Thursday, September 30, 2021

Modern world pandemic and lockdown

Hello blog, 

It has been more than a year ago since I last posted anything in here. Things have really changed. 

Indeed, the world has changed! The arrival of my youngest son, Imaad in March 2020 marks the beginning of the modern world pandemic. All of us are generally figthing with the deadly virus of Coranavirus-19, which was originated from Wuhan, China at the end of Year 2019. It quickly spread out all over the world until the WHO had to declare pandemic situation every where. 

The world has gone into series of lockdowns. Everywhere, everyone was and still struggling. Life was hard, in many aspects. Many lost their loved ones to this deadly virus. Many had been infected, recovered but suffer long effects of covid. Many had lost their jobs too because when lockdown took place, many businesses had to close down. Many struggles with depression, financial issues, and a lot more difficulties. 

Despite this bad situation, there are blessings, too. 

Most of all are now vaccinated with the vaccine for covid-19. Although the vaccine itself is not a cure for this deadly virus, we do have some internal protection within our bodies. At least. Well, I am not going to list out more about what had happened to the world in my blog. All of us can google and check it out in the news for what had happened during the covid-19 pandemic. 

As for my family and me, we are lucky enough. We are still safe and sound from this deadly virus. My brother-in-law and his family were infected recently, but they had their vaccination already, so the impact was mild. Alhamdulillah. My niece was also infected a few months back but she did not have any symptoms at all. Allah blesses her. So many things for us to be grateful for. 

All my kids are staying at home, having their schooling online or we call it as Pembelajaran daripada rumah (PDPR) while both my husband and I had to work from home. For the year 2021, the kids only went to school for about 2 months only. The rest of the year, we embrace ourselves with online learning. It was not easy. But we are grateful that we are fully equipped with a decent internet connection, enough laptops and handphones for each of the kids to use, as well as enough resources for online learning. And most of all, for having kids that are cooperative for the online learning and this tiresome routine. 

my elder two in their school canteen went we have chance to visit the school to collect some of their books. this was in 2020

the empty school 

We had spent the longest time in this house for the past two years. And it has been sometimes since we last visited our parents and siblings. Since Malaysia, in general, is still under-going nationwide lockdown. Soon, InshaAllah we will be able to do inter-state travel to visit our parents in Penang and Terengganu as well as visiting our siblings. 

To be honest, we are sort of getting used to this pandemic, which will soon become endemic. We have to accept the fact that we must live with it! Like or not, just embrace it. Follow as much as hygenic standard operating procedures that have been listed by the WHO and our government. 

Will continue more in the next post. InshaAllah.