this year). 

Had few moments chatting with Tok Pa, apparently he is my cousin's uncle (on the father's side)
Picture taken from Tok Pa's fb
After the caremony at dewan, all of us berkumpul dekat my aunt's house. Sempat selfie with my two younger brothers...
Izzat and Amir
 And this weekend, my husband is going to turn 28 yo...! We had early celebration for him at Putrajaya with our nephews and niece. Makan simple2 je. Cheese Cake and Sate Kajang. 
Told ya, Imani was looking at the camera!
Happy advance birthday my other half. 

And on the way back to Ipoh, we made an impromptu plan to bring the kids for LRT ride to KLCC. And last minute decision was to spend few hours in Petrosains.
Btw the entrance ticket was RM15 for Adult Malaysian. RM10 for teenagers Malaysian. RM5 for children age 3-12 and free entrance for babies and infant. 

LRT ride ....Ilyaas was scared ! instead of excited..hahahha
Imani was sleepy. naik Putra terus sleep sampai dalam petrosains..
So, I think I would like to call an end for Year 2013...literally.. Thanks 2013. I will use the the last few days of this year to prepare myself for the upcoming year, be a better person, inside out...
Alhamdulillah for all I have in 2013 and Al Fatihah for my grandparents who passed away this year...

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Rezeki pastinya datang dari Allah. Kadang rezeki yg kita harap-harapkan datang tanpa di duga. Kadang kita tak mengharap rezeki tu datang, tiba-tiba Allah datangkan dia pada kita. Semua nya di dalam pengetahuan Allah.

Kita selalu minta bersungguh-sungguh supaya sesuatu rezeki tu di datangkan pada kita, saat2 kita amat kadang Allah lambat sampaikan pada kita. Atau Allah tak beri langsung pada kita. Tp, kita kena ingat, Allah itu Maha Adil. Apa yg kita mintak , bila tak dapat, tak bermakna Allah tak sayangkan kita. Allah berikan dalam bentuk lain dari yg kita mintak, dan kadang Allah tak beri pada kita, tp Allah beri pada anak-anak kita, pada ibu bapa kita ataupun pada cucu-cucu kita di masa akan datang.

Dalam urusan pekerjaan, Allah beri gaji sebab kita kerja setiap hari. Penat lelah kita. Sekarang ni, kalau kerja, mcm-mcm kena buat. Contohnya, pengenalan sistem KPI. semua agency kerajaan, n swasta semua ada sistem KPI. cukup hujung tahun, kena buat pengiraan markah. orang ni evaluate kita, orang tu evalaute kita. kalau dekat swasta, dalam KPI rendah beberapa kali berturut-turut, kena warning...kalau KPI masih rendah, boleh kena berhenti kerja. Adakah itu adil? hmmmm

Itu dari segi pekerjaan..klau rezeki dalam alam perkahwinan, yang paling senang kita lihat ialah rezeki seorang anak. Ada pasangan, senang sgt dpt anak. terus kawin terus pregnant..
Ada yg susah, atau pun Allah lambatkan sedikit..
bagi ibu yang nak melahirkan, ada yg dpt rezeki merasai nikmatnya bersalin normal. kemudian dapt lagi rezeki susu badan melimpah ruah, dapat lagi rezeki anak suka minum susu, tak kisah bottle feed or direct feed. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Allah kan Maha Adil. Saya tak dpt lahirkan anak2 saya secara normal. tp Alhamdulillah, rezeki susu utk mereka mmg banyak setakat hari ini. Tapi ada setengah orang, rezeki melahirkan anak secara normal, senang sgt. masuk LR 3-4jam dah Allah tak bgi rezeki susu badan melimpah ruah..

saya nampak keseimbangan dalam setiap rezeki pemberian Allah. sebab Allah Maha Adil.
kalau nak tulis pasal rezeki, mmg panjang. semua benda yg ada di sekeliling kita adalah rezeki. dan saya pun bukan ustazah nak tulis secara details. tp just nak nyatakan dalam setiap perkara, kita kena redha, sabar dan syukur. rezeki itu milik Allah.

Dia Maha Pemurah. Dia Maha Kaya. Dia Maha Adil. Dia Maha Mengetahui.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cecair Ajaib dari GAVISCON utk pregnant mummies =)

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning  semua =)

Korang semua yang pernah pregnant, sure pernah rasa macam mana rasa heart burn @ pedih ulu hati kan? 
I've been experiencing it for 37+39 weeks for both of my pregnancy to my kids. 

I ni jenis sejak mula pregnant sampai habis bersalin, akan terasa heart burn tu...Nak buat mcm mana kan, but sadly during the time I was pregnant back in 2010/2011 and 2012 (whoah my body has work a lot then), I tak tau pon ada ubat untuk kurangkan rasa pedih ulu hati ni..Poor me kan? tanggung je la sakit heart burn tu.. sakit ni akan makin terasa time lepas makan, time nak tidur, or even time tgh tidur. 
Yela, logically, our rahim is membesar, and squeezed other elements in our body...

Ok, let me tell u few reasons macam mana pedih ulu hati boleh terjadi...Korang kena baca ok, sbb ni penting..kita selalu ignore but if we can try to avoid, maybe pengalaman pregnant tu lebih bermakna..kan?

  1. Perubahan hormon dalam badan, di mana hormon progesterone mengendurkan otot-otot badan ketika kehamilan untuk memudahkan asid perut mengalir ke ruang esofogus.
  2. Baby dlm rahim kita tu dok membesar kan, n setiap hari akan ambil space dlm badan kita ni..Bila baby makin besar, baby akan tolak acid perut lebih dekat ke rongga esofogus, and menyebabkan berlakunya pedih ulu hati...(hmmm, my worst heart burn sampai tak boleh nak berdiri tegak, sebab pedih sgt2 masa pregnant 7-8 bulan..seksa betul masa tu
  3. Pemakanan and aktiviti harian mummies ketika hamil pon menyebabkan pedih ulu hati ni terjadi kena makan sikit2 tp kerap..

Okla, daripada I type panjang2 pastu membosankan, jom kita baca infographic yg comel lagi penuh maklumat pasal heart burn atau pedih ulu hati ni...

dan sekarang ni GAVISCON dah ada cecair ajaib untuk membantu ibu-ibu mengandung yg mengalami pedih ulu hati ni...

(kenapa I tak tau kewujudan cecair ajaib GAVISCON ni masa I pregnant? sobs sobs sobs)

eh, info lanjut korang boleh check di website GAVISCON yer....

korang tau kan, klu kena pedih ulu hati ni, tak kira siang or malam...

jadi kita boleh je amik cecair ajaib GAVISCON ni sama ada siang or malam..

tapi kan, setiap pregnancy tu adalah berbeza..Setiap mummy pon, sebelum start ambil cecair ajaib GAVISCON ni, sila tanya doktor dulu k..sebab kita tak tau reaction badan kita...better to ask doc first...=) ala, apa2 ubat nak consume time pregnant, mmg kena doc dulu....

ok, hopefully mummies yg tgh pregnant tgh ada heart burn boleh cuba la ni...I will try kalau I pregnant no 3 nnt...

*ps: thank u Gaviscon*

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11/12/13 and over the last weeks

Tarikh cantik
ramai orang kawin hari ni..
termasuk Cik Ta kita..
tapi rumah I takde Astro , tak dpt tgk live update akad nikah Cik Ta...
tak kisah sgt pon, saje nak amik tahu perihal artis.alaaa, korang pon camtu kan? 
mesti suka baca gosip2 artis..adatla tu..

mcm dah seminggu tak tulis blog, idea n masa takde..
takpe kot, bukan ada sesape pon rindu nak baca blog cap ayam ni..
arini saje nak type entry sebab tarikh cantik...huahuahua, 

masuk hari ni dah 3 hari husband-less, sobs sobs sobs..
rindu ler..lain la klu xde husband kat sebelah kita..
mcm kekok..
kagum ngn korang2 yg pjj, or husband keja jauh atas kapal ke atas rig ke..
tabah sungguh hati korang. 

tp alhamdulillah anak-anak ok jer.dorang tak merengek meragam. 
dua2 behave molek je. 
dengar cakap, rajin kemas mainan..

sempena tarikh cantik ni, nak dedicate gambar kat bawah ni to the love of my life..

my husband, my perfection

and here are some activities we did over the last weeks

My fridge has been to packed with fridge magnet. Ni gambar on side depan je. penuh magnet bergambar
side tepi pulak penuh collections fm both from husband n myself masa kitaorg study dulu..
then masa kitaorg gi kerja sama2 time bercintan cintun
ada jugak orang bagi
both of us think that we need a special magnetic board utk susun atur fm yg ada..
ilyaas suka kutip dan main..
some of them dah pecah :( some dah tercabut magnet...nasih boleh diselamatkan lagi..

and this one, is my new wedges in shocking pink. 
mak mertua hadiahkan..
cool giler kan mak mertua i hadiahkan kasut kaler pink.

sampai skrg tak berani nak pakai pi uni..
ilyaas je bergaya dulu dlm rumah.

and my little baby is not so little anymore..
dah nak masuk 11 bulan in 2 weeks..
sob sob cepat nye adik membesar. 
jom sama2 kita ukur milestone kita ye dik.
makan dah nak mcm orang tua. semua benda nak makan.
bercakap tak pandai lagi. 
berjalan tak pandai lagi. 
suka bertatih je. 
dah pandai turun naik katil. tp takut dia tergolek sendiri jer. 
minum susu bagaikan puteri raja setiap malam. 

last two weeks pegi putrajaya/shah alam. 
sempat melawat buah hati kesayangan kami sekeluarga. 
Zarifa sayang
masa ni Jippa baru keluar wad sbb ada lung infection.
dia kena sedut oksigen baru ok..
Jippa my tough girl
Jippa baru turns 10 months old minggu lepas..

dan ini tuan blog nak selfie kejap...hahahah

ok dah bye...

nak sambung drawing...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nursing cover with bag


 Myhafiy Blogshop (kedai kecik kami) sekarang dah sediakan beg berzip untuk simpan nursing cover. Bag ni dijual bersama dgn nursing cover. kiranya come with the package la. sebelum ni kitaorg tak bg beg sbb selalu tak berkesempatan nak jahit bag ni. Bila dah try and error, we finally decided sediakan bag sekali dgn our nursing cover. Bag ni guna plain fabric dan kitaorg letak matching ribbon from fabric yg sama dari nursing cover.  mcm kat gambar bawah ni. comel kan..

Bila dah ada bag ni, senang nak simpan n make nc kita tak tertinggal. senang simpan dlm handbag or bag baby. boleh guna bila2 masa je...for sure nampak lebih kemas n bergaya..beg ni pon korang bleh guna utk isi benda2 lain bila dah tak breastfeed baby nnt..simpan make up ke...buat pencil case ke...

walaupun kitaorg tambah beg ni dgn nursing cover, harga tetap sama tau. tak de extra charge. 
cuma RM60. kain mmg dari kualiti yg sgt elok. It's a Swiss Cotton. Lembut, tebal, tak jarang, sejuk, breathable dan corak pon cantik2. 

bgi yg tak pernah tengok camne rupa nursing cover ni

taaaa daaaaaa

itu saya menggayakan nursing cover...sambil endap2 anak kat dlm cover tu...dun worry, baby tak lemas dalam tu. ada ruang utk bernafas n kita boleh monitor n tgk mata anak sambil menyusu...=) priceless moment 

ni pandangan sisi, nampak kan nc kitaorg cover badan depan belakang tepi kiri kanan

luas pun luas, xperlu segan2 kot2 ternampak pinggang or perut kita...
sgt memenuhi keperluan ibu2 muslimah , insyaAllah

For now, fabric boleh dipilih dari album kitaorg kat fb

and kat bawah ni kain2 terbaru dlm koleksi yg ada

sapa nak order, boleh pm kat facebook page ye

atau just tinggalkan email korang kat comment bawah entry ni..


Happy breastfeeding mummies =)