Monday, October 12, 2009

Athi 2004


1: Was 17years old, studying in Tunku Kurshiah College Seremban. Had been there for nearly 5years since 19th January 2000.The day I considered being an independant person.

2:Was a school prefect (in fact I was Leader for Fine and Discipline Biro in the Prefect Board) was good since I got the chance to stay in our so called luxurious room in Block G. With own toilet, own kitchenet and living room @ study room. Wearing white baju kurung with dark green kain sekolah and black lady like shoes. and Usually have to wear one whole suit of blazer with tie..(which make me hate it sbb terlalu panas)!

3:Have a group of close friends (Noor Shaheeza Isham, Nurul Zulaikha Sallihuddin, Soraya Azhar, Nurul Izzah Meor Abdullah, Nur Shahida Hadi, Nadiah As'ari, Nurul Aainaa Azmi and lots more..144 titans are my good friends after all!)

4:Aim of the year: Straight A's (without the teacher expecting me to be in the list) in SPM. Improve my english skill and be in Set 1 class for English lesson through out the year and get scholarship from goverment to further in medicine.

5:Activities in school: Athlet for 100m, 200m and join the 4x100 and 4x200m...once up to state level (in 2003), Innovation Team for school joining few competitions among SBP, INTEL etc. Presiden for Cyber Cafe Corner (poyo je rasa), Nakibah (lagi tak layak), State Theatre Group (2003) dan dot dot dot..(mls nak list plak..)

5: Activity jahat paling best: Panjat bumbung sickbay beberapa jam sebelum English Drama (ED), berfoya foya sebentar di atas bumbung sickbay ( I still keep the photos!), dikejar warden2 di pagi hari..kena kejar dengan penyapu lagi by cik Alia...
Stay up makan roti dgn tuna and dikejar puan romas and cik yati pastu lari menyorok dalam toilet and belakang pintu bersama ketua2 prefect yang lain...(this was cool gila)...
and paling best masa f1-f4 stay up using lights corridor..(reason why im wearing this thick spectacles)..

6: Bestest moment in TKC: lots to list. I even can write a novel on this. so, I conclude that year 2004's best thing was my SPM Result Day. I was crying and crying and crying cause I never ever believe I can do it. I was down with fever for the first two days of SPM (with the very killer paper Add Maths and also BM)...I was even expected to have dengue and have to go through blood tests! Alhamdulillah, it was the best part out of all sacrificing my whole teenage life in a place known as Bukit Merbah, living my loved ones of all, making my parents proud is the best thing I can do when I was there.

7: Aim not achieve:I want to do medic so deeply since I know what is ambition is. But, Allah had fated the best path for me. I was never excell well in Biology. which means I cant be a good doctor and there is no scholarship offering me doing medicine or something related to it. Engineering and Science appear to be part of my path later after 2004.and here I am as a geophysicist learning hard to get a better knowledge. I wanted to be part of hockey player. but i can;t.mak tak bagi.

8:Transforming into Adult phase 2004:I admit no one sees me as "huuu-haa" person in school. they may see me as nerd. as schema person. well, who cares what people said. What important to me, I do what I want to do. I be what I want to be. I do the right thing and lead the right path, InsyAllah.. and I learn a thing from a teacher whom used to be closed with me.. " wherenever you go, be humble. even if u know a thing well, say u don't know if there is someone would like to teach you on that matter cause u never know what new things u will learn from every person..."
and as i listen to that advice, i realize i am now an adult. i spend my teenage life in that school. i used to regret it cause my life is different from other teenagers in my hometown. but nothing to regret. this place lead to who i am today. it develops my identity, i shapen the way i view the world and it opens thousand of golden opportunity to me and brings greatest memory in my life!
-it was my years in boarding school that i love and i miss-
:sorry if this bored you, i just feeling flashing back memories sometime help me to analyze myself and see where i goes wrong and where to improve, insyaALLAH:


  1. huhu.. alasan yang sama gak kenapa kene pakai spek skrng nih.. haih..

  2. u r really a good girl sis~
    proud of u!!

    keep it up!!

  3. islah: nak buat cmne...nak ngaku la nerd tu..terpaksa..

    sis: im proud of u too n i miss u..


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