Thursday, June 28, 2018

Raya 2018

Assalamualaikum you all sekalian, 

Hari ni dah masuk 14 Syawal. I hope it's not too late for me to wish Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin untuk semua. 

2018 raya falls on Friday, so continue with weekend and both of us amik extra another 5 days break to be with our families from Penang, Kedah and Terengganu. Puas beraya kali ni, cuma makan raya je kurang puas coz berjaga-jaga takut berat badan naik banyak and susah nak turun. hahah, itu pon try portion control and limit kan my sugary water intake je. 

2018, giliran raya in my parents' house on the first raya. 

My mini family tema warna yellow mustard. 
My dad and mum brown-pink while adik2 only Imran cannot join us on the first day of raya coz he had to be on standby dekat estate. 
Izzat was wearing full set green baju melayu while Amir was wearing only top baju melayu in khakis colour. 

After solat sunat Aidilfitri and a round of makan nasi tomato at home, we all went to Kak Bi's and Abg Nayan's house dkt flat in front of my parents' house. Kak Bi was the one who took care of me when my mum when to work and I was in pantang. 

Then, we balik Penang Island to my grandmother's house. My cousin from KL pon balik. 

With Nadia, my closest cousin. We are now working under the same company! what a coincidence sangat and I'm sure tok must be very happy to hear this. By the way that's not her baju raya tau. She was wearing something else until petang she decided to be in our grandmother's baju kedah and kain batik coz it was very hot outside. Dah petang baru we feel like nak keluar rumah to take photos. 

On the second day of raya, I am wearing baju kurung pahang , classic pattern with sulam. 
My mum belikan the kain from Vietnam early this year. 

In my dad's kampung visiting my uncles and aunties. 

In front on Tok Jang's house in Kulim. 

It was a long day and full of visiting relatives. Banyak gambar xsempat ambil pon. 

Third day of raya, awal2 pagi my dad went out to pasar and mum started cooking. Coz we will be receiving guests to our house for raya visit. 

I started the day by visiting my cikgu sekolah rendah since standard 1. 

Also xde picture because I was a bit shy to ask her to take photos since it has been sometime since I last meet her. 

In the afternoon, Izyan came with her big family. 

My high school friend with our kids. She is not residing in Singapore, an architect!

Malam pulak after Maghrib, my relatives from my mum's side come. Tok, maksu, makteh and aunty did not come coz tok was not so well. Mamaran and Nadia as well Bamahmud dah balik KL. 

It was full day and tiring but enjoyable. The next morning, we depart from BM to Terengganu at 4.10am. 

My kids sleeping in the car throughout our wee hours journey to terengganu. 

Once we arrive in Bukit Payong at my in law's house, terus siap2 nak pergi beraya. Really a tiring day but again, full of happiness. We visited Suwook and Kilong on the 4th raya. 
With Imani, my only daughter's at Suwook's

And Iyaadh finally slept at Suwook's. Pity him. Penat travel and terus pergi beraya. 

On the 5th raya, we were very excited to go to Aunty Ayu's open house. Food kat situ semua sedap,and her cookies raya also the best la. we ordered tiga balang from her too. 
but that morning, KB family pon datang visit so mak was cooking pulut kuning with chicken rendang. Sedap gila but manage to keep myself alert not to go overboard. so makan sekali je. tp menyesal now coz sedap nya pulut kuning mak. 

With KB Family. Extended family members on my husband side from KB

My kids getting ready for Aunty Ayu's open house

Cucu perempuan HD

Cucu lelaki HD

Gambar dkt rumah aunty ayu takde pulak . don't know where but all of us did take pictures dkt rumah aunty ayu sbb her decorations sgt exlusive gitu. I had my migraine attack dkt situ coz the music was very loud.

the rest of the days were spent in my in law's lepak2 until saturday kitaorg balik and sleep over in Janda Baik.

It was a very well spent Eid Holiday for us.

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