Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The arrival of Ilyaas Hafiy to the world

I safely delivered my first born on 25th March 2011 at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, at 6.58pm..

WIll update more on the experience later..

My husband and I named our son Ilyaas Hafiy which means Pemberani yang Mulia..

This is him =)The flesh and blood of Abdul Halim and Siti Nur Fathiyah

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

mencari pengasuh/babysitter di area sentul/BBS/taman dato senu dan sekitarnya

Saya mencari pengasuh melayu muslim utk menjaga bayi berusia 2bulan (bermula June/Akhir Mei 2011) di kawasan sekitar Sentul/Taman Dato Senu (kalau ada pengalaman lebih baik)

-waktu jagaan ialah Isnin-Jumaat ( 7.45pg-6.30ptg), bayi tidak akan dihantar pada public holiday (sekiranya public holiday jatuh pada hari sabtu, Jumaat sy cuti, atau pun ahad,Isnin sy cuti, jadi bayi tidak akan dihantar juga pada hari2 tersebut)

- bayaran boleh dirunding sama ada mengikut hari atau bulanan

-makanan bayi (susu dan kelengkapan akan disediakan) (sy akan sediakan Expressed Breast Milk, cuma perlu panaskan sahaja)

-sesiapa berminat /mengenali sesiapa yg ingin menjadi pengasuh sila hubungi email sy athidean@hotmail.com...


Monday, March 14, 2011

less than a month to your EDD

lets the pictures explain all
baju-baju yg dah dibasuh

car seat for newborn (mama dilah punya :P)

katil baby:)

maclaren stroller

nursing pillow mummy

bedding set + blanket handmade nenek

bantal2 bumble bee + head support utk car seat

baju primark hadiah from mummy jah

baby changing mat

nursing cover handmade from nenek

0-6mths sleeping bag for baby

MUM bottle + breastmilk collection bottle for EBM

ur first few toys

baby box (bukan brand mothercare ye :

baju2+napkins+barut+booties n mittens dan seangkatan dgn nya

travelling bag pilihan si Ayah

Sterilizer and warmer

Madela breast pump

STEM CELL ~ hadiah utk tiap hari jadi mu~

dear baby sayang,

Ayah and Mummy dah ready kan ur stemcell packaging utk menyambut kelahiran baby nnt..iAllah within 25days baby akan lahir and at the moment u r born, doctor akan amik sampel darah from ur umbilical cord.and darah tersebut akan di deliver kan ke stem life lab dkt jalan yap kwan seng for storage sampai umur baby 20 years old. Ayah and Mummy dah setuju nak bayar the storage for ur umbilical cord blood sampai umur baby 20 yrs old..Alhamdulillah, Ayah and Mummy masih berkemampuan utk buat penyimpanan ini..

lagipun, penyimpan cord blood ni bukan utk baby sorg je, adik2 baby nanti pun boleh gunakan (IAllah) if ada sebarang kecemasan yg memerlukan pertukaran darah/cell ...

harapan Mummy, baby sihat sempurna mental fizikal dan dpt membesar menjadi insan yg beriman dan bertakwa kepada Allah dan Rasul, dan menjadi manusia berguna pada agama, bangsa dan negara...apa yg Mummy dan Ayah dapat sediakan sekarang demi masa depan baby (dan adik2 baby nnt), kami akan sediakan setakat termampu..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

im at 36weeks , MashaAllah

It has been 36 weeks from my last period.which means i have been pregnant for all this while,36 weeks = 9 months...and it flies so fast. From the day we made our home pregnancy checked we were really2 hoping that this pregnancy is true...(since we throw the test paper into the dustbin without noticing the second line is coming up)..but our visit to the clinic confirmed that I am 5 weeks pregnant at that time. Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah...

Going through the first trimester in Ramadhan wasn't easy. Alhamdulillah I managed to fast for the whole Ramadhan and you are growing bigger inside me even I didn't eat during the day. Luckily, I did not face any major nauseas during the first trimester except for minor here and there throw out,and yes, I have allergies to curry :( so sad because I love eating curry...

Moving to second trimester was a bless...I gained more weight by then. At 5 months (20 weeks) pregnant, I started to feel that I need to buy new clothes which can suit my body develoment during pregnancy. I started to feel pain under my left abdoment which continues up till this moment. It hurts! but at least I know that my baby is growing bigger each day in my uterus.There are days where I got brown/red discharge and at the very first time, I cried in the shower, as I am scared of losing you..But Alhamdulillah, doctor said there is nothing to worry, and you are growing well inside.

At 28 weeks, my fingers (both hands and legs) started to swell. I can't wear shoes , only sneakers or sandals..sleeping at night become harder, breathing become harder, eating become so tiring...At 35 weeks, during meeting with doctor, my blood pressure has incresed to 130/80 which indicate stage of hypertension. It;s not a good news but according to the doc its normal in most first pregnancy. I also received admission letter from hospital to be in labour at any time from now...

oh my little man, mummy really excited and cant wait to meet u but for now, pls hang in there for another week or more so that u will be fully matured to start breathing the air outside and mummy can prepare myself for the labour...

honestly im scared when i think about the labour..but other have gone through it, so do I...InsyaAllah....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

one month to go

Ya Allah, peliharalah anakku ini selama ia berada di dalam perutku, dan sihatkanlah dia, Engkau yang menyembuhkan, tidak ada penyembuhan selain penyembuhanMu, Penyembuhan yang tidak meninggalkan penyakit. Ya Allah, rupakanlah atau bentukkanlah dia yang ada diperutku dengan rupa yang baik dan tetapkanlah di dalam hatinya iman kepada Engkau dan kepada RasulMu. Ya Allah, keluarkanlah dia dari perutku dengan mudah dan selamat. Ya Allah jadikanlah dia sihat yang sempurna berakal dan pandai, alim dan beramal. Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umurnya, sihatkanlah badannya, baikkanlah akhlaknya, fasihkanlah lisannya, baguskanlah suaranya untuk membaca Al-Quran dan hadis dengan berkat Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, dan segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan semesta alam.

Am I?

Is it me or just the hormone?
Feel so left out,
Feel unimportant,

I think it's me
who has that taught,

I love the baby growing inside me,
but I hate the hormone or I hate myself
for feeling like this.

bye bye bye