Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something to gain with

Athi Loves,

You should be strong..stronger than you ever been before. No matter what happens, life must go on. Your journey in life just started and this is how it starts. You must never regret of this because Allah choose you for this reason. He will never give obstacles to those He knows can't face it. So, with this small obstacles you are facing with, take it as anugerah(s) from Allah and also a challenge to be more wise in the future.

Athi loves, please don't let yourself down, though you went overseas to study, you are left out with all other things. Remember, we can't have everything at a time. Its now the time for you to gain back what you have left behind. Think of yourself, think of your future, think of your family and those who loves you. Only those things can make you smile and keep on walking every day with a better pace each day begins.

Love your Life.
Believe in Your Own Potential.
Wake up each day with the awe of just being alive.
Forget the Past.
Take the power to Choose what you want To Do and Do it Well.
Open Your Heart and Your Mind to Every Opportunity.
Don't be afraid to keep trying.
Create your Own Dreams.
Colour your Life with people and things you Love.
Focus on all that is good.
Life always get better with a Positive Attitude!

With loves,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Arabs Puppets


the unknown

What’s waiting for me out there? I never know but I always intend to know. My heart keep bumping and wondering what are waiting for me in the real world out there. Today is 7th February 2009. I have 8 more days left to live in Perth, Australia. I’ll go back to Malaysia on 15th February 2009, taking MAS Flight at 5.30pm from Perth International Airport to KLIA.

The questions that keep on coming in my mind lately are…

What is working life is about? Will I be once more nerdy, staring the computer screen from 8am-5pm every day?

Do I have to come to office on the weekend? This is a ridiculous! No life at all if the answer is yes..

Wait, where will I be posted? KLCC? Miri? Please not again..Kerteh? Kuantan? Melaka? Labuan? KK???

But before that.. Will I get work with Petronas?hmmm…

When can I continue my study again? Believe it or not, after 3months without books, without lectures and assignments, I feel bored! Somehow, my life revolved around study life since I was 5 years old…

*Wish I can continue my Master after few years working

* But I also wish I settle down first before that. But it’s all in Allah’s plan.

What will happen to me? To Imran, Amir and Izzat in five years time? Ayah will pencen by then…

Futute is so unpredictable..Oh Allah, guide me to the right path. Show me the right way. Meet me with the right person. And please give your bless to me in my journey. I pray for you for the best to come in my life…Amin.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Spaghetti Meat Ball


For making meat balls:-
a)1/2 kilo mince meat
b)3-4 spoon of cornflour
c)A bit of pepper
d)A bit of salt
e)A bit of garlic powder
f) A bit of dry coriander and rosemary
g)Oil for frying

How to make the meat balls?
1- defrost the mince meat.
2- Put it in a bowl and put ingredients (c--f) in the bowl
3- Mix them well
4- Make balls of meat..the size is depend on your choice
5- Roll the meat balls on the cornflour
6- Heat frying pan and cooked/fry them for 3-5minutes
7-Leave them aside

For making the sauce:-
a)3-4 slices of garlic
b)1/4 onions
c) 1 can of tomato paste
d) two table spoons of fresh blend basil and coriander
e)Oil for cooking
f) Water
g) Chili sauce

Making the sauce:--
1- heat the frying pan and put garlic and onions
2- Fry them until golden brown color
3- Put tomato paste into the pan
4- Put a cup of water and let it stemmed (if you like your sauce to be more soupy, put more water)
5- put the blend basil and coriander. if you have rosemary or any other herbs, put them together
6- Put some chili sauce if you like it to be a bit spicy
7- Put the half cooked meat balls into the sauce and let it stemmed for 10minutes or more.depends on how soupy you want your sauce to be.
8- Meanwhile, boil water in a pot. Once it boiled, put spaghetti in it. Put a table spoon of oil in the boiling spaghetti to make it smother and more tasty. Leave it boiled until all of them totally soft.
9- Serves the spaghetti with the meatballs' sauce!:)Yummy!

Not to forget, put some parmesian cheese or shredded cheddar cheese on top of your spaghetti!

Facts bout me

1) I am a sensitive person. but im not sure how sensitive it can be. But I am. Maybe you guys can explain how sensitive I am:P

2) I have mix blood of Chinese (Mum) + Indian(Mum & Dad)+ Brunei (Mum) + Thailand (Dad) + Arabic (Mum) and of course Malay(Dad)

3) I am shorter than my mum. but of course lighter than her:D

4) When I was 9 yrs old, I hit my brother's head with my kasut raya because he threw my kasut raya into a trench

5) When I was 11, my cousin, Azam and me were raced by a male buffalo in our grandparents' orchard. this is the scariest moment in my life I think. + I was wearing red t-shirt on that day and it was my Aunt's wedding day.

6) I am a detailed and a planned person. I do apply formality in my life. After all life is not that easy to be too easy going.

7) My first time taking flight was when I went to Miri in 2006.

8) I loved swimming and I learned it from my dad. I think swimming is a must for a geologist, especially for a sedimentologist/petroluem geologist.

9) I'm not good for a long distance running but I think I can do sprinting (100m or 200m) quite well.

10) My blood type is O positive. So, I am a good doner to all of you.

11)I was born with no talent for music. So, I can't sing (of course I can if I'm alone but with no tone), I can't play instrument. But I listen to music but I'm not updated with this glamorous world.

12) Because of No 11, I want to marry someone with music talent so that my children won't be like me, the music dummy:D . I want my daughter to learn piano and violin while my sons to learn guitar and seruling.

13) I love nature. I appreciate them. That's why I think I can learn geology subject and stand the pressure of a field trip.

14) I always feels sorry and guilty after I made someone feels bad especially my friends.

15) I have a crush when I was in primary school. It was very funny.

16) I can only stand one type of smoke from cigarette. It must be DUNHILL brand.

17) I love the smells of Polo Blue and Polo Black Perfume for men. And for girls, I love the smells of Gucci Envy Me (but I never have enough money to buy it)...

18) I start wearing hijab (for all the time I'm outside my house) when I was 16.

19) My dream house is in a double storey semi-bungalow in a village near with gardens and mini orchards + swimming pool. the house must be built with combination of local and overseas designs. have 5 rooms + one guest room + 2living rooms

20) I don't like salty food.

21) the moment I miss a lot is the time I used my dad's kain pelikat for a must thing to have before I go to sleep. I started that since I was a baby until 12, nearly 13. I stopped it because I went to a boarding school.

22) I fully stopped drink milk from bottle when I was 7 years old.

23) I hate reading newspaper or even online news. It makes me dizzy. So, I prefer to listen to news on radio or TV.

24) I don't like people who is easy to give up in what ever matters. My mindset is never give up until u come to the end.

25) I wish I can go back to TKC and live in there once more as a student. I'm afraid of what is waiting for me when I go back to Malaysia next week