Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spending Time at Tganu State Library

Assalamualaikum and Hi everybody,

Today, we went to Terengganu State Library, located nearby Giant and Mydin Terengganu. Halim did not follow us, so it's only Ilyaas and me with my SILs, nephews and nieces. This is our first visit to Tganu State Library. I am always excited to introduce Ilyaas to something new. So this will be Ilyaas first visit to library. We only spent about one hour in the children's section before heading back home. I also registered myself as a member (charged was RM2 and you only need to bring ur IC/MyKid). But I did not borrow any book yet, maybe next time. Btw, Ilyaas is still not fully recover from his teething fever, but seeing him enjoying himself with his cousins in the library, make me feel more relax (sapa tak risau anak constantly demam kan, weighing he has history of fits summore, I am sometime mati akal what more to do except for keep on praying and do my best as a mother). Enough said, let's see the happy faces. 
Ilyaas & Farzana were laughing to Abg Faris & Kak Zahra

Ilyas figuring out how to join the crowd in the tunnel

Again, Kak Farzana and Ilyaas

I want to close the window umi

Ilyaas reading buku terbalik while Farzana showing her cuteness by saying lion is a cat

Umi, I want to borrow this book, can I?

Reading buku terbalik again

My anak susuan, Amzar and Kak Zahra in the tunnel

Amzar, Hana and Kak Zahra

Failed attempt 

Abang Faris

And we end up our library visit with this classic toast at library's cafe. Reminds me of full moon toast in Curtin Miri, years back, but definitely this one can't beat Miri's full moon toast.

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Free Dental Check up by Colgate

Last weekend, we went to Jusco Setiawangsa, our 'old' lepak mall when we used to be KL ppl. Eh, I should use Aeon instead of Jusco right?  

In conjunction of Oral Health Month 2012,  Colgate is conducting Free Dental Check-up in Jusco Setiawangsa. Here are my experienced using their service.

First of all, we have to fill in a form (sort of to make an appointment at clinic). If we come with family (ie husband, mother, son), we can register as one family and get check-up from the same dentist. My husband and I registered together and we had out teeth checked by the same dentist. We even bring Ilyaas along into the room.After registration, we have to wait for our turn. They were 3 or 4 dentists on duty, so the waiting time wasn't long. The check-up time ranges from 5-10 minutes or might be more depending on how bad your teeth are. As for me, I was advised to do scaling since I got minor plaque on my lower teeth. Well, InsyaAllah planning to make appointment for scaling soon. My husband's teeth are good. All of them are in good condition. The dentist will provide us a piece of paper with teeth drawing. It will show which of our tooth/teeth having problem and need further check-up.

Example of the result from the check-up. Blue colour columns are referring to those teeth I am having cement. Banyak kan? Tula, banyak sgt makan gula2 coklat masa kecik!

And this shows I am having minor gangrene/penyakit gusi, referring to minor plaque I have on my lower teeth. Apart from free dental check-up, we also got free consultation after finishing our check-up. During the consultation time, a dentist will read back the sheet of paper given to us, and explain what does the pictures and each of the columns means. She (the dentist was a she in my case) will also gives us free gifts! I got travel size mouth wash and tooth paste. 
During consultation time and Free Gifts Time!

Well, overall, I found this free dental check up program is useful and beneficial. I haven't visited the dentist for a long time, thus this is a good opportunity. Yes, I am kind of person who afraid of dentist cause I had bad experience when I was 13! but I do take care of my teeth and mouth at home, so Alhamdulillah I don't have minor problem with my teeth and mouth except for the minor plaque. 

For more information about Colgate Free Dental Check-up, can kindly visit their website. I hope it is not too late for all of you to get the Free Dental Check-up by Colgate.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chicken,Pumpkin and Egg Tofu Soup for Ilyaas

Since Ilyaas has started real solid rice and no more porridge style, I tried my best to find difference ideas on what to cook for him everyday. I cook for him on daily basis now.  I would like to share this simple recipe (I always cook simple recipe only coz I am a lazy person:P ) with all mother outside there. Let's see what's the ingredients:-

1. Rice of course. Just cook in rice cooker
2. Egg Tofu
3. Chicken breast (cut into dice)
4. Pumpkin (cut into dice)
5. Broccoli (only take the flower)
6. A bit of soy sauce
7. One tablespoon of Unsalted Butter (I used GOLD Planta)
8. Blend Onions and Garlics
9. Water

Cooking Steps:-

1. Pre-heat your pot 
2. Put one tablespoon of unsalted butter and fry the onions and garlics
3. Put in the chicken and add water.
4. Let it boil.
5. Then, add the pumpkin and continue boiling until both chicken and pumpkin are soft.
6. Add the egg tofu and broccoli flower. 
7. Add soy sauce to make it taste a bit more salty and creamier.
Add water along the way if needed.

Then, it is ready to go. Ilyaas eat them a lot!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Current activities

I was about to start study. Well, things are not going too well here, I mean my research. Because politics happened everywhere but I don't want to elaborate more here, sebab this blog is not mean to record my research journey. Maybe I will write it in details in my other half blog, Baby Steps to My Dreams bila I have the guts to do it la. Not now. Maybe nanti-nanti kot? Hmm, ayat dah tunggang terbalik dah ni, padahal janji dgn diri sendiri nak tulis blog all in english je, tp when it comes to time like this, rasa nak tulis camni pulak...layankan aje la..

Ok, what I/we have been up to lately?

1. Red Velvet Cake

I am falling in love with Kak Nanie's home made red velvet cake. Very soft, crunchy because she put crush walnuts in her cake and also creammmmmy! In fact, I am writing this while eating her RV cake. I first tried it last week, sebab dah mengidam sgt, so husband belanja 4 biji rv cupcake. pastu, bila tau Kak Nanie bukak booth kat UTP, cepat2 booked nak sebijik. Lepas tu makan sorang-sorang. Tipu, makan berdua dgn Ilyaas sebab Ilyaas pun rupanya penggemar cheese jugak mcm umi dia yg comel ni.

2. My Hafiy Blogshop

We decided to set up a facebook page for MyHafiy Blogshop. Just to try our luck. Alhamdulillah, dalam tempoh seminggu, boleh dikatakan nampak hasil yang memberansangkan. Syukur sgt. So, kitaorg pun happy sebab ada la rezeki serba sedikit. Currently, kitaorg plan nak jual Diaper Clutch yg dibuat dgn menggunakan Designer Fabric. So, kalau sapa-sapa berminat, boleh la tolong jawab kan survey di Facebook Page kami. Kalau rajin, tolong like sekali, tanda support pada kami yang baru berjinak-jinak dalam bisnes ni. Terima Kasih =)

3. Books and Papers and Journals

Since I enrolled as research student for master (which I later found out is not easy, and started to have second thought of doing coursework), I read a lot during the day. I enjoy reading topics I like such as carbonates, oil and gas recovery, reef. I also attend class together with undergrad students as my supervisor is giving the lecture to them. I also guide undergrad students during the carbonate lab session and has been supervised them during a field trip in Kinta Valley. I promise to write an entry about the field trip but it remains in draft until today.

4. Ilyaas is walking smoothly 
This totally consume much of my time, enjoying every single bit looking at my son walking bravely. Alhamdulillah. He officially can walk without any help and walk for a long distance.
Since he starts to walk, he abandoned his tricycle. I'm glad I did made a special entry dedicating his interest on the tricycle before.

5. Trying my best to be a good wife, umi and student

Well, referring to cartoon on the left, Yes, I am still fully breastfeed Ilyaas, No, I don't have dog or cat, Yes and No, I do iron the baju sometime.
Ok, I have been looking for some inspirational websites or blogs telling tips on how to manage studying and being a wife and a mother. So, I found a good one from a person I know, Kak Azza. She wrote her experience and share few tips in her blog. Thank You Kak Azza.
Top of all from her tips and experience, I realized one thing, discipline is the most important  attitude you must have in order for you to achieve all the three responsibilities well.

That will be all for now. Btw, we will be on a long holiday starting tomorrow. Not holiday, husband and I have course to attend in KL, after that we will be heading back to Terengganu. Till then, take care everybody who reads this.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Star shape pasta for my Ilyaas Hafiy

Please help me to answer a survey by MyHafiy Blogshop. We would like to know if any of our dearest customer is interested to purchase Diaper Clutch using Designer Fabrics. Details can be read here. TQ All for your support to us. 

Yesterday, we had a day off from uni because Perak is celebrating their Sultan's birthday. I'm not sure how old is Perak Sultan now. It is just a nice timing because Ilyaas is down with fever, effect from his MMR injection last week. So, I decided to cook something different for his lunch yesterday. I tried cooking Baby Pasta Star Shape with Tomato and Chicken Soup. I was a bit reluctant in the beginning because I'm afraid he will refuse the taste of tomato soup. But, I was wrong! My little Ilyaas Hafiy likes it. Let's have a look on what I used to cook this Star Shape Pasta with Tomato & Chicken Soup.

1. Heinz Baby Pasta  (Suitable for 7months and above) 

2. Dice Tomatoes
3. Dice Chicken Breast
4. Dice Sweet Peas
I also add baby potato and I used Heinz Tomato Puree as the base for the soup.

This is how the soup looks like when it is ready to serve
Ready to eat by Ilyaas Hafiy

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For Yesterday post

This is the reason for yesterday post...

But surely, I will walk through it InsyaAllah

with everyone's support and doa

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hari ni merupakan hari yang sgt2 memenatkan. Penat badan, penat otak, penat hati. Rasanya ni lah hari paling tak best sepanjang bergelar student ni. Lucky I have my husband around.

Maaflah, takde mood lagi nak cerita apa terjadi. Tapi perjuangan harus diteruskan. Menuntut ilmu ni kena niat yang betul, ikhlas , dan tak boleh berputus asa. Mcm mana pun, kena act professionally as a matured adult.

Jom Join 1st GIVEAWAY from Telekungnajwa

Assalamualaikum semua. Pagi2 td bukak dashboard, nampak Kemn  dah buat entry. Terus la baca. (Haha, kantoi pulak pembaca tegar blog die). Lepas tu, terperasan nama saya di tag dalam tu.. so apa lagi, mari lah kita sama-sama beramai-ramai Join 1st Giveaway from Telekung Najwa.

Syarat-syarat nak join senang jer...Nak tahu apa?

 1. Letak tajuk entri seperti di atas (Jom Join 1st GIVEAWAY from Telekungnajwa)
2. Follow blog Telekungnajwa   (CLICK HERE)
3. LIKE dan SHARE (to public) fanpage kami dan berikan serba sedikit komen/promosi/cadangan mengenai Telekungnajwa. (CLICK HERE) 
4. Tag kepada 3 orang rakan.

So sapa yang nak kena tag ni....?

Mummy Ilyas -Suzie
Mama Malikha
My Sis In Law -Anna

Ps: Memang tgh cari telekung nak buat travel pon ni..Kebetulan ada giveaway ni..Menarik2...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Home-schooling 2: Ilyaas and his new charts

Last weekend,we decided to visit a book store in Seri Iskandar. Well, it's nothing like Popular or MPH here, but small local book store is enough to satisfy what we are looking. We were looking for Alphabet and ALIF BA TA Charts for Ilyaas.Btw, Ilyaas really loves book! Alhamdulillah. He will literally flip all the pages in his books and started to point on some pictures he looks familiar like apple and car. Enough say, let's enjoy his pictures with his new charts.

Having some serious lesson with Ayah
Seems to distracted already
Oh! I want to touch the charts! why is it so high?
It's ok. I give up. Let's go to kitchen and disturb umi
It's so slow to cycle. I rather walk now.

But I'm a beginner. So I still fall. 

Our aim by putting this charts on the wall is to  give familiarization of roman alphabet and jawi to Ilyaas plus it's also a self- reminder since sometime I do forget how to pronounce jawi words too. InsyaAllah once he is a bit mature, we will do intensive learning on this. 

Home-schooling 1: Ilyaas learns how to hold a pencil

Last two weeks, we started to teach Ilyaas how to hold a pencil since he always show interest on any pens or pencil we hold. I tried to detect weather he is left or right handed but could not decide yet. He can used both of his hands quite well.

Btw, the blurry image of flower on the paper is my drawing, not Ilyaas'. He is good at conteng-conteng only at the moment. Well, he is sitting on his high-chair since both his parents are also studying at dinning table. Haha, all three of us still tak ada study table.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nasi Lemak Ayam Golek,Batu Gajah

Malam ni kami makan luar, sebab cik umi comel ni malas nak masak. Lepas bincang ngn husband ku yang understanding tu, kami decide gi makan kat Restoran Nasi Lemak Ayam Golek. Dekat je, kat simpang nak ke Pekan Batu Gajah.  

Ni second time gi makan sini. First time dulu gi bawa my sis-in-law. Masa tu mmg sedap sgt rasa nasi lemak ni.. Memang sedap pun! Sambal tu marbeles gila. Tambah plak dengan ayam golek yang besar tu. Puas hati okeh makan kat sini..

Ni la nasi lemak ayam golek tu. RM 7 sepinggan.
Selain nasi lemak, ada macam2 makanan lain berasakan ayam golek dan ayam panggan
Tomyam2 pun ada jugak

View restoran di malam hari. memang bukak malam je pun

Kay tu je gambar sempat snap, ada budak kecik dah tak sabar2 selak baju umi 

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ilyaas dan tricycle kegemaran

Kali ni nak share kisah Ilyaas dan tricycle.

Pada suatu hari, kami sekeluarga telah ke Tesco untuk shopping barang rumah. Bila lalu di bahagian mainan kanak-kanak, kami tunjukkan Ilyaas pada basikal dan tricycle. Dia excited. Kami pun cuba la letak dia atas tricycle tu. Namun, selepas beberapa minit, Ilyaas tak nak berganjak dari tricycle tu. Segala usaha telah dicuba tapi masih tak berjaya nak angkat Ilyaas. So, solution yang kami suami isteri pilih ialah angkat tricycle tu sekali masuk dalam shopping trolley. Nasib baik lah kami letak dia atas tricycle paling murah, RM 22.90 je. Memang sgt ringan serta mudah terbalik. So hanya boleh digunakan indoor sahaja.

Walaupun murah, sangat berpuas hati lihat betapa Ilyaas excited dan using the tricycle to the max. 
Celik mata je, selain belek buku farm dia, dia akan naik tricycle. Nak poo-poo baru turun dr tricycle tu. (Tak selesa kot poo-poo atas tu! ahahhaha)

Balik rumah dari nursery pon sama lah. Dia akan naik tricycle tu dari ruang tamu , ke dapur , ke toilet, ke dalam bilik dan serata tempat yang boleh dikunjungi dgn tricycle tu. Puas hati sungguh tgk dia utilize his toy. 

Ni sambil tgk iklan TV3

Ni dah makin excited dgn iklan

Ni ruang 'sepah' milik Ilyaas

Btw, dia tak pandai kayuh pun! Dia tolak guna kaki laju-laju!

Comel kan? 

Sapa cakap tak comel, tak mboh kawan ....

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Mengidam Red Velvet Cupcake

Terliur tak tengok cupcake ni?

Ni la yang di-idam kan oleh saya sejak seminggu ni.. Nak kek yang lembut and ada cream cheese...

Akhirnya, petang tadi dah tercapai hajat si pengidam ni...

Husband bagi sweet token!

Dia belanja 4 biji Red Velvet Cupcake.

Rasa mmg beyond expectation! sebab dlm kek baldu lembut ni ada choc chip and walnut lagi, so selain

lembut, ianya juga crunchy and creammmyyy....

Bahagia sgt malam ni, sebab dpt puaskan tekak dan lidah ni...

Eh Eh Eh, tapi saya mengidam ni bukan sebab pregnant tau! Belum Lagi....

Mengidam ni sebab mengada-ngada orang perempuan saja! Tapi tetap nak berterima kasih pada suami

sbb sudi layan isteri dia yang extra mengada ni...

Okay, sapa-sapa berminat nak rasa cupcake ni, or kek2 lain and ada kat area Seri Iskandar, Tronoh, Batu Gajah, Bota, Parit boleh la jenguk website ni..

Something Sweet By Nanie


Blog Sweet Cuppy Bakery

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Resepi:Basil Fried Chicken with Oats


Basil Fried Chicken with Oats

Balik petang tadi, ngidam nak makan kek yang ada cheese. pastu bukak magazine rasa nak hilangkan rasa ngidam tu. Sambil2 belek mag terpandang resepi ayam goreng oat ni. Mcm menarik je sbb oat yang di beli untuk FIL aritu still belambak lagi kat dapur tu. Terus hilang jap rasa ngidam kek yang ada cheese and smngt gi masak ayam goreng oat ni. Tapi saya olah sikit resepi dari mag tu untuk mendapatkan rasa yg sesuai ngn lidah kami suami isteri ...Ok, jom kita jenguk resepi dia..

Beberapa ketul ayam 
(klu pakai chicken wings je lagi sedap nak ratah)
Dried Basil Leaves
Serbuk Jintan Putih
Serbuk Halia
Lada Hitam/ Lada Sulah
Tepung Gandum
Tepung Jagung
Sebiji Telur
Oat semangkuk kecil
Minyak secukupnya untuk goreng ayam

Cara-cara nak sediakan ayam goreng oat yang sedap ni...
First, gaulkan ayam dengan bahan -bahan seperti garam, serbuk basil, serbuk halia, serbuk jintan putih, lada hitam dan perap beberapa minit.

Secondly, gaul pulak ayam dengan tepung jagung dan tepung gandum

Thirdly, Pukul telur. Pastu celup ayam dalam telur and salutkan dengan oat. 

Panaskan minyak selama beberapa minit. Bila minyak dah cukup panas, masukkan ayam and goreng dgn api kecik .

Then hidangkan dengan sos cili and mayonis! Nyum..Husband pun suka!

Tapi kan, lepas siap makan ayam goreng oat ni, ngidam balik nak makan kek bercheese seperti red bukan cheese, ada cream cheese..mcm ni..

macam ni gak

or yang ni

Dapat satu slice pun jadilah.....

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