Tuesday, September 29, 2009

think science

who said when u start working, u will not be a student?

for me, the answer is no way u can't avoid the student word in this entire life.

after all, Rasulullah did say 'menuntut ilmu biar sampai ke negeri China' which means it is a journey, a long distance journey with so many things appears in the middle of the journey.

I believe this and happy to be part of this scientific world though my contribution is likely to be 0.00000000000001% to science world or maybe less.

Though its hard, I trust myself that I can always do it. Wherever I tried hard, I will be satisfied unless I did a mistake (which is common as a human). Science is an interesting world. Geophysics is part of science that hard for me but not new anymore. I always said im not talented with physics and calculations but I realized its not that bad before when I was in high school. I do love Add Maths and partly love Physic coz I have to in order for me to excell in SPM (not that excell after all)..

between high school- college-uni life, I left maths and physics which I thought would be easier and better for me. But as I started working, physics and calculations once more approach me and it comes with a package of programming that I never ever learn before in my life. So, it is a challenge for me to do this. It is not easy. But it is not too hard, just put an effort and try the best.

- my current state is halfway physco cause too much information to absorb on swan automatic velocity analysis which i reckon as a desirable method for velocity analysis in seismic processing, so here goes my super academic entry-

- pls excuse this for this time-

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