Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tribute to my girl - Nora Aida ..selamat jadi isteri org

ini dia...yg ditunggu-tunggu..(xde kot org tngu, aku je excited) wahahha

wedding kak chom and ala'a (apsal xpngl die abg ala'a yer? tgh fikir kejap)..huhu

i knew this couple in 2006..i knew kak chom or her full name Nora Aida Ramly when we first meet in ESU, KLCC. she was soooo sombong that time. that's my first impression to her. but then we meet again in KLIA, when all of us were going to fly to Miri for our first yr degree in Geology. She was still sombong.maybe because she was not from our group in the first place...

Once we settled down in Miri, we became closer and closer to each other and gosh, i realize how much this Nora Aida acted liked a young girl though she is slightly older than me. She is very2 funny to talk with. A friend that can make me feel comfortable to be with though its normal to have some misunderstanding btw friends right. after all, no one's perfect aite?:P

She got her kak chom's name as she is soooo comel..seriously, sgt comel ok! i mean the way she acted heerself...i still remember her favourite phrase " I sepak u tergolek2 masuk neraka"
...she is a sister to me. a friend to me. she contribute quite an history in my life. her advices make me thinks. her suggestions and some harsh words make me realize. her happiness and coolness make me feel comfortable. her anxiety makes me knows her more and more. her gedikness makes me feel 'nak gedik jugak boley?'...

btw, back to Nora Aida and Ahamad Alaa'..they are superb couple. i can say that since they have been in relationship for 6years and it was long distances - Australia-Malaysia-Egypt... (can anyone imagine how?)

tabik spring sama kamu berdua..very proud...very the contoh teladan la...:)

n the get married on 23rd November 2008..(few days after our final exams kan kak chom)..sorry i wasn;t there...u kawin mengejut sgt..(but i understand that ur parents were in cuba and its hard to find suitable time)..n their receptions was done only in June...since thats the only date her dad can come back to Malaysia from Cuba..

To Kak Chom and Alaa' --> All the best with your new life as married couple. May happiness be with you two forever. Semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat :)

ps: doakan athi to get good soleh husband as well :)


  1. ohh..ni ke ur fren yg kawen kat Saujana Impian tue ehh??

    hehe..I terbayang u post en3 pasal i plak nnti!

    ps: AMinnn..semoga dpt calon suami yg baik2... =p

  2. kak chom sememangnye chomeyl :P

  3. of cors la islah..mmg kak chom comel pon:) hhuhu

    sis, yup..mmg ni la kawan i yg kawin kat saujana impian tu..n of cors la...u n abg atoi tak lama lg masuk gak blog i:) ms i tulis en3 ni pon i dh plan, bulan 12 nnt en3 utk u plak..gugu

  4. bile pulak turn kamu...tunggu neh


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