Friday, September 11, 2009

CuRrEnT WiShLiSt

i want this..this..and this..can I?

1- A pair of new long dress that will make me look elegant. I want it to be very solid and look expensive though the price will not be too expensive.

2- I want a ring. Silver or White Gold. A very simple design with no fancy decoration and not too big. and not too flashy.

3- I want my hair to grow faster.and to be healthy.

4- I want a new handphone. simple, stylish. I dont care what model it is. I want it to be elegant and cool. not too complicated for me to use since I am not born to live with fancy gadgets. :P

5-I want new handbag. from desigual. or LizClaiborne

6- I want new sport bag@ gym bag. In fact this would be my first gym bag. Probably by Nike or Puma. or Kiplings.

7- I want a new watch. With lady like look. not like those watch I used to have. All sporty and kiddy style.

8- I want a new jubah. Any dark color jubah with simple decoration.My old jubah(s) seem too old. Need new one at least for Aidilfitri and AidilAdha.

9- I want an apartment. A house. under my name. Can?

10-I want flight tickets. For me to go back to penang that i can be with my mum to do preparation for aidilfitri....

top of all, i want duit raya. :( this year i will not get any duit raya...n it will be my first year giving duit raya to kids...

--lesson: lets go and work hard. lets make money. my wish list can't be true if i dun have money kan?--


  1. Lalink~
    Mentang2 balik field trip byk duit, so dah ade wish list la ek??

    JOm ikut i beli wedding ring lepas raye..hehe..

    I pon dah usha beg kat Puma hr tue..nice n sporty..

    Jam kawen I very the lady like btul.huhu..

    take care dear~

    ps: Can I get duit raya from u?? I blom keje tau..

  2. eh..mana boley u dpt duit raya dr i..i adik..u yg kompem, abg atoi kn bg duit raya.hahah..

    mana sempat i nak teman u gi cr wedding ring tu..i kat spore pas raya smpi november..

    mana ada bnyk duit pon, angan2 mat jenin jer ni...kalaula ada jejaka kacak lagi kaya nak sponsor i, bahagiaaaanyaaaa

  3. waaaa...berderet wishlist!!
    uits....aku nk claim duet raye gak!!
    meh2 raye mlake... >_<


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