Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Oh Well! Typical me= Risau

Semalam Imani demam. 

Hari ni masih demam. 

Dia nak tumbuh another one set of gigi geraham. 

and being typical me..

memang risau. 

satu risau anak demam tak kebah.

tapi alhamdulillah Imani demam kebah.

Kedua, risau demam berlarutan. 

Ketiga, risau demam berjangkit dengan abang dia pulak. 

Trend si abang, kalau demam mmg layu habis-habisan. 

Keempat, how to travel with them kalau dua-dua demam...

Kelima, risau about my thesis. 

I have planned to submit the notice of thesis submission by this week. 

Which give pressure on me to submit the full soft-bound thesis within less than 3 months. 

Still left with two important chapters to write, send to sv for corrections and do formatting. 

Hopefully, all those thing can be done within less than 3 months, 

some people said, why rush?

well, I need to put some pressure utk diri sendiri. 

I have kids, I need a secured job asap. 

that's my answer. 

of if not a job, i need to start my phd asap. 

cepat start, moga cepat habis. 

moga cepat dpat tambah adik baby...


lain dah motif....

get well soon my little girl

umi loves u so much


  1. InsyaAllah akan dipermudahkan segala2nya. :)

  2. semoga dipermudahkan athi...

  3. Srmoga dipermudahkan ye sis..
    Ahkak pun tgh mood ke laut nk utk tulis thesis..huhu


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