Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tips for buying Hood & My personal review for Firenzzi Brand

Assalamualaikum semua.. 

I'm gonna share my experience using hood and hob, Firenzzi Brand to be specific. 
To buy hood and hob, there are few things you need to specify first. Apart from the budget (of course), the type of house you are living/gonna live is also important. 

Let me list down some important things that we need to consider before buying any hood

1. Type of house. 
Type of house will decide type of hood to use. 
We have several hood available in the market. As what I was advised by kitchen cabinet designer, apartment type house/condo type, it is better to use filter hood without the chimney. 
For landed house, it will be a waste to use filter type hood since the use of chimney hood will work better in suctioning the air and oil. 

Chimney type Hood. Inside the chimney is an aluminium tube where it provides direction for the 
air/steam and oil from our cooking to the outside of the house. Suitable for landed house because we need to direct the pipe/tube to the outside of the house (usually backyard or ceiling)

Filter type hood without chimney. Suitable for apartment-condo type house. 

2. Suction Power

This is referring to how effective is the hood to extract the steam and oil from our cooking. The lower the suction power, the cheaper the price, but it will give less effective work. 

I've read in some forums that for Malaysian style cooking, we all need suction power more than 1000. Usually,for chimney style hood, the suction power of 1000-1200 is sufficient enough. For filter type, it is better to take more than 1200 suction power since the oil and steam will be collected within the filter.

3. Type of filtering system
Please be aware that we have several types of oil filtering system  for hood. 
The most common one is oil cup. Where an oil cup will be hanging with the hood and you can see how much oil has been filter within your hood. Once you see the oil, you might want to wash the oil cup as well as the filter to make sure the performance of your hood is at its best. 
Second type is mesh filtering. This is a flat type hood but you will need to clean the mesh properly once you feel that the suction and filtering system of your hood is depleting. Oil will be stuck between the mesh filter and there is a proper instruction on how to wash this mesh filter such as soaking it in warm soapy water and cannot use metal sponge for cleaning. 
Third filter type that I know is a stainless steel filter as what I am using. It feels this is the most convenient as the cleaning is very easy and no special instruction is needed. 

My Hood and my hob. 

with timer, lights and 2 level suction fan

the hob. Luckily boleh bukak part by part for cleaning. 

The filter and the lights. 
I suka function filter ni sbb senang utk basuh. and it looks flat from the outside view. 
Tak berapa suka yg jenis oil cup tu. and mesh filtering is difficult to handle for cleaning. 

Lights tu sgt membantu sbb my dapur is a little bit gelap kalau hari nak save tak perlu on main light. 

bawah dapur. ada bateri for ignition or as stater. 


  1. Wahhh...mmbntu sgt...tak sabar nk psg kt rumah sendiri nti

  2. So far ok x sis guna? Sy br nak beli.. Ms sis beli berapa harga ye?

    1. WSLM. so far ok je. dh setahun pakai..
      masa tu hood n hoob rm1600+

  3. Assalamualaikum sis, performance hood ok tak? boleh tau model utk hood? berkenan sangat


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