Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Haven, Look Up Point, Ampang

Hi All. See that little fella in this picture. He is super excited last night during his Ayah and Umi so-called candle light dinner at Haven Restaurant.

We have planned this for quite sometime. It's supposed to be the place where we have our first anniversary dinner. But due to kesibukan tugas + menguruskan rumah tangga, we had to postponed to some other time. Sampai yesterday, Makcik Sarah pengasuh Ilyaas bagitahu yang she has to go for medical check-up today, so I have to take leave.Since it's my off day the next day, and there is not much thing in the freezer I can cook for dinner, I suggested to hubby that we go to Haven Restaurant Look Up Point, Ampang. He agreed! even though he still has to go to work on the next day.We depart from home around 8pm and arrived there at 8.45pm, (include the sesat-sesat around Ampang + traffic yang belum settle since afterwork). First impression was " Wah Ramainya orang.Ingatkan hari kerja tak ramai orang"...There are few restaurants there. At the bottom part of the LOP, ada restoran ikan bakar muara but we can't see the view from there. So we decided to climb the hill (by car) to the upper part of LOP. At upper part of LOP, got another four restaurants including Haven itself, Panorama, Gasoline Cafe and LOP Western Food. Panoramo must be nice since we can view KL from viewing tower. But since we have Ilyaas tagged along, we decided to stay with Haven.
See, that's my blessed happy family. That mini Halim-Me is the bestest anniversary gift

Alhamdulillah we get table nearby the viewing balcony. So, the view was spectacular.
Service at Haven is fast and the waiter/waitress are nice. The food and drinks are marvelous and delicious. Weather is on our side and no nyamuk at all even we are in the middle of Hutan Simpan ( if I'm not mistaken). I had fish and chips. (rasa mengidam nak makan fish and chip frio)
My fish and chips. RM19.90
Hubby's Grilled Chicken Chop RM17.90
Our drinks. Mine on the left, Banana Mango Shake,Hubby's on the right Manggo Juice. Each RM9.90
Appetizer: Mushroom Soup RM8

Hubby and Ilyaas
Ilyaas and umi. at viewing balcony.Ilyaas interested with other thing.
The view. Spot KLCC my workplace aka tempat paling boring.

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