Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My grandmother passed away

Last night, my grandmother on my dad's side passed away in her telekung, while performing  Isyak prayer.

I received call from my mum around 10.30pm.Straight away packed our half-way-unpacked laguages and drove north.Arrived at Bukit Mertajam around 1.30am.Did not went back to Sg Seluang since my kids are not really well (post raya sindrome).

After Subuh, head back to my tok's house in Sg Seluang,Kulim. Recite Suratul Yassin to arwah and had opp to help during memandikan jenazah process.great valuable experience.Thanks to kiddos for not being grumpy and to husband for helping in taking care of them.

Her body was burried next to her late husband grave..semoga rohnya tenang di sana dan di tempatkan di kalangan mereka yg beriman.

Will be going back to kampung again tonight for tahlil.pls sedekahkan Al Fatihah to my late Tok Nab..

Al Fatihah.....



  1. Al fatihah utk nenda sis..

    Akk mmg tiap2 tahun blk penang..pokok sena, kepala batas penang...nx raya jmputla dtg ye..

  2. takziah dear.semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat.alfatihah


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