Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the promise.the happiness.the joy.the stress

the promise and the happiness
it was 17th of September. and Alhamdulillah. I can't describe more but saying Alhamdulillah is enough for me now. I will keep my promise, at least to myself, not to anyone else that I will be a good companion this time,and I want it to last forever. I want it to fill my life forever and stay with me forever. I want it to be my hopes and to be my dreams. I won't expect much but I will give what ever I can give cause I realized its not the matter what you received and what you get, it just the matter what you are willing to share and to give.

the happiness and the joy
this year was my first time celebrating eid with my family after 3years being far away from them during this big celebration. Though the time given was too short, I appreciate it very much. I recorded every memories I have during the celebration coz I never know will I have the same chance again next year or the following years. But I am ready for what will come. I enjoy my raya sooo much. I have three baju kurung (one is still with the tailor) and it is my first time giving duit raya. Honestly it is not an easy work to do. You have to calculate few times, thinking who should you give, how much should you give and have to make sure no one is left behind. everyone in my family was expecting something from me. Well, I started to admit the fact that I am a bit 'different' from everyone else in the family. Not to say that I'm arrogant but I guest that;s the fact and I have to deal with it wisely, if not I will trap myself within that expectation.
The raya celebration for 2009 shows me how much i love my family and how much my family loves me. I mean my Mum, my Dad and my three brothers. We all are very happy to spend little time together.

the stress
well, on the 2nd day of raya, I have to come back to Singapore for work @ training. No extra holiday for me. My mum was sad, so do I. but I get used to this situation plus I am kinda looking forward to come back after all..:P
And the stress starts as I have test this Friday and lots of topics have to be covered and all of them are GEOPHYSICS topics which are not my interest. Frankly speaking, I'm trying hard to cope and to understand. well, i can understand at the moment the trainer lectured in the class, but when I;m revising the lecture notes, confusion starts to linger in my mind. Whatever it is, I'll try my best this time. I believe I can do it if I really put a focus in it. Even though I can;t in the end, I won't regret if I already put an effort in achieving it. So, till now, have to start study.

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to all=)

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