Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why I blog?

First and foremost, back then in year end-2008, I was damn bored.
I was in Perth, practically alone. I did have friends tagging along, but we've been living in different house, and my Malaysian house mate went back to Malaysia for summer.
I was left doing my part-time job alone, sight seeing alone. Or I followed group of aunties (Malaysian but had gained PR status of Australia) doing activities like fishing, swimming, shopping etc.
So, I decided to write a blog. Lagipun masa tu baru putus cinta monyet. Poyo sangat rasa nak tulis blog.

Secondly, I tried to keep a journal of my life. And I don't bother writing in a traditional diary. Thus, I choose blogging as an option.

Thirdly, as I grew up, got married and have kid(s), I started becoming what we call "mum-who-always-go-online-to-search-for-tips".
Ya, that's me. So, after having searching for tips and reading experiences of other mums out there, I started to think, maybe I should share my parenting experience too.
And of course, this blog, turns out to be more parenting than before once I delivered my first born, Ilyaas Hafiy in 2011.
I also started to jot down my kids(s) milestone on this blog.

Fourthly, I install nuffnang advertisement on my blog. Then, I started see the traffic. And slowly, bit by bit, the coins I collected on my nuffnang dashboard start to increase to notes. And I'm happy that I can generate some amount of money out of blogging. Kata orang, sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit.

Number five, I think this is the main reason. I love to write leisure things. Not in scientific way (I have to push myself for scientific writing!). Thus, blogging does not demand lots of my time. Some people wonder how can I spend time in front of laptop/computer and write things. But, it just come. I don't know how to explain and it all depends on my mood too. I even dream to write a novel one day, just don't know how to start and am I able to finish it? . LOL..

And, I always have confusion to write in Bahasa Melayu or to write in English.
Sometime, I think I just love English. I adore those blogs that can write pretty good English without grammar, and they can choose the correct words to express their feeling. Unlike mine, My english is average. If I write in English, sometime, I can't express well. Of course it is a lot easier to write and express things using my own mother tongue.

So, please pardon me if you read rojak version entry]ies on this blog.

Nevertheless, I hope this blog give good to all. And please don't just judge my family and me only by reading this blog. I don't tell everything here.

Thanks for reading.



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  1. Akk start blogging dr zaman fotopages tgh glemer masa tu..tu pun kawan yg kenalkan..pastu trs tukar ke blogspot..kira dh lama jgkla berblog..since 2006..hehe


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