Saturday, October 24, 2009

ain't life wonderful?

this one whole week has been very packed and busy for me. i got my presentation topic on Tuesday and has to present it by 9.00am Thursday morning which me I have less than 48hours to prepare for the test. So, struggling begin since Tuesday night. Both me and my very best person stay up in the office for both Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Presenting the muting test on Thursday morning was a big relieved to me. All the pain i felt on my neck gone right after the presentation though it wasn't a good one. Thank God it was done. Right after office hour on Thursday, I do the thing I enjoy most--> Swimming! again, another relieved and relaxing moment of the week after whole load stress I felt since Monday!

And Saturday (today) is a best day even though it is tiring! Guest what? I went out for a nature walk plus minus 16km in MacRitchie Reservoir with my favorite person in the world. Oh, i like outdoor activities more and more know since it is worth sharing this interest with someone worth to live with. Even it is very tiring but I can really make a statement that it is worth it. I enjoyed the walk very much, seeping the fresh air from the nature, breezing through the soft clean wind and smells the green leaves and trees around the reservoir.! oh I loike!

Well, life is happening in each way. life is a combination of love, hard work, sensitivity, toleration, kindness and supporting. and my life is very wonderful though there are always ups and downs that making me today.

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