Saturday, October 1, 2011

Of Baby Cubes, Macaroons and Mash Potato

Went to Ampang Park during lunch hour with Mr Hubby. Initial plan was to buy baby cubes at Tiny Tapir.
I have been eyeing on baby cubes since I started solid for Ilyaas. As Ilyaas is already 6 month plus now, I wanted to make homemade food for him and bekalkan ke rumah babysitter every day. I always faced difficulties in keeping his food into small portion. Usually I used Ikea tupperware, the smallest size I ever found. But that still large for him. The Ikea food container can be used to store meal for 3 times eating. So, I doesn't feel right to freeze-reheat-freeze-reheat so many times for each food container. Well, baby doesn't eat a lot. Just a spoonful is enough for them for every meal.

I found baby cubes to fix my problem with the food container. And lucky Tiny Tapir sells them.Little Whiz also has them. As Ampang Park is only one station away from my office in KLCC, I asked My Hubby to accompany me. I wanted to buy the 7oz container in the first place, but it was sold out. They only have the 1 oz. So, I just grab a box of 1 oz baby cubes. Hopefully this will help me in preparing the best homemade food for Ilyaas.

The baby cubes
Well, on the way back to KLCC, I was stopped by a booth selling little cute colourful macaroons. I never buy macaroons on my own. I always taste them when some else bought. The some else is my sister in-law. And she's coming to KL this weekend. Thinking of her and that colourful macaroons, I make decision to buy some. The have nice packaging. Macam door gift pulak. And the sell each macaroon for RM2 and RM3 for red velvel flavour. The taste is of course sweeettttt but it's nice. And it is recommended. Well, here is their website;
LilDaisyCupcakes. They have branch in Bangi, Seri Kembangan, Ampang and Terengganu.
the nice wrapping macaroons.just like the door gift.
 Oh, before it become backdated, I want to share how I make mash-potato for Ilyaas. Very easy peasy.

Mash-Potato for babies
1. 2 medium sized holland potatoes
2.Enough clean water to boil

1. Peel of the skin of the potatoes.
2. Wash it clean and soak it in a water for few minutes.
3. Fill in your periuk with clean water.
4. Boil for 20 minutes/or until the potatoes are soft enough.
5. Mash them. Just enough by penyek-penyekkan dgn spoon.
6. Put them in blender, and blend them.
7. Done. divide into your container.
Homemade mash potato for Ilyaas.made with love.


  •  Add few spoonful of water from the rebusan potatoes utk pastikan rasanya manis2.
  • two medium sized potatoes can make two full Ikea (smallest size container).

Ok till then =) Enjoy reading. and Have a nice weekend semua orang 

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