Sunday, April 12, 2009

working worried!

its my first day in wangsa maju.
my first day staying in this house. Alhamdulillah, i feel comfortable in here.
this room is not too big or too small for me.
thanx to mak and ayah who provided me with all the first hand furniture for this room.
tomorrow, i will start working as processing geophysicist with cggveritas in klcc.
i am afraid and worried.
how should i say i'm coming for reporting duty?
how should i answer if they ask lots of weird questions?
am i wearing the right outfit tomorrow?
will i look confidence?
will i get to do hard work very soon?
how and how and how?
but this journey must start!
a friend of mine said, it is normal to be afraid and worried for the first day because if we think back since kindergarten..anything that is on first day/first time made us worried and, in order for me to enter this new chapter in my life..i must face this.
what am i concern much is about the job specification i will be assign..
being a student who majored in geology and now is going to work as geophysicist make me feel more worried.
i hope i can do the best.
i hope i can be a good and hardworking employee.
i hope i can suite well with the other employees in the company and also cope well with the employer/boses.
i hope i can make friends during my first day.

*put a smile on your face and ppl will like you*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

the evening when i success

today, after few months i didn't hear that voice...
for the first time, i managed to hear it..with success!:)
i feel i am a winner (within my self) for that! i don't have to feel any bad anymore
after what happened last November. though "it" is still there ( i can't lie) but i am successful now!:)and i can managed 'it'!!!

thanks God, i received back what i lost before. i get the good friend back, Alhamdulillah. i trust YOU Allah in all the journey you've planned for me.
i put no more hopes for this one thing, cause it can only be true with 'doa' for the best to come for both of us.
may we lead a happy life with whoever u have fated us to be with=)
but, i'm grateful that i can manage it well now:)

if you read this-->Thanks 'Awak'..friends forever<--

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a dress and a heels

dearest blog,

i want a pair of new high heels! and a beautiful long dress!
even though i rarely wear high heels, but i like to look at them! somehow the shape and patterns are gorgeous especially those with unique and simple designs.
for the dress, i just want to feel how wearing one of it! cause i think they look sexy and nice!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

tips for me:)

1. Know your employer. Decide if you are working for a company that has a motto or standard that you are comfortable with, and if the company goal is something you believe in. If you are working for an honorable establishment, then you will be treated with respect due to your position.

2. Behave professionally. This is a business, not a playground.

3. Learn to take criticism gracefully. It will provide you with valuable ideas about what people expect from you, any weak areas, and what you need to work on first.

4. Learn to do your job, and do it well. Whether it's menial and tedious, or tough and high-paying, learn how to do the job, regardless of how difficult you think it might be. Salary is most commonly based upon years of experience, tenure with the company, and your educational background.

5. Keep a clean job history. Do a good job, show up on time, keep a good attendance history.

6. Be ready to provide references from past employers. If your present employer wishes to contact your previous employer, do not deny their request. Leaving a company on good terms is always an asset to securing another job.

7. Never be on time. Always arrive early. Be at least 15 minutes early every day. That way, if you are running late, you will be on time. If you have to park far away, you will walk in and still not be late. If your client is early, you will be there to greet him or her, and not leave someone waiting for you - even if you arrive on time.

8. Ask your supervisor what the expectations for productivity are. This will immediately make you stand out from 95% of the other employees.

9. Be part of the solutions. Quit whining about what's wrong and start being vocal about what's right! A positive attitude goes a long way with many supervisors.

10. Don't drag your feet. We mean this in a literal way. Pick your feet up and walk proud, and get right to your work - don't procrastinate or let things drag up to the deadline, and then jump in to get it done in a fast flurry at the end. It makes your boss crazy.

11. Be quiet and work. Quit gossiping and get to work. Your employer is not paying you to gossip. Of course, you want to establish a good rapport with your co-workers, and a little chatting is inevitable and desirable. But spending a half hour regaling your co-workers with your previous evening's adventures will not make your boss love you. When one of you is talking a lot, two of you are not working a lot.

12. Always be productive. Don't let paper sit on your desk for days on end. Get the work done and move on to the next thing as quickly as possible.

13. Don't dress like your co-workers, dress as well or better than your boss.

14. Hold your head high and be confident. A calm, assured energy will take you much farther than carrying yourself in a hunched up ball.

15. Volunteer or be active in projects to get the job done. Don't worry about who gets credit - your boss knows much more than you think. Be a team player.

16. Don't spend a lot of time on personal phone calls. Work is for work.

17. Stay late, even if it is only 15-20 minutes. People notice who runs for the door at 5:30 pm.

18. Offer junior employees guidance and encouragement. Offer to show them the ropes or offer training tips.