Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome 2010, thanks 2009

31st December 2008:
I was practically homeless, staying with Kak Ira in Victoria Park...working as Sedimentary Lab Assistant in Curtin Uni, Perth for SouthWest Sulawesi Reservoir Project. Since it was the last day in 2008 and might be the last new year eve I celebrated in Perth, I decided to join the crowd to watch firework show along burswood park, swan river together with few girlfriends.
The warm brezzing perth summer's wind was really nice and I still remember the simple cream outfit I wore that night. It was one of the moment I cheerish by myself. I walked along swan river, enjoying the night view of Perth city, remembering all the hardship, happiness and good things I went through 2008. once the firework shows start, I closed my eyes and tried to throw away all the bad things happened to me in 2008 and wish for a better year in 2009, wish to be a useful person to my parents and brothers.I end up my 2008 and welcoming my 2009 all by myself though there were girlfriends around me, but honestly I cheerish the swan river firework by myself.

31st December 2009,
I go through my day as normal. goes to work, do all the work as a geophysicist in cggveritas, went out for lunch with officemate. I am not homeless now. I rent a house with friends in wangsa maju. I live in Kuala Lumpur now. No more warm perth's summer wind. it is all surrounded by humid, hot, un-cleaned air.there is no more firework to see. not saying that there is no such kind of celebration but i have no heart for it this year. i rather stay indoor than spending my final night in 2009 outside the house. though KL is in my country. i don't think i belong here. i belong to some other peaceful tranquil place like perth.but as I'm typing this entry, my mind is full of memories in 2009 which will keep in my mind forever. This is the year i really becoming an adult. a working lady.this is the year i meet my other half. this is the year that gives me lessons i can never have if i was somewhere else. this is the year i will never forget.

i have so much to jote down here.but it all left unsaid in my mind. i just can wish that 2010 will be as great as previous 22 years i've been living in this world. i don't ask for more than what a person need, but i wish that all the happiness i have, all the love i feel and all the good things that happened to me in 2009, stay as it is, improve as it should be. and i wish that all the bad lucks,all the bad memories in 2009 remains in 2009 and not following me in 2010.

with that, i will start 2010 with ikhlas in my heart to be a better person, a better daughter, a better girlfriend, a good wife in the future, a better employee and all my dreams come true.

here i put some pictures to remind me of few important things happened to me in 2009:
west virginia love
my family-the kids-
my happy supportive backbone

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ayah

the day my Ayah was born.
He was born in Kampung Sungai Seluang, Kulim, Kedah (my kampung now).
Ayah is very outdoor kampung boy. He is intelligent especially in maths and geography but due to very low chances he get when he was young and also due to lack of courage and opportunity, he did not further his study after high school. But he did a very good job teaching all four of us.

I am the first in the family and to be more lucky, the only daughter in the family. so, i know that he will surely loves me to the bottom of his heart. since i was a baby..or maybe since the first day i can memorize moment...i remember, Ayah will sang me a sounded like this
"Anakku Nur Fathiyah dengarlah,
Lagu yang Ayahanda karangi,
Sifatkan laguku ini, sebagai peganti diriku"

There are few more lyrics. this song was a copyright from P.Ramlee film.It means so much to me. Even till now. My dad is very hardworking person. When I was in primary school and when my mum was still working in Butterwoth office, I will have lunch with my dad almost every day. He will bought me 'nasik bungkus' and we will share it together. Such a time to remember.
Then he will accompany me to Kelas Agama in the afternoon while he riding his motrocycle to the office. In the evening, he will take me out to nearby playground or badminton court, or just take me around for sightseeing. My little brother, Imran will also accompany me.

Then, when i went to boarding school after UPSR, (sometime I think that was the craziest thing I did)....he was the happiest person after i annouced my UPSR result and also the offer to TKC. he sacrificed a lot for me to be in that school,not to mentioned how much my mum sacrificed for me. and also my brothers.

And today, 11.11.2009,
My Ayah is celebrating his 51st birthday. Not much for us in the family to celebrate since all of us is currently down with conjunctivitis. We just wish ayah simple wish,pray for his health and happiness, and went out for dinner outside. Though there is nothing fancy for Ayah from me this year, I will buy him something for sure later. But I realized, the current news I told him few days before his 51st birthday was the biggest present to him. I am surely he is more than happy with the news.

And not much to say, I wish my Ayah to have prosperous years ahead, healthier than before, happier than before, and surrounded by everyone he loves and things he likes. Happy Birthday Ayah...

Below is my masterpiece for Ayah 51st Birthday :-

You are the one who holds me when I first arrive in this world,
You are the one who let me hear the Praises for Allah for the first time in my life,
You are the one who named me this name,
You are the one who feel the success when you first look at me,

You are the one who teach me how to cycle,
You are the one who teach me how to say and to write Alif Baa Taa,
You are the one who teach me to climb trees,
You are the one who teach me to eat ikan keli!

You scold me when I was wrong.
You scold me when I say bad things.
You scold me when I get bad result,
And I know you scold me for good reasons.

I want you to be my wali when i get married,
I want you to be the person who send me to my husband,
I want you to hold my first child,
I want to see you go to Hajj,

And for you Ayah..
I love you so much.
Though I rarely show it to you.
Happy 51st Birthday.

with love,
Your daughter

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ayam pesamah

learn new recipe from mum today.
we call it ayam pesamah..or maybe ayam negro? sbb kaler hitam.:P

very simple tp ayah ckp sedap:D

1: pieces of chicken..
2: rempah kari ayam
3: kicap manis cap kipas udang
4: serai sebatang
5: halia siket
6: sos cili maggi
7: garam siket
8: bawang putih
9: daun kari
10: potatoes (cut into cubes)

1: firstly, mix all ingredients (no 2-9) in one bowl.put some water.just a bit.
2: let the ingredient mix well for 5-10 minutes.
2: panaskan kuali.masukkan siket minyak and campurkan all the mixture.
3: then put the chicken and potatoes.
4: wait for 10-14minutes.check if the chicken is well cook or not.
5: then serve with white rice.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


i really miss my mum now.
i want to sleep next to her.
i want to cuddle her.
i want to talk to her.
i want her.

i miss u mum.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

ain't life wonderful?

this one whole week has been very packed and busy for me. i got my presentation topic on Tuesday and has to present it by 9.00am Thursday morning which me I have less than 48hours to prepare for the test. So, struggling begin since Tuesday night. Both me and my very best person stay up in the office for both Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Presenting the muting test on Thursday morning was a big relieved to me. All the pain i felt on my neck gone right after the presentation though it wasn't a good one. Thank God it was done. Right after office hour on Thursday, I do the thing I enjoy most--> Swimming! again, another relieved and relaxing moment of the week after whole load stress I felt since Monday!

And Saturday (today) is a best day even though it is tiring! Guest what? I went out for a nature walk plus minus 16km in MacRitchie Reservoir with my favorite person in the world. Oh, i like outdoor activities more and more know since it is worth sharing this interest with someone worth to live with. Even it is very tiring but I can really make a statement that it is worth it. I enjoyed the walk very much, seeping the fresh air from the nature, breezing through the soft clean wind and smells the green leaves and trees around the reservoir.! oh I loike!

Well, life is happening in each way. life is a combination of love, hard work, sensitivity, toleration, kindness and supporting. and my life is very wonderful though there are always ups and downs that making me today.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

no title

i cant say this to no one.
i know i cant because no one will understand,
so i will write it.
at least i didn't say it verbally.
im afraid.
afraid of boredom in human.
particularly in a person.
in that person.
and also in myself.
i want the spark..
i want the cheers
i want the light
and i always want to be

Thursday, October 15, 2009

message for girlsss

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.
If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior.
Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache.
Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be.
Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy.
If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends."
A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle.
If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is.
Don't stay because you think "it will get better."
You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better.
The only person you can control in a relationship is you.
Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women.
He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant,
Why would he treat you any differently?
Always have your own set of friends separate from his. Maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you.
If something bothers you, speak up.
Never let a man know everything. He will use it against you later.
You cannot change a man's behavior. Change comes from within.
Don't EVER make him feel he is more important than you are...even if he has more education or in a better job.
Do not make him into a quasi-god. He is a man, nothing more nothing less.
Never let a man define who you are. Never borrow someone else's man.
If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you.
A man will only treat you the way you ALLOW him to treat you.
All men are NOT dogs.You should not be the one doing all the bending...compromise is a two-way street.
You need time to heal between relationships...there is nothing cute about baggage... deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship You should never look for someone to COMPLETE you...a relationship consists of two WHOLE individuals...look for someone complimentary...not supplementary.
Dating is fun...even if he doesn't turn out to be Mr. Right. Make him miss you sometimes...when a man always know where you are, and your always readily available to him- he takes it for granted.
Don't fully commit to a man who doesn't give you everything that you need.
Keep him in your radar but get to know others.
Share this with other ladies..... You'll make someone SMILE, another RETHINK her choices, and another woman PREPARE. They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them and an entire lifetime to forget them.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the dizzyness

feeling very dizzy right now. maybe its the symptoms of fever i got from encik Ah Leng...
but I don't mind, at least I have some one to look after me if I fall sick now...

esok i will be off to Ipoh for geology field trip sponsored by UTP..


Monday, October 12, 2009

Athi 2004


1: Was 17years old, studying in Tunku Kurshiah College Seremban. Had been there for nearly 5years since 19th January 2000.The day I considered being an independant person.

2:Was a school prefect (in fact I was Leader for Fine and Discipline Biro in the Prefect Board) was good since I got the chance to stay in our so called luxurious room in Block G. With own toilet, own kitchenet and living room @ study room. Wearing white baju kurung with dark green kain sekolah and black lady like shoes. and Usually have to wear one whole suit of blazer with tie..(which make me hate it sbb terlalu panas)!

3:Have a group of close friends (Noor Shaheeza Isham, Nurul Zulaikha Sallihuddin, Soraya Azhar, Nurul Izzah Meor Abdullah, Nur Shahida Hadi, Nadiah As'ari, Nurul Aainaa Azmi and lots more..144 titans are my good friends after all!)

4:Aim of the year: Straight A's (without the teacher expecting me to be in the list) in SPM. Improve my english skill and be in Set 1 class for English lesson through out the year and get scholarship from goverment to further in medicine.

5:Activities in school: Athlet for 100m, 200m and join the 4x100 and 4x200m...once up to state level (in 2003), Innovation Team for school joining few competitions among SBP, INTEL etc. Presiden for Cyber Cafe Corner (poyo je rasa), Nakibah (lagi tak layak), State Theatre Group (2003) dan dot dot dot..(mls nak list plak..)

5: Activity jahat paling best: Panjat bumbung sickbay beberapa jam sebelum English Drama (ED), berfoya foya sebentar di atas bumbung sickbay ( I still keep the photos!), dikejar warden2 di pagi hari..kena kejar dengan penyapu lagi by cik Alia...
Stay up makan roti dgn tuna and dikejar puan romas and cik yati pastu lari menyorok dalam toilet and belakang pintu bersama ketua2 prefect yang lain...(this was cool gila)...
and paling best masa f1-f4 stay up using lights corridor..(reason why im wearing this thick spectacles)..

6: Bestest moment in TKC: lots to list. I even can write a novel on this. so, I conclude that year 2004's best thing was my SPM Result Day. I was crying and crying and crying cause I never ever believe I can do it. I was down with fever for the first two days of SPM (with the very killer paper Add Maths and also BM)...I was even expected to have dengue and have to go through blood tests! Alhamdulillah, it was the best part out of all sacrificing my whole teenage life in a place known as Bukit Merbah, living my loved ones of all, making my parents proud is the best thing I can do when I was there.

7: Aim not achieve:I want to do medic so deeply since I know what is ambition is. But, Allah had fated the best path for me. I was never excell well in Biology. which means I cant be a good doctor and there is no scholarship offering me doing medicine or something related to it. Engineering and Science appear to be part of my path later after 2004.and here I am as a geophysicist learning hard to get a better knowledge. I wanted to be part of hockey player. but i can;t.mak tak bagi.

8:Transforming into Adult phase 2004:I admit no one sees me as "huuu-haa" person in school. they may see me as nerd. as schema person. well, who cares what people said. What important to me, I do what I want to do. I be what I want to be. I do the right thing and lead the right path, InsyAllah.. and I learn a thing from a teacher whom used to be closed with me.. " wherenever you go, be humble. even if u know a thing well, say u don't know if there is someone would like to teach you on that matter cause u never know what new things u will learn from every person..."
and as i listen to that advice, i realize i am now an adult. i spend my teenage life in that school. i used to regret it cause my life is different from other teenagers in my hometown. but nothing to regret. this place lead to who i am today. it develops my identity, i shapen the way i view the world and it opens thousand of golden opportunity to me and brings greatest memory in my life!
-it was my years in boarding school that i love and i miss-
:sorry if this bored you, i just feeling flashing back memories sometime help me to analyze myself and see where i goes wrong and where to improve, insyaALLAH:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fathiyah 1999


1:Was 12 years old
2: Was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Juara, Cherok To'kun, Bt Mertajam, Penang (its ok if you feel weird reading my primary school name, Juara means the winner! and Cherok To'kun means place at the very end of a village)
3: Was a school prefect, wearing all blue baju kurung and blue hijab with white school shoes, so that goes my daily uniform.
4: Have a group of friends (close) such as Azirah Bidin, Emylia Hana Azmi, Nurzalila Ishak,, Aida Azwana Sabidi,Iskandar Yahaya, Hafifi Mohd Isa, Suharmi Talib, Hakimi Hussin, Taqiuddin Rashid, Nadirah Kamal, and few more whose I apologetically feel sorry for not remembering your name (but at least I can still remember few of your full names! amazing!)
5: Daily activities: Woke up at 6.15am (sometimes earlier to do early study or finishing my homework if I went for sport activities the previous day and too tired to get it done), get ready to school, prepare Imran's stuff for school, cycling with my Imran to school for 1.5km, attend school assembly and perform "mini maths contest" during the assembly.Attend classes and yes, I am nerd but not yet wearing spectacles.
6: Aim of the year (1999) : Excell in UPSR, Get 5A, get offer from Boarding School ( I used to determine to go to Sekolah Tun Fatimah in JB)
7: Sports activities through out the year: Netball (until state level, playing as Goal Defender (GD) or Goal Keeper (GK)); Track (100m, 200m, 4x100m,4x200m); Hockey
8: Total Siblings were only me, Imran and Amir...Izzat wasn't born yet.

9: Peak of the year: When I read my UPSR result on the board, I was shocked (3A 2B) WHAT? ask my best friend (Azirah) to have a look, she said 5A la Fathiyah! I said what??? Have a look again, and yes [Siti Nur Fathiyah Jamaludin, Angka Giliran:______ Keputusan: 5A]
And I run to my brother's class (2Biru), entering his class without the teacher's permission grab him, hug him and cry!!!! He asked, " Kakak gagal ke UPSR?"....My answer while kissing his forehead " Dak Abang, kakak tak gagal. Kakak happy ni, kakak dapat 5A" and he also kissed me back!
And the biggest part comes when I can't made my mind to further my secondary school so far away from my family (they are the only source of love and support for me at the moment) but due to my so called determination and 'keras hati' and 'degil xdgr ckp mak', and after my long lists of Pros and Contras living 420km away from family at the age of 13 yrs old, I choose a path that leads me to where I am today and thanks mak and ayah for spending so much money for that. (I realized earlier its $$$$ you spend running from Penang-Seremban every few months to visit me, paying my unbelievable school fees with ridiculous unnecessary fees while still have to support the other musketeers back in Penang)

Yes people, it just ordinary story that means a world to me. It is my memory. It is my life before and stay forever with me. Any day that I forget where I was before, I remember this. Any time I feel down, I remember, how long I have been in this journey. Any day I did a mistake that may lead to wrong path, I remember who were with me through the journey, and they are no one else except these five figures I missed so much every day of my life since I have so less time spending with them since I was 13! (My mum, My Dad, My Imran,My Amir and My Izzat) { Gosh, suddenly tears running down my cheeks}...
But this is the path I choose, the path that Allah's already plan for me and it always the best for me (I know, I believe)...and tq to those who read this =)

-to be continued:Athi 2004:-

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i'm lucky...

moment i won't forget


so much lucky..

in many wayss...

though sometime i don't realize..

but i'm thankful and glad...

i wont ask more ...

this is enough...

i will care for this for the whole of my life...

coz it is so precious and meanigful...

and it makes me feel very important in it's life..

and i yes, i'm happy =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

boots vs books or books vs boots?

LOL! no idea how to describe what kind of stress i'm having! first time in my 22 years life i'm facing the term "work stress"! and honestly speaking, i dun like it! that's it but i have to face it since this is the only money maker for me.

gosh! i thought working isn't that hard. i used to think work must be more fun than study and less stress than facing the examsss...but now i realized how much study give me more fun and more time for me to enjoy my favorite activities. though study means less money in my purse, but it also means less commitment and less dealing with people. but i guest, if i'm given a chance to further my master and phD soon, I will choose it definitely without any thought (maybe i will be thinking where and what major should I continue my master and phD starting from this moment). at the same time i will still happy to say yes to few important commitments in my life (such as my family and love one) and i will definitely send a letter to my boss saying how much i want to continue my study!

but life isn't that easy. its all about plan, managing the plan and be on the track. but its on our part, the Greatest Planner, Allah is the One who will give the ways and guide us along the track! Currently, having training in Singapore office doesn't sound more interesting for me since all the works and training make me stress, feel more stupid, losing my interest more in geophysics and keep stressing me that my interest is more to geology and environmental comparing to processing imaging stuff (i promise u that this job is no fun!)....except for the money part..(that's the only motivation I have to make me stay there apart from having my family and love one supporting me)...well, in the training class there are few master and phD student in geophysics which make me look a lot stupidier than the rest of the class. Some of them is very particular in every theoretical stuff, some of them understands very fast, some of them digest everything in a blink...and me??? oh well, i just pretending i understand and just follow the instruction without totally understand all the processing part!!!! crap kan saya ni? owh....

but, as i stated earlier (mcm buat statement ape la kan) is boots vs books! i still have some fun, happiness, courage, love, spirit and important things to think more than this training! i enjoy my current life. so much.sangat happy. sangat gembira. even i always want to freeze the moments i love and enjoy so much though i know i can;t ..time will pass by and things will move on flowing on the path that will lead us( me and u and all of us) to a destination we never know...

okay...pray for me so that i'm doing well both in work and life! daaaa~~~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

think science

who said when u start working, u will not be a student?

for me, the answer is no way u can't avoid the student word in this entire life.

after all, Rasulullah did say 'menuntut ilmu biar sampai ke negeri China' which means it is a journey, a long distance journey with so many things appears in the middle of the journey.

I believe this and happy to be part of this scientific world though my contribution is likely to be 0.00000000000001% to science world or maybe less.

Though its hard, I trust myself that I can always do it. Wherever I tried hard, I will be satisfied unless I did a mistake (which is common as a human). Science is an interesting world. Geophysics is part of science that hard for me but not new anymore. I always said im not talented with physics and calculations but I realized its not that bad before when I was in high school. I do love Add Maths and partly love Physic coz I have to in order for me to excell in SPM (not that excell after all)..

between high school- college-uni life, I left maths and physics which I thought would be easier and better for me. But as I started working, physics and calculations once more approach me and it comes with a package of programming that I never ever learn before in my life. So, it is a challenge for me to do this. It is not easy. But it is not too hard, just put an effort and try the best.

- my current state is halfway physco cause too much information to absorb on swan automatic velocity analysis which i reckon as a desirable method for velocity analysis in seismic processing, so here goes my super academic entry-

- pls excuse this for this time-

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pulau Ubin Getaway

Pulau Ubin, located nearby Changi Point, Singapore--> an island that is so called preserving Singaporian national parks.

It was nice going there with few Georisers from Russia and Canada. We did few activities and the major part was cycling around the island, visiting the jetty, mangrove and coastal walk, climbing the view tower and eating lunch at the only Malay restaurant in the island. I did introduce my friends with our air kelapa. and all of them love the taste. the cycling was tiring but I really enjoy it as an adventure of my outdoor activities. Slalu just jalan and climbing je during the field trips, but cycling is exciting too! =) though I suffers from severe pain on my palms and legs, but I will never say NO if i get the chance to do it again especially at the dirt track which I found to be the most exciting part in the whole bike track.

the experience is valuable and meaningful. I learn few things and love all of it.=) looking forward for next weekend activities in Singapore. Got few plans and will decide later where to go first....
now, will be focusing on my 2nd presentation on velocity analysis in seismic processing which I will be presenting this wednesday...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the promise.the happiness.the joy.the stress

the promise and the happiness
it was 17th of September. and Alhamdulillah. I can't describe more but saying Alhamdulillah is enough for me now. I will keep my promise, at least to myself, not to anyone else that I will be a good companion this time,and I want it to last forever. I want it to fill my life forever and stay with me forever. I want it to be my hopes and to be my dreams. I won't expect much but I will give what ever I can give cause I realized its not the matter what you received and what you get, it just the matter what you are willing to share and to give.

the happiness and the joy
this year was my first time celebrating eid with my family after 3years being far away from them during this big celebration. Though the time given was too short, I appreciate it very much. I recorded every memories I have during the celebration coz I never know will I have the same chance again next year or the following years. But I am ready for what will come. I enjoy my raya sooo much. I have three baju kurung (one is still with the tailor) and it is my first time giving duit raya. Honestly it is not an easy work to do. You have to calculate few times, thinking who should you give, how much should you give and have to make sure no one is left behind. everyone in my family was expecting something from me. Well, I started to admit the fact that I am a bit 'different' from everyone else in the family. Not to say that I'm arrogant but I guest that;s the fact and I have to deal with it wisely, if not I will trap myself within that expectation.
The raya celebration for 2009 shows me how much i love my family and how much my family loves me. I mean my Mum, my Dad and my three brothers. We all are very happy to spend little time together.

the stress
well, on the 2nd day of raya, I have to come back to Singapore for work @ training. No extra holiday for me. My mum was sad, so do I. but I get used to this situation plus I am kinda looking forward to come back after all..:P
And the stress starts as I have test this Friday and lots of topics have to be covered and all of them are GEOPHYSICS topics which are not my interest. Frankly speaking, I'm trying hard to cope and to understand. well, i can understand at the moment the trainer lectured in the class, but when I;m revising the lecture notes, confusion starts to linger in my mind. Whatever it is, I'll try my best this time. I believe I can do it if I really put a focus in it. Even though I can;t in the end, I won't regret if I already put an effort in achieving it. So, till now, have to start study.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to all=)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

no mood

malas sangat nak mula belajar untuk test minggu depan.
malas sangat nak mula baca or buat presentation untuk Velocity Analysis.
Rasa nak terbang balik penang skrg jugak, join mak buat biskut cornflakes yang last year aku buat sorng2 untk jual kat Perth.
tapi tahun ni, satu biskut or kek pun belum buat lagi :(
lagi brapa hari je nak raya.oh tak sbar nya.
even balik malaysia 3ari jer, tapi tak kisah..after dh 3years beraya jauh dr family, this year will make a different to me. tahun depan tak tahu pulak nak beraya kat mana kan..tak kisah la, raya skg xmcm raya ms kecik2 dulu
ingt lagi, masa kecik2 dulu, baju raya berpasang-pasang.pagi pakai baju kurung, petang pakai gaun or jeans ngn thsirt. malam lak baju tidur baru. siap ada hand bag kecik nak simpan duit raya.kasut raya ada dua.satu kasut bertutup, satu selipar jer. untung nya aku dpt rasa raya yang best time kecik2, alhamdulillah.dulu penah gaduh dgn adik sbb adik campak kasut raya dlm longkong dpn rumah. alahai zaman muda2 dulu.apepun, adik i love u. hehe, tahun ni korang dpt la duit raya dr kakak..:) tp tak leh bnyk2 la, kakak nak kumpul duit nak mulakan life ni..heheh..
klu kat rumah, sure tgh berborak2 dgn mak pasal mcm2 menda ni.salah satu mesti pasal bunga orkid mak, satu lagi pasal nak pakai baju mana pagi raya, bila nak tukar langsir, sarung kusyen, mop rumah semua, mesti borak jugak pasal gossip terhangat pasal diri aku dgn mak. well, she's my bestie, so she must know all...after all, tak cerita pon mak boleh tahu dah. mak mmg terror bab instinct ni..nnt aku jadi mak ada instinct macam tu jugak kah?

okla, dah banyak membebel,lebih baik stop sekarang.kalau tidak nnt tak belajar langsung.ok, bye.
to those yg dok buat kuih raya, i envy u!

Monday, September 14, 2009

quick stop for 13th september

morning: sahur and study CBT till 8am
after 8, tido sampai tengah hari..
petang,sambung study CBT.
Kuar gi FairPrice with the guys, cari barang utk BBQ malam ni.
Sambung study CBT and then masak nasik lemak with sambal for BBQ.
Berbuka puasa...go to BBQ...
berborak-borak with the guys..nice :)
kul 10pm, balik apartment, rehat kejap and sambung CBT till now..
pack and full.
yesterday pegi Bazaar Ramadhan kat geylang serai.
-ramai sgt org
-makanan tak bnyk choice tp ok la
-bazzar kat Malaysia 10x lagi best.
-Duit bnyk habis sbb rambang mata nak beli semua menda.

Friday, September 11, 2009

CuRrEnT WiShLiSt

i want this..this..and this..can I?

1- A pair of new long dress that will make me look elegant. I want it to be very solid and look expensive though the price will not be too expensive.

2- I want a ring. Silver or White Gold. A very simple design with no fancy decoration and not too big. and not too flashy.

3- I want my hair to grow faster.and to be healthy.

4- I want a new handphone. simple, stylish. I dont care what model it is. I want it to be elegant and cool. not too complicated for me to use since I am not born to live with fancy gadgets. :P

5-I want new handbag. from desigual. or LizClaiborne

6- I want new sport bag@ gym bag. In fact this would be my first gym bag. Probably by Nike or Puma. or Kiplings.

7- I want a new watch. With lady like look. not like those watch I used to have. All sporty and kiddy style.

8- I want a new jubah. Any dark color jubah with simple decoration.My old jubah(s) seem too old. Need new one at least for Aidilfitri and AidilAdha.

9- I want an apartment. A house. under my name. Can?

10-I want flight tickets. For me to go back to penang that i can be with my mum to do preparation for aidilfitri....

top of all, i want duit raya. :( this year i will not get any duit raya...n it will be my first year giving duit raya to kids...

--lesson: lets go and work hard. lets make money. my wish list can't be true if i dun have money kan?--

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

suddenly..i feel like..

No. its not that I'm falling in love or what (well, if I am falling in love, I won't reveal it here)...
But I just suddenly feel like i want to be with my girl friends now..
its has been a while since i last saw them..February to be exact date..February 12. it was the last time all of us gathered for our convocation in John Curtin Open Area. That;s it, after the graduation and photo taking session, all of us lead our own way. Some of us are now so called career woman, some are now married and happily living with their husband, some are now continuing study in their master, some are on offshore somewhere in Vietnam..
I fall under the group of working woman! OMG! I used the word woman! NO No No...I'm not yet a woman. In my own definition, woman define a lady who is already married and have kid. So,the right phrase is I fall under the group of working Lady..OK..
well,it has been nearly 1month and half I am away from Malaysia for work training and I still have another 1month and half to finish this training. I was send to US for a field assignment ( Well, my life surrounded by field tripsssss since 4years ago)..I wish that US trip will be the end of my field trip, but I guest that will only be in my dream since I have another assign for a field trip next month!!! and if I continue my study in pure geology subject, I will be surrounded by tones of field tripsss!!!

WHY! Do I look tough enough to be undergoing all these field trips!

U know, I am now able to do the natural toilet.Oh you can call me expert already. those field trips tought me of that.Well, the part that I miss with field tripsss is my friends.. The girls...They always there with me, going through all the hardness together for 3yeras, but not anymore. I am alone, working, leading my life, planning my future, developing myself to be a what I want to achieved..

Yet when I am so in need to be with my girls, all of them are all over the world...How? should I find new girl friends? Yes, I did have some other girl friends..but they will never likely to understand me they way my geology girls understand me..coz these girls know exactlly when I am angry, when I am emotional, when I am crying for pain, when I am really craving for Gelare Macadamia Nut Vanilla ice cream and pan cakes and chocolate with almond and Orea McFlurry, and Cheezy Wedges, when I am so in need of shopping. and they will always be one of them to accompany me doing those thing.

This is life. at least to my extend. Phase of life changes, we meet new people, we make new friends, we learn new things, we taste new flavour, we feel new and different pains, we fall in love and we forget till we meet the right one, we feel depressed over the same thing over and over again while new stressfull situation is still waiting for us ahead... and I still have to face it whether I like it or not. Whether I really want to be in that situation or I really don;t want...

What I learn is, be mentally and emotionally prepared for any situations. You will never ever know when, where and how you will be put in those situations. Be strong ( I believed I am a strong person and also lucky)..HMM....Just that, writing craps will end up in thinking craps while I'm having my first written exam tomorrow and I don't do any revision, I would better end now.. I mean NOW..

ps: I miss my geology girls including Ipah...and I still missing Perth, the place I found myself feels comfortable to be.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

west virginia work visit

Olla! (Hello in Spanish)

kinda long time tak update blog.:P busy keja + so not in the mood of blogging..
currently in West Virginia, on my work assignment..almost 3weeks here, and have 2 more days
before fly back to Singapore...btw, it is really an amazing experience out here!

  • first experience in very long flight..nearly 20hours..

  • first time landed in europe via munchen airport though it was just at the airport, still i was there! =)
  • first time landed n stay in US...honestly americans are a lot friendly compare to those Ausie..(no offends)..and also a lot gentleman..

  • first time working as an only girl in the, got really nice and good treatment from those mexicans..(those who are working in the line are mexicans)
  • learn few words in spanish..=) Bueno=Good; una de gato=Thorn; Bueno Dias: Good Morning; Gracias:TQ; Denada:u r welcome; Manyana: Morning; Mi Amigo: My friend for a guy etc etc
  • and those thick so called woods made me crazy! bees' and hornet love me so stung twice by bees and once by hornet! its painful n of course i cried in the field making those mexicans guy panicked!
well, i guest, field trip for geology is a lot more fun than geophysic field trip/acquisition..but after all, they are just the same where i have to be outdoor for 3weeks and practising my skills as an outdoor girl..i guest i proved it i can be both indoor and outdoor girl now =)
btw, terrain here really not helping..steep! creek!rivers! slippery!wet!muddy!but oh yes, i made it after all..thumbs up athi:) n thumbs up to my friend too!:)two more days before i boarding in flight to chicago and will be back to singapore by saturday midnite..hope it will be a safe journey, iAllah and a memorable one (take note yer...=)

oh..i got one confession to make here...! im sad!!coz xdpt visit any vic secret outlet coz this ripley town is ssooooooo excluded from the outside world..=(

Monday, July 27, 2009

Allah membantu sy ketika derita

Duit RM1.00 di telapak tangan, saya genggam kemas. Untuk membeli minuman pun belum tentu lepas. Kebetulan malam itu saya sangat-sangat lapar. Lalu tanpa hala tuju yang jelas, saya singgah sebentar di sebuah surau berdekatan rumah sewa untuk menunaikan solat isyak. Tahun itu 1998, ketika saya masih bujang.
"Apalah yang boleh dibuat dengan duit ini...?" kata hati, sambil tangan terus memasukkan wang itu tadi ke tabung surau. Ya, lebih baik bersedekah dan belajarlah bersabar menahan sengsara.
Cuba-cubalah selami, orang yang tak punya harta, kata naluri kecil. Bayangkanlah perasaan bila menatap wajah si kecil yang sentiasa menanti kepulangan ayah bonda dengan buah tangan, aneka kuih, lauk pauk atau alas perut yang sebenarnya tidak pernah kunjung tiba dan hanya mimpi semata-mata.
Teringat sebuah rancangan televisyen, ketika wartawan menemubual seorang kanak-kanak lelaki berusia 10 tahun, daripada keluarga susah dan daif.
"Jika ada duit, adik nak makan apa?" tanya wartawan wanita itu tentang hasrat dan cita-cita sikecil itu jika punya cukup belanja.
"Roti canai..." jawab kanak-kanak ini tersekat-sekat dengan wajah yang menunduk malu. Pilu rasanya, bayangkan makanan bernilai 70 sen ketika itu pun tidak mampu dibeli. Biarlah malam ini saya merasa pula.
Selesai solat, saya kembali ke rumah sewa, tempat tinggal bersama tujuh rakan yang lain, yang masing-masingnya tidak ada di rumah.
Tidur untuk menahan lapar
Saya pun melabuhkan tubuh di atas lantai ruang tamu, sambil cuba memejamkan mata. Tidur, jalan terbaik menahan lapar kata hati lagi.
Hati memujuk diri sambil sesekali berdoa, agar hari esok akan lebih baik daripada hari ini. Moga ujian ini tidak berpanjangan dan penghapusan dosa dan kesalahan saya selama ini.
Tiba-tiba selang beberapa minit, pintu rumah diketuk bertubi-tubi.
"Nah, kami teringat kat Azamin, saja beli nasi goreng lebih," kata jiran, sepasang suami isteri beranak dua kepada saya sambil menghulurkan bungkusan makanan itu.
Setelah rapat menutup pintu, air mata saya tumpah. Terharu yang amat. Rasa kerdilnya diri. Bagaimana Allah telah menyelamatkan saya malam itu...hanya kerana secebis doa dan sedekah yang secubit cuma.
Benarlah kata orang dan ahli agama, bersedekahlah, nescaya dirimu diganjar Allah. Jika tidak di dunia, akhirat kelak, saham kita akan bercambah-cambah.
Itu kejadian pertama, lalu muncul pula kisah kedua, antara peristiwa aneh daripada pengalaman hidup saya yang cukup sulit, perit dan sakit.
Keperitan dilalui sehingga pernah saya bekerja mencuci kereta, menjadi pelayan di kedai makan, mencuci kasut orang, mengutip hutang seperti 'Ah Long', menjadi pengawal keselamatan dan 'house-keeping' di resort dan aneka kerja untuk meneruskan kehidupan di ibukota.
Pernah dua hari, saya sekadar meneguk air sejuk semata-mata lantaran tiada wang untuk menjamu selera.
Ada juga kalangan kawan-kawan yang menawarkan 'kerja', namun saya tolak kerana menjadi 'pusher' dan jual paket-paket ganja, jadi 'bouncer' di kelab malam dan upah 'menarik' kereta mewah adalah kerja-kerja yang mengundang padah.
Saya rela berlapar daripada menempah bahaya dan memalukan ayah bonda. Saya yakin, jika kita mengelak, Allah akan pasti membantu kita.
Seperti kisah, ketika saya bekerja di sebuah syarikat saham di Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. Pendapatan saya dikira agak boleh tahan jika dicampur dengan kerja lebih masa sehingga subuh hari.
'Tak boleh sembahyang Jumaat!'
Saya bekerja di bahagian 'script processing' dan 'data entry'. Masa itu, masih wujud sijil-sijil saham jenis kepingan kertas yang perlu dikira satu persatu sehingga mencecah ribuan setiap hari.
Suatu hari, ketika saya pulang ke pejabat selepas mengerjakan solat Jumaat kira-kira jam 2.45 petang, seorang pegawai muda menengking saya dengan tidak semena-mena.
"Kenapa baru balik? Pergi mana?" jerkahnya.
"Sembahyang. Hari inikan Jumaat," saya jelaskan dengan santun.
"Sembahyang banyak lama ka? Kawan-kawan awak pun tak sembahyang, lain kali tak payah pergi sembahyang!"katanya tidak puas hati.
Ya, salah kawan-kawan saya juga yang sebilangannya jika hari Jumaat akan 'solat' di Pertama Kompleks, Bukit Bintang dan mana-mana tempat mereka lazim 'bersidai'.
"Apa?!! Tak payah sembahyang? Tak pa, sekarang juga saya berhenti!!!" kata saya melawan sambil meninggalkan pegawai itu terkebil-kebil sendiri. Kejadian itu disaksikan oleh ramai rakan-rakan saya, yang juga tidak sembahayang.
Pada saya, rezeki milik Allah, dan bekerja mestilah diredhai oleh-Nya. Alhamdullilah, saya menganggur hanya seminggu sahaja, apabila seorang "Remiser" mengambil saya berkerja sebagai "Asistant" di syarikat yang sama, dan saya berurusan dengan mamat pegawai ini dalam suasana yang berbeza - bukan di bawah telunjukknya lagi.
Kembali kepada kisah ajaib yang berlaku kepada saya.Tetapi, bagi Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa ianya, tidak mustahil boleh berlaku kepada sesiapa yang Dia mahu. Yang pasti, pintalah.
Suatu malam, saya sudah tenggelam punca. Maklumlah wang saya sudah habis. Bukan sebab berfoya-foya, membeli itu ini sesuka rasa tetapi gaji yang diterima cukup-cukup makan saja. Lebih parah, esok untuk ke tempat kerja, tambang bas pun tidak ada. Untuk meminjam, saya sudah tidak sanggup menebalkan muka.
Saya hamparkan sejadah, solat sunat dua rakaat. Inilah antara pesan yang ditinggalkan oleh ibu yang tercinta dan arwah guru saya.
"Jika kau susah sangat, solatlah dua rakaat dan pintalah pada Allah apa yang dihajat," ingat mereka kepada saya.
Teresak-esak saya menangis. Tak tahu nak dikatakan apa lagi. Malu pada Tuhan yang amat. Ada kala saya tidak mensyukuri nikmat. Saya tidak tahu kemana lagi hendak dituju. Untuk bergantung kepada manusia, saya sudah tidak mampu. Aib dan cukup-cukup malu!
Bak kata seorang sahabat Nabi tentang kemiskinan yang dilaluinya...
"Jikalau aku diam, aku akan lapar, jika aku bersuara untuk berhutang, aku menambahkan malu di muka."
Ya, begitulah juga dengan saya...hanya pada Allah saya berharap. Seusai bermunajat, ambil sebuah Quran kecil milik saya untuk membasahkan lidah dengan surah-surah kalimah Allah buat menenang jiwa yang resah.
Tatkala membuka helaian demi helaian Quran itu, tiba-tiba terselit sekeping wang RM50.00 di situ. Berjurai air mata saya, lantaran kesyukuran kerana Allah membantu saya dengan cara yang tidak disangka-sangka...
Ini bukan kisah rekaan, malah saya percaya Allah juga pernah dan telah membantu manusia-manusia di luar sana hatta pembaca dengan jalan penyelesaian yang tidak diduga.
Ada dengan cara fitrah manusia, ada dengan cara logik akal, ada yang lambat, ada yang cepat dan ada yang tidak dijangka-dijangka dan mustahil diterima waras manusia...itulah Allah, yang amat menyayangi hamba-Nya.
Yakinilah bantuan Allah SWT, sangka baiklah dengan Allah SWT, nescaya Allah SWT bersama hamba-Nya yang bersangka baik dan taat pada-Nya.
Seperti sebuah hadis Qudsi ertinya: Allah menyebut: "Aku berada di atas sangkaan hamba-hambaKu."
Isteri menangis, anak tersenyum sehingga lena
Sekitar tahun 2002, Allah juga pernah 'menyelamatkan' saya pada suatu malam ketika benar-benar kesempitan wang.
Malam itu, susu anak sulung saya habis. Berdebar jantung lantaran, hanya kepingan-kepingan syiling saja yang tinggal. Saya dan isteri juga, tidak menjamah walau secebis makanan.
Tiba saat yang cukup perit dan payah untuk dihadapi tatkala, si comel saya merapati ibunya, minta dibuatkan susu. Ketika itu isteri saya sudah tidak sanggup melihat keadaan itu.
Saya dengan hati yang luluh, lantas mencapai botol susu lalu menuangkan air suam ke dalamnya.Anak sulung saya, berkerut kehairanan kerana botol susu itu tidak berwarna, tetapi berkaca sama seperti air mata ayah dan ibunya.Namun tanpa banyak rengekkan, dia capai lalu menghisap botol tersebut.
Beberapa saat kemudian, dia berhenti lantas memandang saya...
Bimbang benar jika dia menjerit dan menangis malam itu kerana tidak dapat meminum susu. Alangkah aibnya saya, jika jiran semua tahu letak duduknya keadaan saya, sehingga anak menjerit kelaparan. Isteri saya juga panik, dan pucat kesi wajahnya menantikan reaksi si sulung seterusnya.
Saya bersabar menunggu detik itu...
Sambil memegang botol susu, anak sulung saya merenung wajah kami berdua seraya berkata :
" Mmm...sedap.."
Dan dia mengukirkan senyuman paling manis di wajahnya dan sudah cukup untuk 'mencarik-carikkan' nurani saya.
Aduhai, sebak terasa di dada. Isteri saya sudah tidak dapat menahan sedih, menangis semahu-mahunya. Si sulung kembali menyusu air suam sehinggalah terlena......
Sebenarnya, ujian-ujian yang Allah berikan ini sama ada kepada saya atau yang lain, adalah untuk menguatkan jiwa, iman dan keteguhan manusia menghadapi cabaran getir dan mengukuhkan lagi kebergantungan kepada-Nya.
Ketika menghadapinya terasa cukup sakit namun setelah berjaya melintasinya, ianya cukup nikmat. Pengalaman pahit umpama 'universiti terbaik' hidup kita selama ini.
Dan setiap ujian yang diberikan, adalah sesuai dengan kemampuan seseorang. Masalah-masalah saya, tidak diberikan dan berbeza kepada orang lain kerana khuatir mereka tidak dapat menanggungnya.
Begitu juga masalah mereka, tidak diberikan kepada saya, khuatir saya hilang punca dan tidak upaya menahan bebannya.
Dan ujian Allah adalah berdasarkan kemampuan manusia seperti firmannya:
"Allah tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kemampuannya�" (Al-Baqarah: 286)
Begitulah Allah yang Maha Pemurah dan Maha Pengasihani.
Adakala hidup ini dilalui dengan pelbagai himpitan, masalah, ujian namun kita tidak keseorangan dalam menghadapinya. Allah itu kan ada, mendengar rintihan kita.
Jika anda rasa, anda susah betapa ramai lagi yang tak pernah kenal erti apa itu lampu, pendingin hawa atau makanan enak menjilat rasa.
Atau sekadar menjamah pucuk-pucuk paku di belakang rumah atau sayur ulaman di kaki longkang. Baju lusuh bertukar warna, menjadi teman di Hari Raya. Mereka lebih derita dan lara.
Jikalau anda rasa hebat, sebenarnya ramailah lagi, jauh lebih hebat daripada anda. Esok anda hebat, lusa mungkin anda merempat. Belum tahu, justeru pintalah pada yang Esa agar perjalanan hidup anda sentiasa direstu dan dilindungi selalu.
Terus- terang saya katakan, di sebalik cabaran, dugaan dan asakan yang mendatang, adakalanya saya juga 'frust' dan tewas. Kecewa umpama 'mati' sebelum mati. Api juang adakala naik menjulang namun lazimnya padam dan kecundang.
Di sebalik tulis-tulisan saya dan rintangan yang dihadapi, mahu sahaja saya berhenti daripada mencebis kata-kata namun surat-surat pembaca dan puluhan email yang saya terima, 'menghidupkan' saya semula. Semua ini dengan hidayah dan kekuatan yang tuhan berikan.
Kata seorang tua kepada saya, sebanyak mana orang menyukai kita, mungkin sebanyak itulah orang membenci kita. Justeru janganlah kita mendabik dada, kerana dunia ini pinjaman semata-mata.
Ada pembaca yang menceriakan saya, ada yang lebih susah hidupnya dan lebih hebat pengorbanannya malah tidak kurang juga yang menegur dan mengkritik saya.
Sesungguhnya, pandangan, dan teguran pembaca dan cerita-cerita mereka, menyuntik semangat di dada yang adakalanya kecundang secara tiba-tiba.
Syukur kepada Allah, memberi kekuatan kepada saya dan terima kasih kepada pembaca, peminat dan pengkritik yang telah menyedarkan lena dan duka saya yang panjang...

"Dan Kami pasti akan menguji kamu dengan sedikit ketakutan, kelaparan, kekurangan harta, jiwa dan buah-buahan. Dan sampaikanlah khabar gembira kepada orang yang sabar. (iaitu) orang-orang yang apabila ditimpa musibah, mereka berkata "innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un" (sesungguhnya kami milik Allah dan kepada-Nyalah kami kembali)." (Al-Baqarah: 155-156).

Azamin Amin azaminamin@yahoo.comMenulis dari meja Harakahdaily di pejabat Harakah, jam 10.30 pagi 22 Julai 2009.- azm

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Port Dickson + Malacca Getway weekend

heyya blog :)

last weekend i went for a trip to PD (+ Melaka) with my kawan2 rapat di office.
1st day
start journey with pipah from lrt wangsa maju to lrt nora n go mid valley shopping makanan.then start trip to PD.
three of us whom not married yet shared 2bedrooms apartment in Sri Bulan resort while the other families rent their own apartments. the location of this apartment is very easy to find and next to the beach..we got sea view apartment that provide us with magnificant view of PD Beach @ Selat Melaka. but the weather was quite foggy and, first evening i just spend sleeping + reading story book while waiting for 5.30

then at 5.30pm, every one of us gathered for convoy to kuala sungai baru, melaka for seafood crave moment! in total were 5 cars convoying :-

Car 1: Avanza (En Zaiful's and family)
Car 2: LAtio (Din and wife)
Car 3: Waja (En Ahmad and family)
Car 4: Peugoet (?)[betul ke ejaan nye?:p ] (Kak Tini & Husband + Linda's family)
Car 5: Naza Bestari (Nora, Pipah n me)

it took 1hr plus to reach kuala sg baru sbb we sesat2 sampai ke mana2 ntah la..:P
makan macam2 okay..4kg kerang bakar +rebus; sotong goreng tepung; sweet sour ikan ape entah(we call it ikan jerut perut); ketam masak sos;sayur kailan;sotong goreng rempah;ikan ape entah lagi..kenyang giler tahap nak muntah malam ni..then malam around 1130pm, we makan2 durian at apartment some more...gile raja makan..n i was awarded anak dara kuat makan! thanx for that kawan2:P

2nd day

wake up late.plan nk tgk sunrise hancus.plan nk jalan2 sepanjang pantai teluk kemang pon hancus. :P nak breaky ramai2 pun hancus..end up makan roti ngn tuna gak..:D but then, we make it for banana boating that i;ve been waiting so long.dah tua pon xpenah naik lagi banana boat..:D sgt best! tak puas.rasa nak lagi but pity nora kena paksa naik.
then main2 pasir kejap kat pantai..i dun want to stay long at the beach..sbb takut..:D ngeee

then naik hotel..we mandi2 at pool dalam 15-20minutes and get ready to check out. at 11.45am we all heading up to melaka..lalu klebang, tanjung keling, masjid tanah and straight to bandar hilir. makan asam pedas sedap kat restoran ape entah..n go jalan2 around bandar hilir and jonker street..(btw, xske and xberapa setuju nama jonker tu.) if dalam BM, jonker st ialah Jalan Hang Jebat maksudnya..Jebat= Jonker? adakah patut? setuju ke?? rasanya i need sumone to explain bout this since i loike sejarah..tak kan patut nama Hang Jebat jadi Jonker

we start our journey back to kl at 6,30pm and reach kl around 8.30pm..straight go to PJ and have our dinner at strawberry field cafe and back to wangsa maju after that. very tiring but sgt best.! now..plan for Medan (december 2009) and phuket + krabi (march/april 2009)..insyaAllah...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Medical Geology ~Mining ~

Medical Geology is relatively new science. Actually, this subject is integrated many discipline which encourage in relationship between mineral on earth and health impact both human and animal.

Geology which study rocks and minerals construct the earth, process and its dynamic is a good information to obtain which sort of minerals probably harmful and in contrast makes benefit for life.

Since 1931 these studies have been developed. A lot of cases are identified for example the pandemics of certain diseases which caused by minerals contaminations. In fact, all of things in nature always make balance than if some of them are unstable the system will change.

Contamination of dangerous mineral such as heavy minerals (Cu,Pb,and Mercury) has effected human health lately. For those who live and high contamination water should be aware for their health. These heavy minerals come from waste industry or local mining then flow through the stream.

Once they contact with the animal,water, and plants, it undirectly comes to the ecosystem chain. Then, human as a consumer have the worsen effect of this phenomena.

However, not all those mineral mention on it are harmful for human health. In proportional dosage the minerals such as Fe,Zn, and other alkaline minerals are critical for our health. In detail example, Iodine in certain dosage could kill the bad micro-organism. Hence, it is used to clear the water for human consumption. The elements such as Fe, Zn and Sulphur, Phosphor can make our bone stronger. Osteoporosis is one kind of health problem related to the less consumption of those minerals.

In summary, medical geology is the good collaboration on science to address the management of human and animal health in terms of earth’s minerals to the future challenging both in research science and human health.

REFERENCE**afitchan17/08/07** (Fitriani Agustin, Bandung 2009)

Monday, July 13, 2009

mood tak baik ok-ok la

title mmg tak leh tahan kan..(g-wang jer):P tp takde kaitan pn dgn entry yg bosan ni

hurm..lots of things in my mind, tp not really in the mood of letting it out on this page. dun know why. entah.biar la tersimpan dalam hati jer kot sementara waktu.

arini i got the news regarding my flight tickets return from Singapore-Kuala Lumpur..will be away from Malaysia starting 2nd August 2009 and will come back on 7th November 2009. On the 5th August InsyaAllah I will be flying to U.S..(sangat tak sabar walaupun dalam hati berdebar-debar)...dari kecik ada perasaan nak pegi U.S...negara yang konon2nya sgt berperanan penting dalam pembangunan ekonomi dan sosial masyarakat dunia. mmg tidak dpt dinafikan kenyataan itu. tp tidak semua peranan yang mereka mainkan memberi impak positif pada negara kita khususnya.

I spent 4days in my hometown. Went back to Penang after work on the Wednesday evening and came back to KL on the Sunday afternoon. Everything went well during the holiday. Got enuf time to went out with my old friend, went out for movies at TGV Seberang Perai. Visiting my grandparents on both mum's and dad's side. Visiting my newborn cousin, Muhammad Akhtar Marican bin Muhd.Syukri Marican. singgah at our kebun eating rambutans direct from the tree. went out to Kuala Sepetang for delicious mee udang!!! and visiting my beloved brother, Amir at MRSM Transkrian. Oh! I miss them so much already.

Btw, I do talked about a so called problem or crisis happening in me to my parents. They do ask. which means they are concern on me.=) thanks mak, thanks ayah.

btw, gtg..not really in the mood of telling anybody yet. i just hoping august will come cepat2 and i can leave Malaysia for a while. so that my mind will be away from all the nasty simple problems which not even a problem pon actually...

Nyte all..

ps: btw...i learn about migration..pre-stack time migration at work rasanya my mind currenlty full with graph..equations, methods, techniques and procedures jer kot! BOSAN!!!!!
(sebab otak penuh dgn mathematical i put the graph that not even related to PSTM pon...)

Friday, July 3, 2009

~Puteriku Sayang~

I called my mum just no..she did..sbb mak ayah pakai bil..heheh..
after 30minutes talking, gossiping and asking advices from her...i got a conclusion..
which I can have from this song


Lembut mu tak bererti kau mudah dijual beli
Kau mampu menyaingi lelaki dalam berbakti
Lembut bukan hiasan bukan jua kebanggaan
Tapi kau sayap kiri pada suami yang sejati
Disebalik bersih wajah mu disebalik tabir diri mu
Ada rahsia agung tersembunyi dalam diri
Itulah sekeping hati yang takut pada ilahi
Berpegang pada janji mengabdikan diri

Malu mu mahkota yang tidak perlukan singgahsana
Tapi ia berkuasa menjaga diri dan nama
Tiada siapa yang akan boleh merampasnya
Melainkan kau sendiri yang pergi menyerah diri
Ketegasan mu umpama benteng negara dan agama
Dari dirobohkan dan jua dari dibinasakannya
Wahai puteriku sayang kau bunga terpelihara
Mahligai syurga itulah tempatnya

*** bersyukurnya aku dilahirkan sebagai seorang wanita..seorang perempuan..seorang puteri***

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tribute to my girl - Nora Aida ..selamat jadi isteri org

ini dia...yg ditunggu-tunggu..(xde kot org tngu, aku je excited) wahahha

wedding kak chom and ala'a (apsal xpngl die abg ala'a yer? tgh fikir kejap)..huhu

i knew this couple in 2006..i knew kak chom or her full name Nora Aida Ramly when we first meet in ESU, KLCC. she was soooo sombong that time. that's my first impression to her. but then we meet again in KLIA, when all of us were going to fly to Miri for our first yr degree in Geology. She was still sombong.maybe because she was not from our group in the first place...

Once we settled down in Miri, we became closer and closer to each other and gosh, i realize how much this Nora Aida acted liked a young girl though she is slightly older than me. She is very2 funny to talk with. A friend that can make me feel comfortable to be with though its normal to have some misunderstanding btw friends right. after all, no one's perfect aite?:P

She got her kak chom's name as she is soooo comel..seriously, sgt comel ok! i mean the way she acted heerself...i still remember her favourite phrase " I sepak u tergolek2 masuk neraka"
...she is a sister to me. a friend to me. she contribute quite an history in my life. her advices make me thinks. her suggestions and some harsh words make me realize. her happiness and coolness make me feel comfortable. her anxiety makes me knows her more and more. her gedikness makes me feel 'nak gedik jugak boley?'...

btw, back to Nora Aida and Ahamad Alaa'..they are superb couple. i can say that since they have been in relationship for 6years and it was long distances - Australia-Malaysia-Egypt... (can anyone imagine how?)

tabik spring sama kamu berdua..very proud...very the contoh teladan la...:)

n the get married on 23rd November 2008..(few days after our final exams kan kak chom)..sorry i wasn;t there...u kawin mengejut sgt..(but i understand that ur parents were in cuba and its hard to find suitable time)..n their receptions was done only in June...since thats the only date her dad can come back to Malaysia from Cuba..

To Kak Chom and Alaa' --> All the best with your new life as married couple. May happiness be with you two forever. Semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat :)

ps: doakan athi to get good soleh husband as well :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

~places i wanna go before i die~

first of all, diz feeling has been with me for so long..and since i browse through hannan and faire facebook photo albums, where they went to dubai, abu dhabi, newcastle, europe, france and lots mind and heart can;t bear anymore..i must make a list places i want to go before i die..

1 : Mecca @ Mekah
2 : Madinah al Munawwarah
3 : Jordan (nak pegi laut mati)
4 : London
5 : Paris
6 : Italy (wanna visit Pisa Tower)
[ps: this is another masterpiece in geology though it is part of failness of geologist@hyrdrogeologist, its still wonders me]
7 : Kota Kinabalu (Mount Kinabalu)
8 : Dubai and Abu Dhabi
9: Mount Alps, Canada etc (based on my so called research on geodynamic of how does it form and its overturned after the formation, MashaAllah)
10: India (nak pegi Taj Mahal)
11: Beijing (Great wall of China)
12: Nepal (nak gi Mount Everest)
[ps: I am really faccinated with Mount Everest since I did learn how it forms..which was by collision btw India and Asia based on few geological theories, is a masterpiece! ]

13: New Zealand (Southern Island!)
14: Pulau Sipadan

::: this list will be added from time to time..sbb sy sgt suke travel.itu yg membuatkan mak sy risau dgn anak perempuan tunggalnya ini:P :::

:::turutan dlm list ni tidak bermakna sy nak pegi tpt yg dicatatkan awal terlebih dahulu (kecuali yg 3 terawal Mekah, Madinah dan Jordan):::

:::kalau boleh skrg juga sy nak ikut trip to Everest or Alps.itu priority sy sekrg, tp tak tahu layak atau tidak..sbb sy lemah geodynamic:::

hasil. shopping.hari ini...

Handbag yg br di beli..brand Camly Accolade..huhu..i never heard this brand..but dun mind la, i like the color n the design..suits my personality i guest:)

facial wash set uriage...beli facial wash + mask + scrub + toner dpt free tshirt + face soap for guy + moisturiser + travel pack facial was..hihi

ok, ngntok sgt..tanak type lg..nunite....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

happy mode...

im in the office..
nak tahu kenapa?

tadi dtg kejap ofis settlekan form2 yg perlu di isi di internet utk apply visa..minggu dpn ari selasa ada interbiu ngn kedutaan US..cuak2..sbb nama aku ada "SITI"..arap2, die xkata aku org arab ke ape ke..n syukur arwah atuk aku tak letak nama ayah aku MUHD atau ABDUL atau AHMAD...klu x, mmg masalah..ofismate aku nama MOHD AZIZUL xlepas gi houton sbb nama die ada MUHD..padahal muka mcm org cine..ada muka terorrist ker?

ok2...lepas siap isi2 pon tersedar, arini 27june..maknenye..gaji ku sudah masuk..ape lagi...

secara automatik nya..diri ini terjemput utk bershopping di isetan yg tgh ada sale up to 70% for members...agaggaga:D

mula2 i go around tgk2 MNG..sbb mmg ada berkenan sebijik beg putih kat situ malang nasibku..beg tu dah abis:(( down org kata maknanye takde rezeki la kan..
so xpe2, gi marks and spencer, tgh dok berkenan kat sehelai baju ni, tibe2 lampu xdpt nk memilihh..maksudnye takde rezeki lagi la kan..wahahhaah..selamat fulus aku..

tp bila masuk i-setan..jalan2..nampak satu long sleeve radioactive yg bg aku agak cute..i like the printed words on that shirt.."play with me" wahahhaha...(muka evil sebentar)...nnt i upload gambar shirt tu..skg kat opis, xbawa camera..gugugu..

then naik tpt handbag..makkkk ngaaiii sale gak ker...ape lagi..usha kiplings, tp masih out of budget amik je la satu handbag ni ada 50% less..ok la..kaler ijau-coklat..(giler kaler natural geologist) tp cun..ala2 kiplings gak..brand ape ntah luper..nnt la hapdate..

btw, tak leh shopping bnyk2 sgt bulan ni..sbb sudah janji sama2 adik2 ku tercinta..baju raya kakak sponsor tahun ni:) so, lagi seminggu lebih aku akan bershopping dgn adik2 ku di queensbay mall, penang!!! mari2 adik ku..kita meronngeng dgn keta ayah..hehehe:D

ok, nk balik umah ku surgaku..malam ni nak menonton cerekarama tv3..esok nak gi kajang, kawan ku kawin!!! oh yeee..baju kurung esok lom iron..kay2, chiow chin chaw dulu yerk...


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

looking. forward..

Salam all,

Wanna share so called happy + good news I received few days back. This news might be a happy news for me but not for my mum. She is the one who's hoping this news is not true at all. but I know in the end she will always give her blessed to me=)

Ok, first of all, after 2months + working in CGGVeritas Services (M) Sdn Bhd based in KLCC, I am actually still a total stupido. There are really2 lots of things and knowledge I must know and applied in my daily working days. Seriously, stress is always there but I learn how to manage it. yesterday my senior went for a course, so I was asked to take responsible on the velocity analysis and deal directly with the Manager. It is my first experience working directly under him. I guest we both managed to cope well between each other, at least on my side :p

though I did a mistake by overwritting some data, but it was still a learning step for me. I must remember to QDECK the master job before tango-ing it..hehe (sory for the terms)

ok-ok, back to the title...the news=)

1 : I will be having a 3months training called as GoeRise. This is a complementary training for fresh grad without any experience working in this field. This training will be done in three places either in Houstan, Paris or Singapore. Luckily or unluckily, my training will be in Singapore. Training in Houstan was done last February while in Paris had started early June. I said it is lucky since InsyaAllah I can come back to Penang from Singapore easily for Raya Holiday..And at least I can save my allowance money from shopping comparing if I get the chance to go to Paris or Houstan. But it is unlucky since if I get Paris or Houstan, then I can go around the places for sight seeing and 'memenuhkan' cop di dalam pasport...:D

Apepun, sy sagt2 bersyukur..and really looking forward for this..

2 : Second news is my field assignment during the GeoRise training will be held in United States of America...!!! Alhamdulillah, I've get the chance to finally arrive in States, InsyaALLAH. I am currently in the process applying the States Visa. I will have interview with the embassy next Tuesday. The field trip will be done either in North Dakota, New York, Lousiana or Pensylvania... I don't mind where I'll be send but I really hope that I can avoid H1N1 virus..heheh..
And I'll stay in States for 3weeks...Alhamdulillah. looking forward sgt2 for this one!!!!

ok, for now.. really need to focus on velocity analysis since we've figured out that in our current project faster velocity will give better structure seen in the seismic especially after the tertiary basement of carbonate rocks.

ps: pray that I will do well and can pleased the embassy during the interview so I'll get 10years visa to enter states anytime..hehehe..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Apa itu 1-Malaysia yg dicanang-canangkan PM???

Petikan ini dipetik khas dari website PM kite...sila2 lah berkunjung ke alamat ini utk segala maklumat lanjut yer..(ps: saya bukan pro mana2 parti, cuma ingin benar nak tahu ape yg terkandung dalam idean ONE MALAYSIA ini ) (Saya yg dimaksudkan dlm artikel ini ialah PM kita yer)

Gagasan 1Malaysia Bahagian 1

Sejak saya mengambil alih tampuk kepimpinan negara tanggal 3 April yang lalu, saya telah utarakan sebuah konsep iaitu 1Malaysia sebagai teras pentadbiran saya. Sejak gagasan ini diketengahkan begitu banyak perbincangan dan perbahasan telah berlangsung dikalangan rakyat semua peringkat.

Seperti yang telah saya sebutkan dalam ucapan saya sempena ulang tahun keputeraan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong pada 6 Jun yang lalu, 1Malaysia bukanlah konsep atau formula baru. Sebaliknya, matlamat akhir 1Malaysia iaitu perpaduan nasional juga merupakan wawasan utama pemimpin-pemimpin negara yang terdahulu, yang telah diterjemahkan dalam pelbagai rupa bentuk dan jelmaan sepanjang lebih lima dekad kita merdeka. Jika diamati, apa yang berubah adalah pendekatan dan gerak kerja menurut kesesuaian zaman dan generasi yang silih berganti.

Dalam erti kata lain, 1Malaysia adalah satu gagasan bagi memupuk perpaduan di kalangan rakyat Malaysia yang berbilang kaum, berteraskan beberapa nilai-nilai penting yang seharusnya menjadi amalan setiap rakyat Malaysia. Ia bukan satu pendekatan yang terpisah dari dasar-dasar Kerajaan sebelum ini, sebaliknya ia merupakan pelengkap kepada pendekatan-pendekatan yang sedia ada untuk mengukuhkan lagi perpaduan bagi menjamin kestabilan, ke arah mencapai kemajuan dan pembangunan yang lebih tinggi bagi rakyat dan negara Malaysia. Makanya, 1Malaysia digagaskan sebagai satu formula yang menjadi pra-syarat bagi memastikan aspirasi negara mencapai status negara maju menjelang tahun 2020 tercapai, jika ia diterapkan ke dalam sanubari rakyat dan diamalkan oleh setiap lapisan masyarakat. Jika "Bangsa Malaysia" yang diilhamkan melalui Wawasan 2020 adalah matlamat akhir perjalanan ini, maka 1Malaysia adalah penunjuk haluan kearah matlamat itu. Pengertian ini adalah bertunjangkan hujah bahawa untuk mencapai status negara maju dalam jangkamasa yang telah ditetapkan, syarat yang paling utama ialah sebuah negara yang kukuh dan stabil dan ini akan hanya dapat dicapai apabila rakyatnya bersatu padu.

Perpaduan yang digambarkan oleh gagasan 1Malaysia amat berbeza dari konsep asimilasi yang diamalkan di negara-negara lain di mana identiti kaum-kaum etnik dilenyapkan dan diganti dengan satu identiti nasional yang sama. Ia juga sangat berbeza dari konsep Malaysian Malaysia parti pembangkang. 1Malaysia tidak sekali-kali menyimpang daripada roh perlembagaan persekutuan sebagai undang-undang negara sama ada secara tersurat atau secara tersirat. Malahan gagasan 1Malaysia kekal menjunjung kesemua peruntukan teras seperti perkara 3, perkara 4, perkara 152, perkara 153, bahagian 2 dan bahagian 3 sepertimana termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Oleh yang demikian, janganlah mana-mana pihak berasa khuatir atau menaruh syak serta bimbang bahawa konsep ini akan terpesong dari apa yang telah dipersetujui dan dimuafakatkan oleh bapa-bapa negara suatu ketika yang lalu.

Sebaliknya 1Malaysia menghargai dan menghormati identiti-identiti etnik setiap kaum di Malaysia, dan menganggapnya sebagai satu aset atau kelebihan yang patut dibanggakan. 1Malaysia menekankan sikap "Penerimaan" di kalangan rakyat berbilang kaum, di mana sesuatu kaum menerima keunikan kaum yang lain seadanya agar dapat kita hidup bersama dalam keadaan saling hormat menghormati sebagai rakyat dalam satu negara. Ia adalah peningkatan ketara dari sikap toleransi semata-mata.

Menjadi asas kepada semua ini adalah prinsip keadilan untuk semua kaum, yang membawa maksud bahawa nasib semua rakyat Malaysia akan terbela dan tiada mana-mana pihak akan dipinggirkan. Keadilan ini mestilah mengambil kira taraf kemajuan kaum-kaum yang berada pada tahap yang berbeza. Oleh itu, dasar-dasar kerajaan dan peruntukan-peruntukan Perlembagaan yang memberikan pembelaan kepada golongan yang memerlukannya, akan tetap dilaksanakan.

1Malaysia adalah penerusan agenda membina negara. Untuk mencapai kemajuan bagi negara, rakyat perlu dimajukan terlebih dahulu, dan ini dimulakan dengan membentuk sikap penerimaan antara kaum, yang membawa kepada perpaduan yang utuh. Apabila perpaduan dicapai, maka urusan pembangunan negara akan berjalan dengan lebih lancar.

Formula 1Malaysia digagaskan akan terlaksana dalam dua aspek utama. Aspek pertama ialah penerapan Teras-Teras Perpaduan manakala aspek kedua ialah penerapan Nilai-Nilai Aspirasi.

Teras-teras perpaduan adalah tiga perkara yang telah saya huraikan sebentar tadi iaitu pertama, sikap "penerimaan" antara semua kaum dan rakyat Malaysia; kedua, prinsip-prinsip kenegaraan berasaskan Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan rukun negara; dan ketiga adalah keadilan sosial. Teras-teras Perpaduan ini pula didokongi oleh nilai-nilai murni yang perlu menjadi sebahagian dari budaya hidup rakyat Malaysia termasuklah nilai-nilai seperti hormat menghormati, Tawaddhu', kesederhanaan dalam tingkah laku dan tuturkata serta kebijaksanaan dalam sebarang keputusan dan tindakan.