Sunday, July 10, 2016

My 3rd Birth Story

Alhamdulillah, I dah selamat melahirkan anak ketiga pada 29 June 2016 yang lepas. Tarikh EDD mengikut kiraan haid patutnya pada 20 July 2016 (Genap 40 weeks). But, since I already had two previous Emergency Cesarean, we scheduled the 3rd operation on the 8th July, Friday which will be the 3rd day of Syawal. Dengan niat, I dapat habiskan berpuasa seterusnya dapat beraya sekejap sebelum berpantang. Date scheduled operation tu patutnya pada 38 minggu 2 hari.

Tapi, kita kan merancang, Allah yg menentukannya. Walaupun dah plan untuk elective cesarean operation kali ni, I still have to go through the labor process jugak! Oh sayang nya Allah pada diriku, dapat lagi merasa sakitnya contraction (walaupun tak lama kali ni), dapat jugakla menghapuskan dosa2 kecilku..mudah mudahan.

Al kisahnya mcm ni...

28 June- Selasa
Already on my day 2 of medical leave. So I stayed at my parents' in Penang. Habiskan berpuasa di Penang dan get ready for delivery.  I cook spaghetti bolognese for berbuka. I mintak ayah carikan air tebu or air kelapa utk berbuka sebab tiba2 je rasa teringin sangat nak minum either one of it. masa ni husband dah balik ke Perak. I stayed at my parents' with Ilyaas and Imani.
I repeatedly went to toilet for big business about 5 times on this day.

29 June- Rabu
Bangun sahur as usual. Mak cook something simple sebab gas habis. I eat a lot, tambah 2 kali waktu sahur. After sahur, went to loo again for big business. Waited for mak to go to work and I continued my sleep. At 9.30ish am, feel like sakit perut memulas. I know it might be contraction but I ignored it coz still sleepy. At 10am, Imani woke me up and I still have the sakit perut. Ignore lagi sbb dari yesterday asyik pergi toilet. Went to toilet to give bath to Imani and suddenly I felt something running in between my legs. Clear water! Oh, this must be my amniotic fluid! terus jerit panggil my dad but he was not around at that time. I quickly gave bath to Imani and tried to call my husband. He's not picking up the phone. Called my mum and told her immediately. Dad returned home and got panicked after I told him that my water bag already leaking and need to go to hospital soon. Called department's secretary to ask her to inform my husband since I can't reach his phone.
Went to loo one last time for big business before going to hospital.
At 11am something, we went to KPJ BM. Straight to emergency department.
Near 12pm, I was wheeled to labor room. Husband started his journey back to Penang.
change uniform hospital.
Did CTG. contraction quite strong by now.
Insert urine bag tube.
Insert line on my left hand. So sakit!
Meet anesthetist
Signed all the needed documents.
Change bed.
Strolled to OT. saw my mum on my way to OT. She kissed my forehead.
I started shivering.
Get half body bius. Not so sakit like inserting the line earlier. Surprisingly sebab everybody told me it is sakit.
They (doctors and nurses) setting up the operation.
Asked me few questions and they began.
Can smell fire and blood and flesh. My own blood and flesh.
Smell hangit too.
Nurses pressing my tulang rangka to pull out baby.
Baby cried! I said Alhamdulillah. Anes was with me all the way.
This time around, I requested to bring along my spectacles to OT.
So that I can wear it during skin to skin contact.
They put my spectacle on me and gave me the baby.
So putih and red!

I am now a mother of three children. Masha Allah...Syukur ...