Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lil Daisy Cupcake,Ampang

When we went to KL last week, both Halim and me have one off day from any classes or conference to attend. So, we went out to few places in KL. Plan asal nak dating berdua, tapi masa bangun pagi badan Ilyaas dah rasa mcm nak demam, and kitaorg sebagai ibu bapa yang penyayang ni xsampai hati nak tinggalkan Ilyaas dgn Opah, so bawa Ilyaas keluar sekali. Tapi kejap je la, before noon dah balik rumah after selesaikan semua urusan. 

I already made earlier appointment with Effa from Lildaisy to pick up my orders on this day. We went there at about 11am. The shop is located in Axis Atrium, Ampang. Here is the address for the shop:

Lot GK3A Axis Atrium Ampang, 
Taman Cempaka, 
68000 Ampang

I got to know LilDaisy in last 2011, when I when for short shopping trip during lunch our to Ampang Point. I saw their booth in LRT Ampang Point, and was delighted to try their macaroons. Kebetulan, my sis in law who also loves macs is coming to KL, so I bought quite a number. Lagipun, harga macs kat Lildaisy ni sgt murah compare to other places in KL. only RM2 per piece. Can read my first experience purchasing macs from Lildaisy in this entry.

Well, bila dah sampai kat outlet Lildaisy ni, I asked permission from Effa, one of the shop owner to capture some pictures of her shop to be put on this blog. Heheh... Mari kita lihat beberapa keping gambar  di kedai comel Lildaisy ni...

I like this section. Ada flowers and Al-Quran! Amazing and Alhamdulillah. 

Their ready made selling items on display
 Small section at the corner. For toppings. Cute right?..sorry this pic tak rotate, tak reti

This is what I purchase.  Half kg Red Velvet Cake, RM35. 1.0 kg is RM55. 

The inside look of Red Velvet Cake. Sedap! Kakak2 iparku suka.

Dan juga macaroons ordered by my sis in law yang hantu macs.
Nyum2 sedapnya...

Last but not least, let's take a look what was si kecil doing while umi was waiting for Effa to finish up packing the cake and macs..
Tolak kerusi Lildaisy sepanjang corridor and main kejar2 dgn ayah

Happy face Ilyaas Hafiy and his Umi

InsyaAllah will come back in June to collect our macs for bro in law hantaran..

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  1. Yummy umm..
    Nmpak cm sume sdap2.

  2. RED VELVET tu ayah suka gila. siap 2 kali tambah padehal kek lain rasa satu sudu je. sbb kek ni tak manis tu ayah suka heheh..
    btw kenapa bukak blog athi dia cakap warning, malware detected. tp kj proceed aje bukak

  3. oo pastuh haritu kj penah komen kt athi. pastuh kan nk publish komen kena type balik words yg appear tu. tp sbb sampai sudah kj taip salah sbb kadg2 dia nye tulisan susah nk baca. pstuh x jd komen sbb susah sgt kuikui

  4. Wow! thank u so much for this entry. Means so much to us usahawan kecil2an ni. hehe.
    Just Lildaisy.

  5. Sekarang ade lagu ke kat situ


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