Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Baby Carrier Rental- from Little Damia SSC Rental Services


Within this tight schedule...I nak cuba share one good service. 

Baby Carrier Rental Service. 

Since Imani is now a toddler, she no longer fits in our own baby carrier. And of course, I tak plan untuk beli a toddler size carrier yet sebab Imani dah berlari sana sini and I pun rarely use it unless travelling overseas. 

Masa nak ke Jakarta haritu, few weeks before that, I did little search over the internet and post up a fb status asking who know anybody can rent their toddler size carrier for a week. I was directed by my friend to baby wearing group. After been accepted in the group, I pun search and found this one lady, Puan Mazlina. She has very good reviews and she offers affordable price to rent her toddler size carrier. 
Quickly I whats app her malam tu jugak dia reply and we communicate via whats app until mid night. *Well, thanks Kak Mazlina for answering all my questions etc*
Malam tu jugak I decided untuk rent carrier from her. 
I rent Jumpsac toddler size, dengan gambar elmo. Actually Kak Mazlina ada banyak carrier and variable brands and size. I pilih yang ni since the deposit amount is the cheapest. hehehehhe. 
The carrier really helped us during our last trip to Jakarta. 
Imani was sleeping when we arrived Penang airport so she continued sleeping peacefully in the carrier while we settled the baggage drop. 

Masa pergi Tanah Abang pun, my husband carried her and she fast asleep in the carrier for the whole one hour we did some shopping at Tanah Abang. 

Memang sangat2 membantu and berbaloi rent a carrier from Kak Mazlina sebab harga dia murah and deposit pun tak banyak sangat plus she is very very good at answering our questions etc. 

One week Rm30 only for rental. 
Deposit for Jumpsac yang I rent ni Rm150. 

Deposit price depends on the brand. Brand lagi mahal, lagi tinggi la depositnya. 

The deposit money will be used for postage, and cleaning of the carrier. 

Kebetulan masa I rent tu ada promotion Raya Haji and September Promo, maka I dapat rent for longer period. 
But too bad, I dah tak guna pun dalam longer period tu since dah masuk office, tak jalan mana2 pun dengan jerebu nya lagi....

Another help from the carrier. Nak beratur naik shuttle bus dekat airport Jakarta until dalam plane I pakai...

Overall, kalau sesapa nak rent baby carrier untuk travel or just to give it a try for different brand, kindly contact Kak Mazlina. 

Ni her facebook page

Or visit her blog

Thank You Kak Mazlina for the very good service. 

*semoga bisnes akak makin maju*


  1. besar modal buat sewa carrier ni kan....

  2. Assalam...Ya Allah terharu sangat sis...Terima kasih ya :) next time akak bagi lg diskaun spesel kat sis je


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