Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back to work check-list

Assalamualaikum and Hi All =)

I have been a working mum for the last week and IAllah for another years to come. Only now that I realize, being a mother, wife, and also an employee is not an easy task to do. I thought it was easy because my mum can do it, my MIL can do it and lots of women out there are doing it. But I guest Allah has granted women with inner spirit that make her stand all these responsibilities (+ other responsibilities) with calm.

First day at work, only Allah knows how hard it was. Lucky me that I'm working in the same office as my husband.So, he really gave me some courage to stay focus on the computer screen to revise my linux script etc. And lucky me on the first day, I was assigned to PSTM + PSDM for Tembungo 3D, so I was fully occupied and it distracts me from thinking how is Ilyaas doing at babysitter's. Every pumping sessions make me wanna fly to babysitter's house to directly bf him.during the 1st day, I managed to do two pumping sessions, while on the 2nd and 3rd day, I managed to do it three times!Alhamdulillah, rezeki Ilyaas. dpt la around 14-17oz a day.

Now that we have a kid, both my husband and I go to work by LRT and we parked our car at Sentul LRT station. So, if any of us has to do over-time or has unfinished work for the day, either one of us can go back first and fetch Ilyaas from babysitter's. Usually we leave house at 7.30am, send Ilyaas to babysitter's at 7.45am, arrive at office around 8.20-8.30am, and fetch Ilyaas at 6.15pm. Hope this schedule will be fix, at least for one of us.If not, I can't bare to leave Ilyaas longer with his babysitter.

On the first day back to was so tiring and un-expected experience for both of us. We both were busy with work loads in the office and cant wait to see Ilyaas in the evening, Reach home and has to take turn for Asar prayer as Ilyaas was seeking our attention especially from his Umi. Bf Ilyaas, take bath, cook dinner,do the laundry, lipat the baju, thaw ebm for the next day, sterilized all bottles and breast pump equipments, play with Ilyaas etc etc etc...And the most tiring yet a relieving thing to do was eating while breast feed him. He wants to 'gombeng' almost all the time during the night.(Alhamdulillah for that as he still wants me rather than bottle!)and he also meragam a bit during sleeping time hence I have to stay-up till 3.30am.

Alhamdulillah, 2nd 3rd and 4th day, three of us managed to understand each of everyone role and routine better. Ilyaas understands that he has to be send to babysitter's during the morning while Umi & Ayah go to work. He also understand that once we reach home, he will search for my b***st before anything else. Feed him first before I attend other house chores. ..Alhamdulillah that 3 of us are coping well with this routine now.

btw, enough of my experience..this is a thing i want to share with all readers,


For Mother:-
1) Iron all ur baju kurung/blouse/trousers/tudung for the whole week b4 start working.
2) Get ur shoes and socks ready in front of the door night before.
3) Sort all bags on table/cabinet so u won't forget any.
4) check ur breast pump bag.I only bring my Medela bag, no more handbag to office.
5) put ice pack in the freezer 1 day before and don't forget to put it in chiller bag morning b4 go to work.
6) put empty bottles(i use 4 bottles a day) for pumping sessions.
7) ur nursing poncho/nursning cover.
8)NAME TAG! and Touch & Go card(with money inside) for those who travel via LRT/or use highway.
9)Doctor's MC sheet/ confirmation letter that u were on confinement for 2months(3 for some)

For Baby:-
1) One bag to be send to babysitter's (with pampers,towel, blanket,2 day suits/wear, 1 evening/night wear, booties and mittens, bottle etc)
2) Thaw breastmilk. For now, Ilyaas drink 5x2oz during the hours I left him with babysitter's. (I also leave extra frozen milk at babysitter's house)
3)Baby Mattress + Pillows.
4)Baby Grooming Set (body wash/lotion/minyak telon/nappy rash cream etc)
5) Print information about EBM management and storage info for use of babysitter.
6) List of ur contact numbers (+ ur husband's) for babysitter.

*I should make a proper list for this*

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  1. jangan lupa untuk senyum sokmo ke baby...and buat mende2 baik depan baby time ni...budak berkembang time2 ni..hihi..

    cikana miss liyah..sobsobs


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