Friday, December 27, 2013

Towards the end of 2013

It's 27th December 2013.. The final Friday for this year...MashaAllah, how time flies...
I've started my 2013 with waiting game for my little girl, who later arrived into this world on 21st January 2013. She's not just a wonderful gift of the year, but for my entire life, together with the arrival of my first son, Ilyaas. 

Had few memorable events through the year..went for short family trips (not a fancy one but near to our heart).. What I can say, this year has been a great year for my family and I. Alhamdulillah, we are granted with good health through the year (minus all the fevers, flu and cough). Down the lane, I've lost my two great supporters. Grandfather on my mom's side and grandmother on my dad's side. Just within few months. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmatNYA ke atas roh mereka berdua.

To add sugar to the topping, I have ended my 2013 with a blissful family event. What's important is doing it together. I mean family. 

Last weekend, I've sent my parents and sisters in law to perform their umrah..How much I envy them..they can be so near to Kaabah, can visit the Holy Land. InsyaAllah, umur panjang, saya pon nak ke sana juga..So, it's gonna be one of my new yr resolution. Kumpul duit pergi Mekkah.InsyaAllah... 

sending them to tanah suci Mekah

The night before that, we had dinner at Putrajaya Lake Club.. Imani gave us such a beautiful smile every time she saw phones and camera.. Photogenic sangat! The dinner was nice and the food was really ok. Big portion, good taste and also we had the view of PM's office...

On the next day, I visited my friend who just had a tumor removed from her brain. Alhamdulillah she was more than well. Her positive attitude towards the tumor was amazing.

On Sunday, my cousin got married and all family members gathered in Putrajaya. Good moment. Tok was crying at the beginning of the wedding as she missed her late husband (my grandfather who passed away in February this year). 

Had few moments chatting with Tok Pa, apparently he is my cousin's uncle (on the father's side)
Picture taken from Tok Pa's fb
After the caremony at dewan, all of us berkumpul dekat my aunt's house. Sempat selfie with my two younger brothers...
Izzat and Amir
 And this weekend, my husband is going to turn 28 yo...! We had early celebration for him at Putrajaya with our nephews and niece. Makan simple2 je. Cheese Cake and Sate Kajang. 
Told ya, Imani was looking at the camera!
Happy advance birthday my other half. 

And on the way back to Ipoh, we made an impromptu plan to bring the kids for LRT ride to KLCC. And last minute decision was to spend few hours in Petrosains.
Btw the entrance ticket was RM15 for Adult Malaysian. RM10 for teenagers Malaysian. RM5 for children age 3-12 and free entrance for babies and infant. 

LRT ride ....Ilyaas was scared ! instead of excited..hahahha
Imani was sleepy. naik Putra terus sleep sampai dalam petrosains..
So, I think I would like to call an end for Year 2013...literally.. Thanks 2013. I will use the the last few days of this year to prepare myself for the upcoming year, be a better person, inside out...
Alhamdulillah for all I have in 2013 and Al Fatihah for my grandparents who passed away this year...


  1. Semoga sentiasa diberkati olehNya..
    Happy new year sis

  2. Happy New Year!
    Wahhh seronoknyaa berjalan, Dah besar2 dah anak2 Athi. Kejap je rasa :)

    1. selamat tahun baru! itula kan....cpt je masa berlalu..

  3. seronoknya cuti2 akhir tahun.. cam best je g klcc dgn family pastu g petrosains.. heee, amer dah lama ajak naik lrt.. train thomas katanya.. and petrosains pun x pernah bawak dia pergi.. kena bawak ni.. happy new year athi, seronok tgk athi and family, always be my idol..

    1. happy new yr asha:) huhu...alamak jadi idol..mcm x layak jer


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