Saturday, May 30, 2009

massive volcano

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Scientists discover massive underwater volcano
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Scientists scouring the ocean floor to study the nature of tsunamis discovered a massive underwater volcano off Indonesia's western coast, reports Antara news agency on Friday.
The 15,000-foot- (4,600-meter) high mountain spans 30 miles (50 kilometers) at its base, Yusuf Surachman Djajadihardja, a marine geologist with the government's Agency for Assessment and Application Technology, said Friday.

"Its discovery was completely unexpected. But it is not immediately clear if the volcano is active," he said, adding that if the volcano erupted, it would be "very" dangerous.

An international team of scientists discovered the volcano 205 miles (330 kilometers) west of Sumatra island while carrying out a survey of the Indian Ocean floor earlier this month, Djajadihardja said.

The tip of the volcano is 1,380 meters (1,260 yards) below the water's surface.
The goal of their research was to better understand the cause of disasters like the 2004 Asian tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen nations, more than half of them in Indonesia, which was closest to the epicenter.

Indonesia straddles a chain of fault lines and volcanoes known as the Pacific ''Ring of Fire'' and is prone to seismic activity. - BERNAMA

Sunday, May 24, 2009


dear blog..

i look like a clown now.with a big red nose.
i'm having bad flu since friday =(
xsukenyeeee..sakit hidung and sakit kepala..n also sakit mata..
my badan feel tired je..=(
yesterday pegi ofis..tu kot yg membuatkan flu ni makin menjadi2.duduk dlm aircond another 4hours.dah xde ape nk OT lagi untung kan..
then td pagi pegi kemas2 umah..habuk seminggu punya..
bersin2 je la jawapnye..=( hurmmm

ok..need a gud rest now..tanak sebarkan virus ni kat opis lak esok..sian org2 lain yg sume pun bnyk keja..

doakan sy cpt sembuh and dijauhkan dr jangkitan influenza A tu..aminnn...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

rindu penang.rindu keluarga

at this exact moment...i really2 miss my family. i called my mum..oh no, she called me using dad'd number (hehehe) because i text my brother telling that i'll be going back to penang right after work tmrw.

My mum said this weekend both of mak and ayah will be busy with wedding invitations. so if i go back, i'll only be more tiring since i need to follow them. but im fine with it as long as i can be with them. but as mum's said..i just follow. she might be true.mum's always right. we talked a lot. and guest what, she said i act like a 16years old girl instead of 22 years old lady.hahah..after all i still look like a baby in her eyes.

Lately, i'm thinking of my brother, Imran . I want to talk and have a walk with him. both of us already big enough now, he's turning 18 next month. we can be more like a friend apart from siblings.yes, i miss him a much. i want to give him the best a sister can give. also to my other two brothers, Amir and Izzat.

If only I'm in penang now, I'll drive my dad's car or maybe Imran's @ Abang drive and I want to lepak with him at mamak with my dad. I want to eat roti pisang and talk and talk about my job, my life.listen to Imran's new experience in Form 6. listen to ayah's talking bout his surveying for plantations. I want to gosipping with my mum before we go to sleep. even we eventually will end up in different point of view, and i will merajuk for a moment because she doesn't agree with me...i still liking it. i still missing her, i still missing my dad, and my brothers.

if I'm in penang now, I might be lying next to Izzat talking crap with him bout his school, bout his sponge bob, bout his so called girlfriend in school..and i will also cuddle him as much as I can..and i will carry him on my back until my mum says STOP IT FATHIYAH! He's not ringan anymore and you're a girl! ahhahah..

if I'm in penang now, I'll be waiting for Amir to call from MRSM. and will talked to him over the phone. I;ll drive to his MRSM the next day to visit him and take him out for outing. I'll kiss him as he has the smell that I'm crazy of! oh my little cute bulat brother! Good luck Amir for your competition at Jasin !

hurm...what more can I say...I miss all of them. My family. though I'm in Malaysia, there's still another commitment I have to hold that make me can't be in Penang forever.

ps: i really2 want to meet my family.i just want to be in the place where i feel i'm home! where i belong too!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swinw Influenza H1N1

last night, for the first time after 4months, i stayed up for night line on tv3.
the news about H1N1 give a struck effect on my nerves. Recently in our country there are few cases..the first one in Sg.Buloh then in Penang. both coming back from States.
other than that, 2ppl are quarantine in Perlis as they came back from Thailand and show symptoms of this virus. this case is the latest case i read and heard from the news. while back in my hometown, in Bukit Mertajam Penang, another two ppl have been quarantine too due to the symptoms of the virus. as i am concerned, there will be more cases after this since the virus spreads easily..

ok, now let all of us have some basic knowledge on this H1N1 virus...

1918: First known as 1918 flu pandemic. but experts still not sure it been transferred in which direction. either from human --> pig, or pig-->human. the exact origin remain elusive.

1976: started on 5 feb 1976 when a US army died after a day complaining that he feel tired and weak.and it started to spread out. US government announced it as H1N1 virus showing similar symptoms

1988: another cases appeared with starting case of pregnant woman died after visiting hog barn.

1998: this virus spreads out withing pig populations throughout US and affecting birds and humans.

2007: outbreak news of this virus in Philippine

2009: Swine Flu outbreak this year.identified in April 2009, a month ago. earlier cases detected in spreads within Mexico city.

referring to wikipedia, the cases worldwide as seen in the map below:-

(those in black are areas with confirmed cases + death; those in orange are area with confirmed cases; yellow are area with unconfirmed affections)


1) In Human:

2) In swine:

for clearer image of the poster pls visit this link (

*i think this is one of the reason why Islam prohibited us from having any relations with pigs, either eating or touching them..not just them..everything related to them!)

ada ayat quran saying this, but i cant remember which surah..:D sorry..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

permaisuriku-Jay Jay

*mcm syoookkk je lagu ni*

Tika renungi malamku
Bersama tirai perindu
Potret permaisuriku

Lenamu didakapanku
Inginku belai rambutmu
Saat malam malammu

Walau kembara ku meredah alam maya
Kan ku pertahan garis cinta kita

Ku hancur dikala tak bersama
Kau yang ku cinta
Impi rinduku disaat mesra
Oh kasih

Terbina rona kota bahgia
Permata dijiwa
Oh kernamu

Lautan duri ku tempuh
Demi sucinya cintamu
Tak ku hiraukan waktu

Ampunkan kesalahanku
Ku pinjam raut wajahmu
Hanya kau yang kurindu