Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How did I end up being a PhD student?

Assalamualaikum semua.

It has been very looooong time since I last wrote anything related to academic in this blog. In fact, blog ni pon sendu semacam dah. No one reads blog nowadays. We prefers social media like Insta and Facebook. Well, since blogspot still wujud, I would just write something la for the record.

I am now a PhD student. It's one of the biggest decision in my life! Hahah, sounds so difficult kan nak buat decision utk embark to this stage of life. Takut wei nak buat PhD. Because I'm afraid of failure and at this stage of life, at 31 years old, with three kids who had actually started schooling, comfortable job (eh?), I think deciding to further my study to higher level is a bit crazy! Even though ramai je orang lain buat , even some of them pjj from their husband or family while furthering their higher degree.

How did I end up at this stage of life huh?