Tuesday, September 29, 2009

think science

who said when u start working, u will not be a student?

for me, the answer is no way u can't avoid the student word in this entire life.

after all, Rasulullah did say 'menuntut ilmu biar sampai ke negeri China' which means it is a journey, a long distance journey with so many things appears in the middle of the journey.

I believe this and happy to be part of this scientific world though my contribution is likely to be 0.00000000000001% to science world or maybe less.

Though its hard, I trust myself that I can always do it. Wherever I tried hard, I will be satisfied unless I did a mistake (which is common as a human). Science is an interesting world. Geophysics is part of science that hard for me but not new anymore. I always said im not talented with physics and calculations but I realized its not that bad before when I was in high school. I do love Add Maths and partly love Physic coz I have to in order for me to excell in SPM (not that excell after all)..

between high school- college-uni life, I left maths and physics which I thought would be easier and better for me. But as I started working, physics and calculations once more approach me and it comes with a package of programming that I never ever learn before in my life. So, it is a challenge for me to do this. It is not easy. But it is not too hard, just put an effort and try the best.

- my current state is halfway physco cause too much information to absorb on swan automatic velocity analysis which i reckon as a desirable method for velocity analysis in seismic processing, so here goes my super academic entry-

- pls excuse this for this time-

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pulau Ubin Getaway

Pulau Ubin, located nearby Changi Point, Singapore--> an island that is so called preserving Singaporian national parks.

It was nice going there with few Georisers from Russia and Canada. We did few activities and the major part was cycling around the island, visiting the jetty, mangrove and coastal walk, climbing the view tower and eating lunch at the only Malay restaurant in the island. I did introduce my friends with our air kelapa. and all of them love the taste. the cycling was tiring but I really enjoy it as an adventure of my outdoor activities. Slalu just jalan and climbing je during the field trips, but cycling is exciting too! =) though I suffers from severe pain on my palms and legs, but I will never say NO if i get the chance to do it again especially at the dirt track which I found to be the most exciting part in the whole bike track.

the experience is valuable and meaningful. I learn few things and love all of it.=) looking forward for next weekend activities in Singapore. Got few plans and will decide later where to go first....
now, will be focusing on my 2nd presentation on velocity analysis in seismic processing which I will be presenting this wednesday...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the promise.the happiness.the joy.the stress

the promise and the happiness
it was 17th of September. and Alhamdulillah. I can't describe more but saying Alhamdulillah is enough for me now. I will keep my promise, at least to myself, not to anyone else that I will be a good companion this time,and I want it to last forever. I want it to fill my life forever and stay with me forever. I want it to be my hopes and to be my dreams. I won't expect much but I will give what ever I can give cause I realized its not the matter what you received and what you get, it just the matter what you are willing to share and to give.

the happiness and the joy
this year was my first time celebrating eid with my family after 3years being far away from them during this big celebration. Though the time given was too short, I appreciate it very much. I recorded every memories I have during the celebration coz I never know will I have the same chance again next year or the following years. But I am ready for what will come. I enjoy my raya sooo much. I have three baju kurung (one is still with the tailor) and it is my first time giving duit raya. Honestly it is not an easy work to do. You have to calculate few times, thinking who should you give, how much should you give and have to make sure no one is left behind. everyone in my family was expecting something from me. Well, I started to admit the fact that I am a bit 'different' from everyone else in the family. Not to say that I'm arrogant but I guest that;s the fact and I have to deal with it wisely, if not I will trap myself within that expectation.
The raya celebration for 2009 shows me how much i love my family and how much my family loves me. I mean my Mum, my Dad and my three brothers. We all are very happy to spend little time together.

the stress
well, on the 2nd day of raya, I have to come back to Singapore for work @ training. No extra holiday for me. My mum was sad, so do I. but I get used to this situation plus I am kinda looking forward to come back after all..:P
And the stress starts as I have test this Friday and lots of topics have to be covered and all of them are GEOPHYSICS topics which are not my interest. Frankly speaking, I'm trying hard to cope and to understand. well, i can understand at the moment the trainer lectured in the class, but when I;m revising the lecture notes, confusion starts to linger in my mind. Whatever it is, I'll try my best this time. I believe I can do it if I really put a focus in it. Even though I can;t in the end, I won't regret if I already put an effort in achieving it. So, till now, have to start study.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to all=)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

no mood

malas sangat nak mula belajar untuk test minggu depan.
malas sangat nak mula baca or buat presentation untuk Velocity Analysis.
Rasa nak terbang balik penang skrg jugak, join mak buat biskut cornflakes yang last year aku buat sorng2 untk jual kat Perth.
tapi tahun ni, satu biskut or kek pun belum buat lagi :(
lagi brapa hari je nak raya.oh tak sbar nya.
even balik malaysia 3ari jer, tapi tak kisah..after dh 3years beraya jauh dr family, this year will make a different to me. tahun depan tak tahu pulak nak beraya kat mana kan..tak kisah la, raya skg xmcm raya ms kecik2 dulu
ingt lagi, masa kecik2 dulu, baju raya berpasang-pasang.pagi pakai baju kurung, petang pakai gaun or jeans ngn thsirt. malam lak baju tidur baru. siap ada hand bag kecik nak simpan duit raya.kasut raya ada dua.satu kasut bertutup, satu selipar jer. untung nya aku dpt rasa raya yang best time kecik2, alhamdulillah.dulu penah gaduh dgn adik sbb adik campak kasut raya dlm longkong dpn rumah. alahai zaman muda2 dulu.apepun, adik i love u. hehe, tahun ni korang dpt la duit raya dr kakak..:) tp tak leh bnyk2 la, kakak nak kumpul duit nak mulakan life ni..heheh..
klu kat rumah, sure tgh berborak2 dgn mak pasal mcm2 menda ni.salah satu mesti pasal bunga orkid mak, satu lagi pasal nak pakai baju mana pagi raya, bila nak tukar langsir, sarung kusyen, mop rumah semua, mesti borak jugak pasal gossip terhangat pasal diri aku dgn mak. well, she's my bestie, so she must know all...after all, tak cerita pon mak boleh tahu dah. mak mmg terror bab instinct ni..nnt aku jadi mak ada instinct macam tu jugak kah?

okla, dah banyak membebel,lebih baik stop sekarang.kalau tidak nnt tak belajar langsung.ok, bye.
to those yg dok buat kuih raya, i envy u!

Monday, September 14, 2009

quick stop for 13th september

morning: sahur and study CBT till 8am
after 8, tido sampai tengah hari..
petang,sambung study CBT.
Kuar gi FairPrice with the guys, cari barang utk BBQ malam ni.
Sambung study CBT and then masak nasik lemak with sambal for BBQ.
Berbuka puasa...go to BBQ...
berborak-borak with the guys..nice :)
kul 10pm, balik apartment, rehat kejap and sambung CBT till now..
pack and full.
yesterday pegi Bazaar Ramadhan kat geylang serai.
-ramai sgt org
-makanan tak bnyk choice tp ok la
-bazzar kat Malaysia 10x lagi best.
-Duit bnyk habis sbb rambang mata nak beli semua menda.

Friday, September 11, 2009

CuRrEnT WiShLiSt

i want this..this..and this..can I?

1- A pair of new long dress that will make me look elegant. I want it to be very solid and look expensive though the price will not be too expensive.

2- I want a ring. Silver or White Gold. A very simple design with no fancy decoration and not too big. and not too flashy.

3- I want my hair to grow faster.and to be healthy.

4- I want a new handphone. simple, stylish. I dont care what model it is. I want it to be elegant and cool. not too complicated for me to use since I am not born to live with fancy gadgets. :P

5-I want new handbag. from desigual. or LizClaiborne

6- I want new sport bag@ gym bag. In fact this would be my first gym bag. Probably by Nike or Puma. or Kiplings.

7- I want a new watch. With lady like look. not like those watch I used to have. All sporty and kiddy style.

8- I want a new jubah. Any dark color jubah with simple decoration.My old jubah(s) seem too old. Need new one at least for Aidilfitri and AidilAdha.

9- I want an apartment. A house. under my name. Can?

10-I want flight tickets. For me to go back to penang now.so that i can be with my mum to do preparation for aidilfitri....

top of all, i want duit raya. :( this year i will not get any duit raya...n it will be my first year giving duit raya to kids...

--lesson: lets go and work hard. lets make money. my wish list can't be true if i dun have money kan?--

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

suddenly..i feel like..

No. its not that I'm falling in love or what (well, if I am falling in love, I won't reveal it here)...
But I just suddenly feel like i want to be with my girl friends now..
its has been a while since i last saw them..February to be exact date..February 12. it was the last time all of us gathered for our convocation in John Curtin Open Area. That;s it, after the graduation and photo taking session, all of us lead our own way. Some of us are now so called career woman, some are now married and happily living with their husband, some are now continuing study in their master, some are on offshore somewhere in Vietnam..
I fall under the group of working woman! OMG! I used the word woman! NO No No...I'm not yet a woman. In my own definition, woman define a lady who is already married and have kid. So,the right phrase is I fall under the group of working Lady..OK..
well,it has been nearly 1month and half I am away from Malaysia for work training and I still have another 1month and half to finish this training. I was send to US for a field assignment ( Well, my life surrounded by field tripsssss since 4years ago)..I wish that US trip will be the end of my field trip, but I guest that will only be in my dream since I have another assign for a field trip next month!!! and if I continue my study in pure geology subject, I will be surrounded by tones of field tripsss!!!

WHY! Do I look tough enough to be undergoing all these field trips!

U know, I am now able to do the natural toilet.Oh you can call me expert already. those field trips tought me of that.Well, the part that I miss with field tripsss is my friends.. The girls...They always there with me, going through all the hardness together for 3yeras, but not anymore. I am alone, working, leading my life, planning my future, developing myself to be a what I want to achieved..

Yet when I am so in need to be with my girls, all of them are all over the world...How? should I find new girl friends? Yes, I did have some other girl friends..but they will never likely to understand me they way my geology girls understand me..coz these girls know exactlly when I am angry, when I am emotional, when I am crying for pain, when I am really craving for Gelare Macadamia Nut Vanilla ice cream and pan cakes and chocolate with almond and Orea McFlurry, and Cheezy Wedges, when I am so in need of shopping. and they will always be one of them to accompany me doing those thing.

This is life. at least to my extend. Phase of life changes, we meet new people, we make new friends, we learn new things, we taste new flavour, we feel new and different pains, we fall in love and we forget till we meet the right one, we feel depressed over the same thing over and over again while new stressfull situation is still waiting for us ahead... and I still have to face it whether I like it or not. Whether I really want to be in that situation or I really don;t want...

What I learn is, be mentally and emotionally prepared for any situations. You will never ever know when, where and how you will be put in those situations. Be strong ( I believed I am a strong person and also lucky)..HMM....Just that, writing craps will end up in thinking craps while I'm having my first written exam tomorrow and I don't do any revision yet..so, I would better end now.. I mean NOW..

ps: I miss my geology girls including Ipah...and I still missing Perth, the place I found myself feels comfortable to be.