Monday, November 29, 2010

my baby's anomaly scan

Last friday, I had a detailed scan@anomaly scan for my baby =)
I was sad that my husband can't get leave to accompany me for the best moment of our marriage so far.
But I was lucky that my mother in-law and sister in-law were here in KL.So, both of them accompany me to Ampang Puteri for the detailed scan.
It took place around 30-40minutes for the doctor to complete all the necessary scanning procedures for my little baby.

This moment was truely the best moment ever, seeing a life living in my womb. I saw the face, I saw the mouth chewing/drinking something from the amnion fluid in my placenta, I saw the brain, I saw the nose+nose bone, I saw the heart together with the injap(s), I saw the kidney, I saw the backbone, lips,fingers, the *** of the baby (yipppeeee)...and also i heard the heartbeat (even though just for few seconds since its 4D scanning and more heat is transferred to the baby, so the doc decided not to do it for long)

Ayah was pissed off that he can't follow mummy to see you last friday. But mummy brings back the 3D pic of ur face and explain all one by one to Ayah about the scanning from A-Z. Ayah was pleased to see your picture and confirm mummy that you has mummy's chin and ayah's head (InsyaAllah)...ayah keeps asking mummy lots of question bout the scanning since he wasn't there. pity him that he has to many work in the office=(urgh...

you are so cute sayang when mummy saw u. mummy hopes you're doing fine and safe in my womb. As doc said, Alhamdulillah the anomaly scan shows normal result (insyAllah-praises to Allah). You gonna turn 22 weeks this Wednesday and there will be another 15-18weeks before mummy can touch and hear you, insyaAllah.

oh yes, nenek also bought some baju, socks, mittens and towels for you.and nenek has made barut for u and mummy.and currently nenek is knitting your blanket. you must sayang nenek as she does for u.and btw tok dad also proud saying bout u in front of uncle jimmy and aunty madam last week, that shows he loves u already!

Tok mak will be coming back from Mecca this Friday and mummy gonna bring u ( i mean my bulat tummy) to see tok mak and tok wan. both of the also loves u so much.Tok wan is excited to receive his first cucu. Both of them were so pleased to pray for ur safety in front of Kaabah.

ok sayang,mummy need to go back home. mummy in the office now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

too many

there are too many mix feelings now

1-miss my parents so much & wishing them well in doing the Hajj
2-happy spending sunday evening with husband n eating keropok
3-feels like crying cause it has been quite a while i didn't talk to my mum n dad
4-cant wait to see my two little bros this wednesday
5-dun want to go to work tomrw
6-tired after family day in melaka