Thursday, December 3, 2020

The arrival of Imaad Hafiy

Assalamualaikum wbt, 

Imaad Hafiy is my fourth baby. He arrived to this world 8.5 months ago, at the peak of modern world pandemic, the CORONA VIRUS or COVID-19. So, his arrival was not yet announced in this personal blog of mine. Let me share a story that Imaad will remember when he is bigger and taller and able to read on his own later. 

Imaad was born on Friday, 13th March 2020 in Hospital Pantai Ipoh. Delivered by Mdm. Dr. Anjalai through an elective cesarian operation at 38 weeks 1 day in Ummi's womb. The delivery was scheduled at 11am since it was Friday. However, the OT was quite busy. Although Ummi has been wheeled to the OT a an hour earlier, the doctor cannot perform the operation since the suits were occupied for a longer period than expected. Ummi was left alone with blurry view (coz I can't bring along my spectacles into the OT). I tried to sleep but definitely cannot because OT was busy and noisy. 

So, at 11am, the aneas came and talk to me, also my friend Suraya a senior nurse working in the OT visited few times. She will be assisting Dr Anjalai for the operation later. I can't remember exactly when and how, I was wheeled to the OT suit and then they injected the bius at my back. Suddenly everything was so heavy. I can feel my legs, but I can't move it. they started to inserted all the necessary tubes in me and then Dr Anjalai came in and they started the operation. At the same time, your dad came in, sit next to me, on my right side while the aneas sit on my left. Ayah was telling me what happened because he can see every single thing the Dr are doing. I think, at that time, he was so excited to see how the operation was performed. Few moments later, you were out! you cried and I cried too automatically. I keep saying Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Ayah wiped out my tears. The nurses bring you nearby me, we have skin to skin contact for a short while just at my cheek, you look a bit blueish and I think its not too common because you brother Iyaadh was very pink when he came out. 

I had a feeling that something is not right. But I prayed silently that its not too bad. Dr Anjalai continue for the next procedure which was the BTL. She asked ayah for final confirmation to cut and tie my follopian tubes for both sides. After the surgery, I asked for you. But the Dr can't allow it yet coz I need to rest. Little that I know you were under Dr Lee's supervision for lacking of oxygen. That explains why you were quite blueish when I first lay my eyes on you. 

I was wheeled to the room and Ayah went out for Friday prayer. I tried to sleep but it feels so dizzy and empty. Dr Lee your paed came and explained that you are now under observation for oxygen level and few other things because you sort of drink too much amniotic fluid in the process of bringing you out to the world just now. So, it will take 24 hours before we can meet each other. Luckily, I was at calm and tak nangis listening to Dr. I trust in Dr's decision and I really know that I should use the time given to properly rest. 
Umi was not able to eat anything that day. not until night. After Maghrib, Umi tried to expressed some colustrum for you and managed to get a few titik. Passed it to the nurses to feed you and tried to sleep that night. 

On the day you were born, Acu took care of Abang2 and your Kakak. They were so excited to meet you but all of us need to wait for one more day. Ayah took photos of you and send to us since Ayah je yg boleh pay you a visit. Maktok and Wan also came to visit and all of them overnight in Ipoh that day, so they come early morning to meet you tmrw. 

The next day, everyone came and we managed to see you. You were healthy and no longer need the oxygen support. Alhamdulillah

The next day, both of us boleh balik rumah. 

Day 2 of life

Well, we started our Movement Control Order right away. 
We pantang our way. Ayah took care for both of us, also for the other abangs and kakak too. Mak tok went back to Penang earlier than expected just because the pandemic had risen so drastically that time. 

The confinement lady also can't come to help us. They were just six of us. 
Alhamdulillah. we made it. 

Walaupun I have not properly done my routine for pantang, but kita semua sihat dan terjaga. 
Ayah cukur your jambul at one month old. He did it all by himself for the first time. 
I guest, for you, many things are first time for Ayah. 

Jaga baby since day 1 dlm pantang, 
Urus A-Z by himself without help. 
Also first time ayah boleh masuk OT and see his baby came out real!

Well, that's wrap up for your birth story. 

We love you so much. I will write more bout you. Stay tune! hahaha