Friday, February 6, 2009

Spaghetti Meat Ball


For making meat balls:-
a)1/2 kilo mince meat
b)3-4 spoon of cornflour
c)A bit of pepper
d)A bit of salt
e)A bit of garlic powder
f) A bit of dry coriander and rosemary
g)Oil for frying

How to make the meat balls?
1- defrost the mince meat.
2- Put it in a bowl and put ingredients (c--f) in the bowl
3- Mix them well
4- Make balls of meat..the size is depend on your choice
5- Roll the meat balls on the cornflour
6- Heat frying pan and cooked/fry them for 3-5minutes
7-Leave them aside

For making the sauce:-
a)3-4 slices of garlic
b)1/4 onions
c) 1 can of tomato paste
d) two table spoons of fresh blend basil and coriander
e)Oil for cooking
f) Water
g) Chili sauce

Making the sauce:--
1- heat the frying pan and put garlic and onions
2- Fry them until golden brown color
3- Put tomato paste into the pan
4- Put a cup of water and let it stemmed (if you like your sauce to be more soupy, put more water)
5- put the blend basil and coriander. if you have rosemary or any other herbs, put them together
6- Put some chili sauce if you like it to be a bit spicy
7- Put the half cooked meat balls into the sauce and let it stemmed for 10minutes or more.depends on how soupy you want your sauce to be.
8- Meanwhile, boil water in a pot. Once it boiled, put spaghetti in it. Put a table spoon of oil in the boiling spaghetti to make it smother and more tasty. Leave it boiled until all of them totally soft.
9- Serves the spaghetti with the meatballs' sauce!:)Yummy!

Not to forget, put some parmesian cheese or shredded cheddar cheese on top of your spaghetti!


  1. sedapnye...
    b0le krm kat sni x?? hehe.. :P

  2. rase spagheti nih macam rase spagheti pizza hut punyer ker???

    waaaa....terliur sudah!!

  3. i think the rasa is more delicious than at pizza hut..try la kmar:) sdp


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