Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fathiyah 1999


1:Was 12 years old
2: Was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Juara, Cherok To'kun, Bt Mertajam, Penang (its ok if you feel weird reading my primary school name, Juara means the winner! and Cherok To'kun means place at the very end of a village)
3: Was a school prefect, wearing all blue baju kurung and blue hijab with white school shoes, so that goes my daily uniform.
4: Have a group of friends (close) such as Azirah Bidin, Emylia Hana Azmi, Nurzalila Ishak,, Aida Azwana Sabidi,Iskandar Yahaya, Hafifi Mohd Isa, Suharmi Talib, Hakimi Hussin, Taqiuddin Rashid, Nadirah Kamal, and few more whose I apologetically feel sorry for not remembering your name (but at least I can still remember few of your full names! amazing!)
5: Daily activities: Woke up at 6.15am (sometimes earlier to do early study or finishing my homework if I went for sport activities the previous day and too tired to get it done), get ready to school, prepare Imran's stuff for school, cycling with my Imran to school for 1.5km, attend school assembly and perform "mini maths contest" during the assembly.Attend classes and yes, I am nerd but not yet wearing spectacles.
6: Aim of the year (1999) : Excell in UPSR, Get 5A, get offer from Boarding School ( I used to determine to go to Sekolah Tun Fatimah in JB)
7: Sports activities through out the year: Netball (until state level, playing as Goal Defender (GD) or Goal Keeper (GK)); Track (100m, 200m, 4x100m,4x200m); Hockey
8: Total Siblings were only me, Imran and Amir...Izzat wasn't born yet.

9: Peak of the year: When I read my UPSR result on the board, I was shocked (3A 2B) WHAT? ask my best friend (Azirah) to have a look, she said 5A la Fathiyah! I said what??? Have a look again, and yes [Siti Nur Fathiyah Jamaludin, Angka Giliran:______ Keputusan: 5A]
And I run to my brother's class (2Biru), entering his class without the teacher's permission grab him, hug him and cry!!!! He asked, " Kakak gagal ke UPSR?"....My answer while kissing his forehead " Dak Abang, kakak tak gagal. Kakak happy ni, kakak dapat 5A" and he also kissed me back!
And the biggest part comes when I can't made my mind to further my secondary school so far away from my family (they are the only source of love and support for me at the moment) but due to my so called determination and 'keras hati' and 'degil xdgr ckp mak', and after my long lists of Pros and Contras living 420km away from family at the age of 13 yrs old, I choose a path that leads me to where I am today and thanks mak and ayah for spending so much money for that. (I realized earlier its $$$$ you spend running from Penang-Seremban every few months to visit me, paying my unbelievable school fees with ridiculous unnecessary fees while still have to support the other musketeers back in Penang)

Yes people, it just ordinary story that means a world to me. It is my memory. It is my life before and stay forever with me. Any day that I forget where I was before, I remember this. Any time I feel down, I remember, how long I have been in this journey. Any day I did a mistake that may lead to wrong path, I remember who were with me through the journey, and they are no one else except these five figures I missed so much every day of my life since I have so less time spending with them since I was 13! (My mum, My Dad, My Imran,My Amir and My Izzat) { Gosh, suddenly tears running down my cheeks}...
But this is the path I choose, the path that Allah's already plan for me and it always the best for me (I know, I believe)...and tq to those who read this =)

-to be continued:Athi 2004:-

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  1. agaknya kalau dpt masuk STF.. lagi lah kesian your parent nk dtg setiap bulan.. huhu


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