Sunday, December 11, 2011

When my cheeky Ilyaas smiles

As it is Sunday, we decided to stay home and do some spring cleaning. Well, the spring cleaning start at noon of course because we took the opp to sleep until mid morning. Not just the husband and me, our son also took his sweet time to have his own sweet dream until mid morning. 
It was such a blissful day for the three of us. Keluar rumah pergi pasar saja.

While doing the spring cleaning (actually husband yg do most of the cleaning job and I stay most of my time in the kitchen :P), we put Ilyaas in his cot. 

As he already knew how to climb on his own, husband decided to lowered down his cot so that it won't be at dangerous level once he climbed himself. Now, the cot is not his bed any more. It turns out to be his playground. Maximum time he can spend in his lala land is one hour. Which is good enough for us to settle down few things. But that depends on his mood too! Since he is in good mood today, I managed to capture his smiles. Let's see how cheeky Ilyaas can be once he shows us this type of smile, that make me feel so special being a mother. 


  1. hehe..very cheeky la ilyaas..sgt sabo nk tunggu alisha sengih and ketawa..hehe

  2. kan, cheeky sgt rupa dia kalau sengih mcm tu...

    alisha nnt sure tersenyum mcm kme..sengih2 bermakna..

  3. amzar baru 8.4 kg haha! kalah dah ngn ilyash

  4. amzar suka lari2 skrg tu kurus tu.ilyaash baru panjat sana sini..kekgi kurus gak kot ge amzar


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