Wednesday, September 9, 2009

suddenly..i feel like..

No. its not that I'm falling in love or what (well, if I am falling in love, I won't reveal it here)...
But I just suddenly feel like i want to be with my girl friends now..
its has been a while since i last saw them..February to be exact date..February 12. it was the last time all of us gathered for our convocation in John Curtin Open Area. That;s it, after the graduation and photo taking session, all of us lead our own way. Some of us are now so called career woman, some are now married and happily living with their husband, some are now continuing study in their master, some are on offshore somewhere in Vietnam..
I fall under the group of working woman! OMG! I used the word woman! NO No No...I'm not yet a woman. In my own definition, woman define a lady who is already married and have kid. So,the right phrase is I fall under the group of working Lady..OK..
well,it has been nearly 1month and half I am away from Malaysia for work training and I still have another 1month and half to finish this training. I was send to US for a field assignment ( Well, my life surrounded by field tripsssss since 4years ago)..I wish that US trip will be the end of my field trip, but I guest that will only be in my dream since I have another assign for a field trip next month!!! and if I continue my study in pure geology subject, I will be surrounded by tones of field tripsss!!!

WHY! Do I look tough enough to be undergoing all these field trips!

U know, I am now able to do the natural toilet.Oh you can call me expert already. those field trips tought me of that.Well, the part that I miss with field tripsss is my friends.. The girls...They always there with me, going through all the hardness together for 3yeras, but not anymore. I am alone, working, leading my life, planning my future, developing myself to be a what I want to achieved..

Yet when I am so in need to be with my girls, all of them are all over the world...How? should I find new girl friends? Yes, I did have some other girl friends..but they will never likely to understand me they way my geology girls understand me..coz these girls know exactlly when I am angry, when I am emotional, when I am crying for pain, when I am really craving for Gelare Macadamia Nut Vanilla ice cream and pan cakes and chocolate with almond and Orea McFlurry, and Cheezy Wedges, when I am so in need of shopping. and they will always be one of them to accompany me doing those thing.

This is life. at least to my extend. Phase of life changes, we meet new people, we make new friends, we learn new things, we taste new flavour, we feel new and different pains, we fall in love and we forget till we meet the right one, we feel depressed over the same thing over and over again while new stressfull situation is still waiting for us ahead... and I still have to face it whether I like it or not. Whether I really want to be in that situation or I really don;t want...

What I learn is, be mentally and emotionally prepared for any situations. You will never ever know when, where and how you will be put in those situations. Be strong ( I believed I am a strong person and also lucky)..HMM....Just that, writing craps will end up in thinking craps while I'm having my first written exam tomorrow and I don't do any revision, I would better end now.. I mean NOW..

ps: I miss my geology girls including Ipah...and I still missing Perth, the place I found myself feels comfortable to be.


  1. laling~
    U know how to do natural toilet huh??

    Haha..I teringat zaman askar I, wat natural toilet, but I x penah masuk pun.. :D strong girl..emm..not a girl, lady kan?
    be strong and worthy woman..erkk..again lady..

    asyik sasul jer..memang u layak la jadi woman~

    Gud luck anyway!
    Hope u r doing good there..

    ps: abang sgt sombong, sgt tak reply msg, sgt tak angkat call..dah malas nak layan! =(

  2. sis:) i br mengusha blog u..lama i xsempat nk bukak, busy ngn training ni.cantik2 gambar u n abg la dapat photoshot free:)
    btw, natural toilet tu bukan nye yg disediakan, tu yg i pegi korek tanah sendiri, pastu melaksanakan hajat dgn jayanya..heheh..
    takpe2, sasul2 pon boleh la, yg pntg i lady jer lagi.u la nk jd woman dah..haha..

    ps: i can say now that i dun care what will happen to him. masing-masing ada life, biarla die lead life die, u lead life u..n i skg pon alhamdulillah happy dgn life i n person next to me currently :)


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