Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Run, Mummy, Run by Cathy Glass : Book Review

Synopsis from Cathy Glass :-
*This is a true story*

When Aisha, 29, an attractive and intelligent Asian woman, meets Mark - charming, handsome and successful, she knows she has met the man of her dreams. After a brief romantic courtship they marry, and Aisha is soon expecting their first child. But there is a sinister side to Mark, which has been hidden, and now starts to emerge.
Aisha returns home from hospital with their baby and Mark flies into a rage and knocks her unconscious. One incident quickly follows another and Aisha finds herself trapped in a highly abusive and violent marriage. With no money, and terrified of what Mark might do, she doesn't want to bring dishonour to her family by admitting what is happening and ask for help.
With two children, desperate, and fearing for her life, Aisha finally seizes an opportunity to stop the abuse for good. Although now free of her abuser she is crucified by guilt, which undermines any chance of happiness, and also her sanity. Only when she discovers Mark's past can she start to come to terms with what she has done and look towards the future.


Puan Cherry's opinion on this novel:-

 It gives me different perspective of life. How lucky am I to be grand with a stable life from school years to university years, followed by a career in a very demanding field. Most of all, been married to such a lovely, caring and responsible husband. Reading the novel make me love my husband even more that I can't put myself to understand Aisha's situation being jailed and abusive by her own husband whom she loves too much in the beginning.

From this novel, I learned how strong can a woman particularly a mother can be to stand out for the children. It's a magical that Aisha can raise up again after all she had experiencing during her marriage to Mark. This make me believe the power of family support as Aisha received lots of supports from her parents.

I would recommend all of you to read this novel if you prefer something different from normal love story.

Here is recent update about Aisha if you are interested to know more. It was updated on April 2011.

Mental Note: I think I'm liking Cathy Glass' writing for now as how much I used to like Jodi Piccoult's once before I conceived Ilyaas.

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