Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Ilyaas Hafiy

So, it has been 2 years since I gave birth to my baby boy, Ilyaas Hafiy. He has grown up so fast, very fast indeed. I planned to have just simple birthday celebration for him. Kebetulan, we went back to Terengganu (in fact baru je sampai from Terengganu petang tadi), so with the help from my eldest SIL, I order cake from Ziq Bakery. Plan to have Kek Boboiboy, tapi diorang tak buat pulak. So, tempah kek bola. 

Malam 24 Mac, we did small celebration. Actually kek ni cover sekali birthday 2 cousins Ilyaas, Farzana and Fahim yang also March Baby. Masa nak tiup lilin tu, Ilyaas nangis sakan. Lawak jugak tengok, but as a mother, I feel bad sebab buat Ilyaas rasa takut while he supposed to be happy and celebrate his birthday. Ilyaas mcm sedikit fobia dgn api, I don't know why. 
The cake and simple birthday celebration

For the gift pulak, I had ordered handmade felt ABC from my senior in TKC, Kak Nurul. So, tadi on the way balik from Ganu, we stopped over kejap kat KL and collect Ilyaas' birthday present. Kak Nurul did this by herself. So kagum of her cause she's an engineer, with two small kids and carrying another one inside her but still managed to sew this one. Thanks Kak Nurul for accepting my order. My husband pulak belikan Ilyaas school bag Boboiboy . Happy la dia.

Ilyaas' second birthday gift.
With Love from Umi and Ayah

Well, my baby boy is no longer an infant. He is a toddler now. A big brother to Imani Hafiyya. But he is always my baby, forever. He is a handsome boy now. Smart and Grumpy some time. I know I will have to deal with the stage of terrible two soon. But both husband and myself  will try to face this stage dgn penuh kesabaran dan kasih sayang. 

To Ilyaas, do take care of yourself. Jangan nakal and buas sgt ye. Selalu tercederakan diri sendiri these few weeks. Sometime he is over excited sampai jatuh terhantuk sana sini. Btw at 24 months old, Ilyaas dah sgt kurang minum susu, waktu malam je. And dia dah boleh sebut umi longer Maa..

And gigi geraham ke-3 tgh fever pls do not come near my son...


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