Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pulau Ubin Getaway

Pulau Ubin, located nearby Changi Point, Singapore--> an island that is so called preserving Singaporian national parks.

It was nice going there with few Georisers from Russia and Canada. We did few activities and the major part was cycling around the island, visiting the jetty, mangrove and coastal walk, climbing the view tower and eating lunch at the only Malay restaurant in the island. I did introduce my friends with our air kelapa. and all of them love the taste. the cycling was tiring but I really enjoy it as an adventure of my outdoor activities. Slalu just jalan and climbing je during the field trips, but cycling is exciting too! =) though I suffers from severe pain on my palms and legs, but I will never say NO if i get the chance to do it again especially at the dirt track which I found to be the most exciting part in the whole bike track.

the experience is valuable and meaningful. I learn few things and love all of it.=) looking forward for next weekend activities in Singapore. Got few plans and will decide later where to go first....
now, will be focusing on my 2nd presentation on velocity analysis in seismic processing which I will be presenting this wednesday...

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