Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review on Merak Buckle Tai by Neeza Needle

As most of you know, I support baby wearing. Currently, I only have one baby carrier.Custom made by NeezaNeedle. I always tempted to order some more from her, especially when I see the new fabrics coming in plus all the new features she has created for the recent buckle tai.

I have been using Merak Buckle Tai since last July. So, I would like to take some opportunity to write in some review for this baby carrier.

NeezaNeedle Baby Carrier is awesome because :-

  1. The fabrics is good quality. It is strong enough and it is also warm to wear anywhere you go.So, it is temperature friendly. My baby tidak berpeluh-peluh bila pakai baby carrier ini.
  2. Easy to wear. Just like 1, 2, 3. and I'm done. Just need to watch the tutorial video for first time.
  3. Comfortable. As said in comment no.1, it is warm to wear anywhere. Baby even can fall asleep in the carrier.
  4. Have warranty for one year. Cool kan sebab this is handmade and still got warranty. Means NeezaNeedle really care for her customers. Just keep in the receipt.
  5. It's affordable. compare the price with other baby carriers in the market like BabyBjorn, they are lots pricey. 
  6. Custom made: you can choose your fabric, your carrier type, your add-ons and tell NeezaNeedle, they will try to satisfy you.
  7. My baby has been growing so fast last two months, but he still can fit the carrier nicely. I bet, by the time he is 1 years old, he will still enjoy been carried in the carrier. So,NeezaNeedle Baby Carrier is a long term purchase item.
Top of all, I like this carrier because it's Asian style baby carrier. Asian style baby carrier has more benefits than other carrier. Can read more here about Asian style baby carrier.

NeezaNeedle also states that Asian style baby carriers are more ergonomic since baby's legs are not hanging  and the baby's body is closed enough to the mother/father/carer, so it is more safer. Asian style baby carrier also does not hurt the carer's back. Trust me, it's true! I have been carrying Ilyaas for more than one hour in shopping centre, and my back does not hurt.

Till then, enjoy baby wearing. It helps to create the closed bond.

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