Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dinner at Greentown Dimsum Cafe (HALAL)

Eating out has been our kind of mini get away or celebrating something good. 
Since both of us already submitted our hardbound thesis last two weeks, we desire for some celebration. 
Ikutkan hati, memang nak book tiket, pergi overseas bercuti dengan anak-anak. or if not overseas, just Langkawi, perhaps. 
Tapi, memandangkan we got few distractions to do so, we choose to celebrate it by eating outside in a quite decent restaurant. 

We choose Greentown Dimsum Cafe which has HALAL Certification from Jakim. 

This cafe is located in Greentown, Ipoh and it is next to Clarks outlet and along the same row with Chatime Cafe. 

Address: No 10, Persiaran Greentown 4, Greentown Aveneu, Ipoh. 
They close every Tuesday. 
Open since 8.00 am until 9.00pm. 

Well, this is actually our second time here. The first time was when we throw a farewell party to our friend who is going to work in Miri. 

Their famous dimsum. 
Both, husband and myself fall in love with Pyramid Dumpling. 
Yummy sangat. 
They also sell frozen dumpling. 
One pack got 30pcs and cost about RM42 (for wrapped dumpling)
One pack got 42 pcs and cost about RM35 (for Mai - unwrapped dumpling)

Other menu. 
They sell noodles, rice, tofu, soups, and also porridge. 
So, for that night, I choose Bihun Tomyam. 

Banyak ingredients which include chicken, crab sticks, vegetables, and prawn. 
And lotsa of bawang and capsicum. (I don't like them). 

My husband ordered Thai Chilli Chicken. 
comes with rice. 
Sedap. and very spicy. 

For Ilyaas we ordered Lemon Chicken Rice. 
Habis satu pinggan portion orang dewasa dia makan. 
I did not order anything specific for Imani because knowing her, memang tak suka makan. 
So, share jer dengan umi and his brother. 

And finally, we ordered our fav...Pyramid Dumpling. 
Each of us take 3 pieces. 
Cannot share. kedekut. 

But surprisingly, Imani likes this one. 
She ate one whole lot of the dumpling. 

that's all. 

(harini speaking english kejap)


  1. Assalam.pyramid dumpling tu isinya apa e 😁 penah dtg mkn sini skali je tp xtry yg ni.

  2. wslm. isinya udang, sedikit sayur and telur masin (part kuning only)


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