Tuesday, October 6, 2009

boots vs books or books vs boots?

LOL! no idea how to describe what kind of stress i'm having! first time in my 22 years life i'm facing the term "work stress"! and honestly speaking, i dun like it! that's it but i have to face it since this is the only money maker for me.

gosh! i thought working isn't that hard. i used to think work must be more fun than study and less stress than facing the examsss...but now i realized how much study give me more fun and more time for me to enjoy my favorite activities. though study means less money in my purse, but it also means less commitment and less dealing with people. but i guest, if i'm given a chance to further my master and phD soon, I will choose it definitely without any thought (maybe i will be thinking where and what major should I continue my master and phD starting from this moment). at the same time i will still happy to say yes to few important commitments in my life (such as my family and love one) and i will definitely send a letter to my boss saying how much i want to continue my study!

but life isn't that easy. its all about plan, managing the plan and be on the track. but its on our part, the Greatest Planner, Allah is the One who will give the ways and guide us along the track! Currently, having training in Singapore office doesn't sound more interesting for me since all the works and training make me stress, feel more stupid, losing my interest more in geophysics and keep stressing me that my interest is more to geology and environmental comparing to processing imaging stuff (i promise u that this job is no fun!)....except for the money part..(that's the only motivation I have to make me stay there apart from having my family and love one supporting me)...well, in the training class there are few master and phD student in geophysics which make me look a lot stupidier than the rest of the class. Some of them is very particular in every theoretical stuff, some of them understands very fast, some of them digest everything in a blink...and me??? oh well, i just pretending i understand and just follow the instruction without totally understand all the processing part!!!! crap kan saya ni? owh....

but, as i stated earlier (mcm buat statement ape la kan)...it is boots vs books! i still have some fun, happiness, courage, love, spirit and important things to think more than this training! i enjoy my current life. so much.sangat happy. sangat gembira. even i always want to freeze the moments i love and enjoy so much though i know i can;t ..time will pass by and things will move on flowing on the path that will lead us( me and u and all of us) to a destination we never know...

okay...pray for me so that i'm doing well both in work and life! daaaa~~~


  1. dear~
    be strong!
    ade hikmah disebalik sume nie..
    i know u are a good girl~

    u're strong enuff dear~
    that's why I pilih nak sambung Masters sbb I malas nak pikir pasal life n work stress~

    btw, all the best!

  2. hahaha..now i envy u..nak smbg blajar gak...arini pon tension jugak nie! haiyaaa.seb baik la ada org tenangkan i..klu x berkilo kilo ice cream i makan nk ilang tension ni


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