Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dating 101 : Is he your Mr. Right?

Think your Mr. Next has the potential to be Mr. Right? Before you leap without looking, take an honest inventory. See how many of the following five essential traits he possesses.

Dating Trait #1: He listens to you

The best way to know if Mr. Next is interested in (and worthyof) being a candidate for Mr. Right? He listens to you. You'll know he's listening when he shows genuine concern, consistently remembers things you've told him (your birthday, favorite food, best friend's name, etc.), and offers emotional support in honest and thoughtful ways.

Dating Trait #2: He connects with you easily

We've all been in those relationships that take W-O-R-K (and suck the life force out of us in the process). When a relationship works on its own, it feels effortless, easy, and fluid. You don't have to force anything, forgive anyone, or turn a blind eye to red flags or gut-twisters. Instead, you communicate and collaborate with comfort, compatibility, and undeniable chemistry. If and when you experience this kind of interaction, you are on to something really special.

Dating Trait #3: He wants the real you

So often, women feel the need to sacrifice some part of themselves to make a relationship work. In the right relationship, there's no need. You don't have to hide, tone down, or apologize for any aspect of you or your fabulous life. With the right partner, you're not only able to be yourself, but you're better able to be the best version of your most authentic self -- no compromises needed.

Dating Trait #4: He's trustworthy

A relationship without trust is doomed from the start.
A relationship without trust is doomed from the start. But a relationship with abundant trust? A fabulous foundation for real and lasting love! Built over time, trust is based on the simple belief system that your partner has your best interests at heart and will never intentionally hurt you (and vice versa). If and when you discover that Mr. Next is 100 percent trustworthy, you'll have no trouble giving your heart to him. In return, he'll most likely give you his heart and pave the way for a lasting, loving relationship to unfold.

Dating Trait #5: He enriches your life

In the wrong relationship, your partner tears you to emotional shreds, brings you down, and in general drains your energy. In the right relationship, he enriches your life, inspires you to be your best self, and brings a sense of peace and possibility to you. You'll know Mr. Next is enriching your life if and when he encourages and supports you professionally, personally, and spiritually. And when he does, he may just be Mr. Right!

Does your Mr. Next possess all five qualities? If so, congratulations! You have done your homework, chosen wisely, and are now well positioned for relationship success.
If not, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back into the dating pool with a clearer understanding of who you want to date. Remember, finding your life partner isn't always easy, but by being clear, honoring yourself, and acting accordingly, you'll cut down on wasted time with Mr. Wrong and Mr. Next, and ultimately make room for Mr. Right.

I've found my Mr Right..he was once my Mr.Next to be Mr.Right.Have you found yours?

-credit Yahoo-

Monday, March 29, 2010

processing is not cool

1- my degree of dislikeness(excuse the grammar)to geophysics (processing) increase by 35% today. in total it makes 65% of dislikeness to geophysics.because i dun like the way this job make my life goes up and down...
btw im working as part time data manager !

2- sgt suka hati sbb iAllah soon my dream will come true. Prof Lindsay just reply my email memberi harapan for me!

3-can't wait for the dream to come true..!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

teruknya perangai saya

why did i act like that?
teruknye perangai.
he loves me so much n i know that,
but i still act like a kid..i think kid doesn't act like me..
so i'm acting like what huh? kura-kura merajuk kot?
be rationale la fathiyah!!!!!not emotionale....!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tension kerja!!!

so damn tension smlm sbb kerja! mcm2 jadi..arghhhh..
nasib baik petang2 got good news and got to see good things...
btw welcome to the family mr new TW9!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

matter of fact that......

1- I want to be a student. I mean like have my own study table in university and do research in topics that I think I can handle such as:-
a) carbonate/sedimentary related topics
b) climate changing related
c) non-engineering things such as structural geology
d) environmental related topic but not so geochemistry

2- I need sponsorship in order for me to continue my study.
(so anybody can help me? )

3- I need time and effort to start doing my so-called thesis so that when people ask, I have idea what to be research on...not just bercakap like tin kosong...
(this part really need an effort to start!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

pre-PMS or friday symptoms ?

right or not, i don't care. just need to list it down.cause im way too tertekan secara tiba-tiba tanpa sebab-sebab yang munasabah...

1) i get easily distracted with my work today.not distracted by fb but by the mood to stay out of this office. to be only alone with my fiance.

2) i get mad at myself when i can't understand what is my boss telling me. because i think i am very not brilliant since the thing he teach me is very simple

3) i get annoyed at people who smoked and blow the asap in front of other ppl face

4) i get annoyed when i can't get things correct. (sungguh bersifat perfectionist di sini)

5) i want to merajuk all the way but i end up searching for that particular person jugak.

-it turn out to be better after i talked and membebel to my fiance.this make me feel more blessed and more confident that he's the only one send to me by Allah to lead me in this world-

Friday, March 5, 2010

new chapter-thank u all-

harini, sudah hampir seminggu sy menjadi tunangan orang (ayat org melayu)
macam tak percaya tapi ia benar-benar..
Alhamdulillah,semunya okay.majlis pada minggu lepas berjalan dgn lancar dan meriah.semua yg datang hanyalah di kalangan keluarga di sebelah mak dan ayah saya serta keluarga tunang sy dari Terengganu, KL and Penang.
budak2 sgt ramai memeriahkan majlis.dan evertyhing went smooth and well.I was very glad and happy and feel a blessed. Thanks to my mum and dad for making it happening for me.
It went the way I dream and the way I want. Thank You to all my cousins and aunties for helping dan juga menyumbangkan hantaran2 ...menjadikan hantaran dari pihak perempuan sgt banyak..
Thank you jugak to pihak lelaki yg skrg dah macam my own family.
as a tunang orang, kenala rasanya menjaga tata tertib sedikit.peringatan utk diri sndiri jugak la.apepun, there will be more n more things and experience to explore in this new chapter of my life. Pray the best and ingat Allah selalu...insyaAllah

not to forget, welcome to the world my new niece (anak bakal kakak ipar saya) Alesya Farzana Mohd Hafiz...

below is the link for photographer time tunang aritu: http://srimawarcollection.blogspot.com/