Wednesday, November 27, 2019

My Dear ārba'a Baby

Dearest sayang,

You are now 23 weeks inside ummi. Umi dah mula rasa your movement inside me.
I can only feel your profound movement about three weeks ago. I was worried back then since your brothers' and sister's movement were felt so much earlier than 20 weeks.

We went for a check-up with Dr. Anjalai when you were about 16-17 weeks and we can really see you are active inside me. Alhamdulillah. We saw your face. You look alike with Abang Iyaadh. So cute! We also knew your gender at that time! Alhamdulillah. Umi and Ayah were happy and bersyukur.

The beginning of your pregnancy was easy in terms of I don't have any sickness at all. Almost none.
But I easily got tired. By 8pm, I felt like I need to sleep till morning. Of course, I can't do that. Your brothers and sister need to eat etc. There are some times that Umi has to handle the house and the kids alone with you inside me. I feel so tired that I cried before I go to bed. During the first trimester jugak lah Umi always had leg cramp while sleeping. It's very painful and usually, Ayah will help to reduce the pain and give comfort. Ayah finally bought me a bottle of 600mg Calcium and I have been consuming it every other day. Luckily the cramp went away.

My Arba'a Baby,

Umi really loves you. I really wanted you. To accompany me in this world. You may have know this, Umi is actually furthering my study in PhD level. And to that reason, Umi feels bad that for it actually. Because Umi sekarang banyak fokus dgn my own study, and also with your brothers' and sister's need apart from focusing on you. Umi eats a lot of sweet food like cakes and chocolate. And I am bloated now. Without releasing how much the sugar will give a negative impact on you. I promise to eat more healthy food after this for your sake. And I will not skip taking the supplements to ensure you grow well. Oh, this week and next week, Umi kena repeat check up dekat KKIA. because I gained too much weight in a month. The nurses are worried I might have diabetes of high bp.

Umi never forget to pray for your well being inside me, setiap kali solat Umi selitkan doa untuk my dearest arba'a baby as well for your sister and brothers. semoga anak2 umi semua sihat termasuk yang berada di dalam kandungan umi.
Sekarang ni Umi busy dengan abang-abang dan kakak ...nanti dah selesai dorang masuk sekolah semua.. Umi mula prepare for your arrival ya. It is so exciting thinking of it. InsyaAllah we'll try to prepare the best for you.

With that, Umi has to stop writing and start my work. You will arrive somewhere in March 2020. We will start fasting in April and celebrating our first raya in May , InsyaAllah. During that time, Umi will need to submit and present my research progress too. So, Umi has to prepare from now.

Love you sayang, my Arba'a baby.

You were 17 weeks few days when Umi took this picture.